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The 7 Hobos

Who are the Boho Hobos?

We are Mom, Dad, 2 little girls, 2 cats and a dog.

We are an alternative bunch.

We are not afraid to think outside the box and color outside the lines.

We take risks, have fun, and live life.

Our American Dream does not involve a white picket fence or a foundation.

We travel the U.S. for Daddy's job and love *nearly* every minute of it.

We are the Boho Hobos.

The day we left Colorado to hit the road. June 12, 2013.

Our 8th Wedding Anniversary. July 25, 2013. Richmond, Virginia.

October 31, 2013. Richmond, VA.

Thunderbird Mountain. Glendale (near Phoenix), AZ. February 23, 2014.

Aztec Ruins National Monument. Aztec, NM. April 9, 2014.

I am Zoe. I put the umbla-the 2 dots-above my "e", but for some reason it screws up my blog with html code showing, so I don't bother on here. I digress.

Astrologically, I am a Cancer Sun sign and a Virgo Rising sign. That being said, I wear my heart on my sleeve, am bossy, am typically ran by my emotions, love helping others, love nurturing others, love the spotlight, and enjoy taking charge. The Virgo Rising in me likes to think that I'm organized and I am CONSTANTLY trying to improve my health...but I'm a bit flighty in regards to that. I will get a whim to change or try something new, will attempt it for a few weeks and then I'll usually end up trying something new and different yet again.

I am a Wiccan, Yogini, Vegan, animal-loving, Dreadlocked Mother and Wife. I like to attack life with a voracious appetite because it's too short. I don't mind taking risks, but they have to be somewhat calculated. I am not as spontaneous as I'd like to be, but I think I'm a lot more spontaneous than some. I love Young Living Essential Oils, the great outdoors, anything involving that (sports included), all things Boho, meditation, hanging out with my friends, shooting pool, all kinds of music, taking photographs, dancing in the rain, dressing up, tattoos & piercings, making music either by percussion (to include playing the piano) or singing, pretending to know how to dance and anything having to do with water or the Moon. I also enjoy picture editing, scrapbooking, photography, photobooking, blogging, socializing, sewing, knitting jewelry making, and making stuff with my hands. I do NOT enjoy gardening or cooking (though it seems that I am ALWAYS cooking!), but I do like to bake cookies! I try to remain as organic and all-natural as possible...but that doesn't always happen. I also love travel...but you probably figured that out already.



My Husband Nic, I call him Ahdoo on here (or Daddy), is also a Cancer, but he's also a Scorpio Rising, which makes for some fun and interesting times. He is sensitive (though he does hide it better than I), and he'll love, cherish and protect you with his life. If you cross him...he's a force to be reckoned with. He loves us fiercely, is a most-fantastic provider, Father and Husband and if he can't fix something, it just cannot be fixed...period. I don't care if the broken thing is a mental, physical or spiritual thing. He likes to solve problems. He's highly intelligent...has both common sense and book smarts (having graduated with 2 separate degrees-both times receiving a 4.0gpa). He's been through a lot in his life and with that experience, comes wisdom to guide us all down our path. He's my rock. He enjoys fishing, tinkering, fixing cars, camping, target shooting, video games, playing with his girls, Frisbee golf, the outdoors and billiards. We've been together over 10 1/2 years and married over 9 1/2 of those.







Two times, we created perfection: 2 glorious little girls.



Our first born, Monster-High-Girl (MHG), is a darling little Capricorn, Cancer Moon. She's 9 years old and is the sweetest girl in the world. She's an artistically and academically gifted child, but more important than all of that, she's the most loving, loyal and giving little girl I've ever met. I have been Homeschooling her for 3 years now & 2 of them have been Roadschooling. She's nurturing, sensitive, would give you the shirt off her back, is always thinking about others and has such a zest for life! She's always giggling, asking questions, helping me with her sister (she's very mature) and of course, when she gets free time, is found playing with her Monster High dolls! Her loves include: Reading, all things Harry Potter, making new friends, Monster High, cute animals, learning to swim, bicycle riding, homeschooling, Halloween, chocolate, gardening, drawing, coloring, creating, singing, dancing, playing piano, swinging, running, climbing trees, writing songs & lyrics, rocking unique outfits, camping and Yoga. Her dislikes include: Being told what to do, focusing, cleaning her room, sharing her toys with her sister (though she will when told, and without an argument), really hot days, really cold days, spiders, seeing butt-cracks, mint, spicy foods, and squash. (And yes, she told me what to type just now, lol.)
Here is the story of the day she was born: Monster High Girl's Birth Story. She is a true gift in our lives.




Our second born, Cinderella (Cindy for short). She is always losing just 1 shoe. She is 3 1/2 years old and is yet ANOTHER Cancer. She was born via a home water birth in our bathtub. She's not old enough to start showing her Rising sign qualities, so I won't go into that. As for her Cancerian traits, she's got plenty of those! She's incredibly loving, emotional (VERY moody), helpful and adores attention (however she has to get it). She is incredibly head-strong, not afraid to tell you what she wants, and if she doesn't get her way-she's quick to let you know! Her loves include: wearing hoodies, her Tiger costume, dinosaurs, her toy cats and large cats,  Tinkerbell, snakes, doing 1-legged downward-facing dog pose, our cat Onyx, tormenting our other cat Tigger (cuz she knows he doesn't like her), cuddling with our doggie Mojo, her Strider balance bike,  Tofu and Seaweed-of all things, fruit, her books: Fox In Socks, Om Baby and Sleepy Little Yoga; popsicles, orange Tic-Tacs, homemade smoothies, climbing stuff, dressing up, water (except the loud Ocean), Mommy singing her to sleep, making her own music and listening to folk music and saying "I love you". Her dislikes are: going to bed, showers, being in too hot or cold water, being away from Mommy or Daddy, sharing HER stuff (though she certainly wants everyone else's stuff), being told "No", and meat.
Here is the story of the day she was born: Cinderella's Birth Story. She, too, is a treasure.





The last 2 members of our family are our 10 year old cat Onyx (the alpha male) and our 11 year old cat Tigger. They are named appropriately so. They are both predominantly Maine Coon's mixed with something else (we don't know what). They get fur on everything. They are part of the family and we treat them as such.

I bought Onyx from a pet store when he was almost 12 weeks old. The date was September 9, 2004 and I needed a new friend. I had originally wanted to purchase a rat, but the second I saw a litter of all black kittens I started to check them out. There was my Onyx. So tiny. He was jumping in the food, then jumping in the litter. Then he would jump in the water, then back in the litter then to the food. He was just as nutty as me I thought. The clerk opened the gate door (their jail cell was the one on top, about 4 1/2 feet off the ground), I grabbed for Onyx, turned to face away from their cage. The guy left their cage door wide open. Onyx furiously climbed his way up my hoodie to my left shoulder and leapt through the air (roughly two feet or more) and clung to the swinging cage door for dear life. I said "Oh no you don't buddy." knowing full well that that little stunt sealed the deal for me. $80 later, I was walking out of the store with this itty bitty kitten in a leather studded collar poking his head out of the top of my hoodie. (9 Months later, after he was fixed, he mellowed out and turned into the coolest, most loving cat in the universe.) I named him Onyx and he's been my #1, my bff, my true 1st born and the best of all impulse purchases I've ever made. (In hindsight, I now know that you shouldn't purchase animals from just keeps promoting the pet farming industry and all the terrible woes that come along with that. Never again will I do that.)

Tigger came to us at just 1 year old, after my Mother-in-law adopted him from the Humane Society. She had originally intended for him to be her cat, but he had other plans. He didn't like the 2 female cats she had and was always biting them, requiring them to get stitches. She gave him to us, Onyx (being the Alpha) put him in his place and he's never tried that here. He was declawed at 6 years old after he left 7 out of 8 of his claw marks down the front of MHG's face (she was only 3 and I had watched her do nothing to provoke him...for once). I think he was just exacting revenge. Either way, it was declawing or death for what he did (he nearly blinded her). We didn't want to put him down because we did love him very much, so we picked the former. He's calmed down over the years and now he just attacks bugs, plays with Onyx and occasionally, he'll take a swipe at you if you walk too close. (We think he was abused via being kicked the year before he came into all of our lives. He HATES feet...especially male feet.)

Our boys together.

After we moved to New Mexico in April 2014, we acquired the 7th member of our family. He was a stray roaming the RV park we are residing in. After my numerous failed attempts to reconnect him with his previous family, we took him in as ours and made him another member of The Racca Family. The second I laid eyes on him, I knew he was a Mojo...our Mojo. You can read more about his story HERE. He is 5 months old (as of 5-21-14) and is a Jack Russell/Cairn Terrier mix. He's a really sweet dog...and pretty well-behaved...although we're still working on a few key things, lol.

Well, there you have it. 
We have been on the road for a whole year now (as of May 29, 2014) and are still lovin' it. 

Thanks for reading! Why don't you drop us a line? We love hearing from people and making new friends!

You can find out how to reach us by clicking on the "Contact Us" tab at the top of this page.

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