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Here is our most current bedroom theme. All. White. We are up front again & the girls are in back.

You can read about its 3rd transformation HERE. The end of that post includes all of the additional links to see the rest of that remodeling project. The all-white theme really helped to open the room up more and now it feels so much lighter, brighter, and larger! We love it!

This was our bedroom before we moved out of the RV in November 2014. When we moved back into the RV in April 2015, we took the bedroom up front again and gave the girls the back.

You can read about its most recent transformation HERE.

10-17-2013 Turning old comforter into curtains:

3-7-2014 Ikea storage bed & closets for Nic & I:

This is our old  bedroom when we were up front and the girls were in the back.
March 2013-March 2014.

 Our bedroom is always changing, and you can read about how far it's come on these following blogs:

3-11-2013 Ripping stuff out:
3-15-2013 Reinforcing under bed storage & installing floor cabinets on side of bed:
3-20-2013 Decorating: and
7-31-2013 Daddy's "Closet" is in the floor cabinets:
8-1-2013 Briefly explains our "office" for transit mode:
Everything (except the tv) is secured for transit mode. That way, when the day comes, it's one less thing for me to deal with.

Here's the link to the CARPET INSTALL we did: Carpet Install sans padding and without tack strips

3-11-2013 Ripping stuff out:
7-28-2013 Putting in the Pergo pre-finished hardwood floor:
8-26-2013 Designing and Sewing the curtains:
8-31-2013 Upholstering a bench seat:   The bench seats are mounted to the walls and floor.
12-9-2013 Building dinette table (scroll 2/3 of the way down to read):
4-27-2014 Finishing dinette (scroll 3/4 of the way down to read):

This is the girls' most recent room makeover. They are back in the rear bedroom again. April 2015.
They asked for a Harry Potter Bedroom Theme this time.
Check out their room remodel HERE.

This was the girls' bedroom when they were up front: March 2014-November 2014.
Teal, green and orange bedroom theme.

3-8-2014 New pantry & prepping wood for bunks:

3-10-2014 Green walls of fabric for girls' room:

3-11-2014Builing dresser/dollhouse-storage cubeical system:

5-21-2014 Building chalkboard false wall @ end of bunks:

Here was the girls' bedroom when we first moved into the RV in March 2013. They were in the back, and we were up front. We switch places in March 2014. They had a fairy forest theme back then.

I added fabric to the walls of the girls' bunks for added warmth. It makes a HUGE difference.

Nic redirected the hallway vent into the girls' room. This required some construction.
It was soooooo worth it, because now their room is toasty warm.


Here is the girls' back wall (the bed included) can read about how far it's come on these following blogs:

3-11-2013 Ripping stuff out:
3-15-2013 Removing & Reinstalling their bedroom walls:
3-26-2013 Sanding/Priming Walls:
3-28-2013 Room Theme Idea:
3-29-2013 Ceiling Paint:
4-3-2013 Ceiling Paint: 2:
4-15-2013 Dollhouse Stands:
4-22-2013 Duct Taped Bed:
5-7-2013 Installing Trim:
5-18-2013 Setting Up Room:
7-9-2013 Treehouse Bed-1:
7-11-2013 Treehouse Bed-2:
7-14-2013 Treehouse Bed-3:
7-29-2013 Door Cornices:
7-31-2013 Dressers:
2-6-2014 Dry-Erase Board Dutch Doors:

Here's their back wall before and after. It's come a long way! The bed, lattice and dressers are all secured to the ceiling, walls and floor (since this was originally a toy hauler, we have tie downs bolted into their floor).

Monster High Girl was able to bring her dollhouse and her Monster High School. That's the only thing she's really interested in, thankfully. This is only 10% of what she used to have in her old room in our last apartment. We downsized her stuff from a 120 sq ft bedroom for 1 person to an 80 sq ft bedroom for 2 people. The dollhouse is mounted to the wall and floor stands. The High School folds away to be stowed for transit mode. 

*Update* The dollhouse was donated in March 2014 due to lack of space when we switched bedrooms. We bought the cubeicals store systems and they double as both a dresser and a dollhouse. They just pull the fabric drawers out and set up their dolls. It was a pretty good idea if you ask me!

Cindy brought her little pink kitchen, a puzzle stand that holds 12 wooden puzzles, those 4 smaller purple bins (play food, baby doll stuff, dress up stuff, and miscellaneous toys), and the 2 larger green bins to hold a couple stuffed animals and larger toys. The bottom green bin is actually sewed to the white stand and the top green bin rests inside. The white stand is bolted to the wheel well and wall. The white tall tote to the far right holds all her cloth diapers. It is also bolted to the wall, along with the kitchen. This way, we don't have to pack any of her toys away for transit mode. It's all secure. 

We replaced our 6-gallon Suburban water heater with a Precision Temp RV-550 Tankless Water Heater. You can read that post HERE. It is absolutely amazing...and probably the greatest modification we've made to the RV so far!

(Stay tuned for more!!!)

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