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When we were getting started, I had no idea where to start. I turned to Google and just started searching for as much stuff as I possibly could. (I also found a lot of creative inspiration from Pinterest and Tumblr, but there's no need to go into that right now.) Anyways, after doing a TON of internet research and shopping for our perfect-for-us RV on Craigslist, our dream finally came true in March of 2013. In those months leading up to our purchase, I learned so much from several of the websites below. I also found some blogs from a few of them leading me to even more RV knowledge. Since our purchase, I joined several RV-related groups on Facebook and from them, I have made friendships, learned much and have even helped a little myself.

I thought to myself the other day that if I had stumbled upon a website or blog that had loads of sites to visit, that would've been awesome. So, for the people out there that are reading my blog, I've tried to do that for you. It by no means is an exceptional or exhaustive list, but it's perhaps a starting point for you lovely folks still in the dreaming stages or maybe even a little helpful to those of you just getting started.

I have met several people online that are also living our dream, are getting started, or are taking up roots in a Sticks and Bricks home after their road adventures, and I've been given their blogs at different times. I have not been very good about keeping track of everyone's blogs or even bookmarking them all, so if I've neglected to add yours to my list, please do not take offense. I would LOVE for you to leave me a comment in the section below with the web address for it, and I will add it to my list here. The same goes for those of you who would like for me to add a particular website or FB group. I am not always very organized and I lose track of stuff all the time. (Not to mention that I was constantly switching between 4 different computers while we were moving into our RV and I was bookmarking stuff all over them!)

In closing, here is a not-so-big list of Resources for you RVers out there in need of either help, inspiration or maybe even a little entertainment.



Here is a list of SOME of the MANY RV-related websites.

Here is a list of all the RV-related groups on Facebook.

Last but certainly not least, here is a list of my fellow RVing Friends' blogs!!!
If you would like me to add your website or blog to my list, please email me at: Please include which section your website needs to go under.

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