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What Is Boho?

What Is Boho?

Several of my family members have asked me "What is Boho Hobos?". 

Boho is short for Bohemian, which is defined as:

noun: Bohemian; plural noun: Bohemians; noun: bohemian; plural noun: bohemians
  1. 1.
    a native or inhabitant of Bohemia.
  2. 2.
    a person who has informal and unconventional social habits, esp. an artist or writer.
    "the young bohemians with their art galleries and sushi bars"
    synonyms:nonconformist, free spirit, dropout;
    "he is an artist and a Bohemian"
adjective: Bohemian; adjective: bohemian
  1. 1.
    of or relating to Bohemia or its people.
  2. 2.
    having informal and unconventional social habits.
    "the bohemian writer's drafty-garret existence"

We are not natives or inhabitants of Bohemia, but I do feel that we strongly resonate with the second definitions. Even long before we became full-time RVers, we were a bit different from what society deemed as "normal". 

We had a few tattoos (though not many), a decent amount of piercings (Zoe alone had 22 when she met Nic). We were a strange mix of rocker/punk/skater/goth. Nic got his GED, & 10 years later he re-enrolled in college and got not one but 2 degrees (both with 4.0gpa's). 

Zoe graduated from High School (with a not-too-shabby gpa of 3.0...which was surprising, because she pretty much barely passed her core classes the 1st 3 years of High School. She was too busy socializing.). She was accepted into the University of Northern Colorado at Greeley, but dropped out 6 weeks later due to some family issues and my being homesick. 

Zoe originally majored in Psychology, but her heart was more into Performing Arts (she wanted to be in Music Theatre) it was probably for the better that she dropped out. She couldn't make her mind up. She also realized that she most likely wasn't going make her way through life singing and dancing...although it sure feels some days like she still does!

None of the 5 of us like being told what to do. In fact, we have been known to intentionally do the OPPOSITE of what someone told us to do, just out of spite. I realize that isn't a good thing (sometimes), but it's just in our natures. We suspect we will both have our hands full with all our children in the future, because they are very much like the two of us. 

As much as we try to lead a peaceful existence on this planet...harming none along our way, and think our opposition to many things is  one of our greatest qualities. When someone pushes, we usually push back. We're fighters and we don't take crap from anyone. You will not walk all over us or treat us like doormats. If you wrong us, you will know about it. Back in the day, we handled things in more physical ways, but thankfully, we're too old for that behavior now. Having children mellowed us both out a bit. 

We throw convention to the wind. Zoe has been Vegan for over 10 years...long before it became a trend. We approach life from a naturalist point of view, always remembering to "Tread Lightly" wherever we go. Our children are little Yogi's that love to hug trees and recycle. We had our second baby at home AND in the bathtub, & our 3rd right here in this RV. 

We Roadschooled for almost 5 years, because we lived full time in our RV. In total, we've been Homeschooling for over 8 years now. 

We got to travel this country allowing our children and ourselves the opportunity to learn first hand about everything they wanted to. History, Art, Science, Social Studies, Math, Reading, Music, Culture, Folklore, and even exercise were all incorporated into our travels. 

These kids got to see, learn and experience things first hand, that no child in a classroom will ever get to do (unless they get out of there, too). They made friends all over the U.S., and learned social skills from interacting with MORE than just children that were their same age. In summary, we LIFE schooled for 5 years & that was something that will never be found in a book or classroom.

To conclude, we live an alternative and UNCONVENTIONAL life and love every minute of it. We are not your normal "folks next door", but probably some of the nicest, craziest and most fun ones and we do love us some informal gatherings. We have been known to change our minds a million times before we solidify our final answer. We like to sideways walk our way to the goal. We take the detours life throws at us as a lesson and try to learn as much from them as possible. We don't take the path that everyone else takes. We don't even take the path less traveled, lol. We make our own.

Lastly, Hobo is defined as:

  1. a homeless person; a tramp or vagrant.
    • US
      a migrant worker.

We followed Nic's job. It's what we did. Wherever the job needed him, we went. (And some people classified us as homeless, living in our RV, though we NEVER ONCE felt that way.) Hobo to some may be a "dirty" word, but we were livin' it up, & loved nearly every second of our life on the road. 

I don't care much for labels, but boho and hobo are fun words, a nice play on words, and they do come pretty close to illustrating the people that we are. Even to this day. 

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