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The 10 Hobos

Who are the Boho Hobos?
(Updated in 2020)

We are Mom, Dad, 2 girls, 1 boy, 4 cats & dog.

We are an alternative bunch.

We think outside the box & color outside of the lines.

We take risks, have fun, and live life.

Our "American Dream" used to involve living life on the road. However, in November 2018, we bought a S&B house in the CO Rockies to become Homesteaders.

We traveled the U.S. for Daddy's job, for almost 5 whole years, and we loved *nearly* every minute of it.

We even gave birth to our 3rd child in our RV. 
(Yes, on purpose. Read that HERE.)

We Roadschooled & Roadsteaded in our RV.

We traveled to follow Daddy's work.
That made us "Hobos".

We did it our way, on our terms, & with our flare. (We still do things our way.)
That makes us "Boho".

With that, we are The Boho Hobos.

The day we left Colorado to hit the road. June 12, 2013.

Our 8th Wedding Anniversary. July 25, 2013. Richmond, Virginia.

Thunderbird Mtn. Phoenix, AZ. February 23, 2014.

Aztec Ruins National Mnmt. Aztec, NM. April 9, 2014.

My friend's wedding! Phoenix, AZ. Nov. 19, 2016

White Sands National Park. March 2017

(Searching for an updated pic of us 5...)


I am Zoe. I put the 2 dots above my "e", but for some reason it screws up my blog with html code showing, so I don't bother on here. My favorite color is green. I have 4 tattoos & 13 piercings. I am a Drummer & Pianist. 

Astrologically, I am a Cancer Sun sign and a Virgo Rising sign. That being said, I wear my heart on my sleeve, am bossy, am typically ran by my emotions, love helping others, love nurturing others, love the spotlight, and enjoy taking charge. The Virgo Rising in me likes to think that I'm organized and I am CONSTANTLY trying to improve my health...but I have my moments. 

I am a Hearth Witch, Yogini, Vegan, animal-loving, formerly Dreadlocked Mother of 3 and Wife of 14+ years. 

I like to attack life with a voracious appetite because it's too short. I don't mind taking risks, but they have to be somewhat calculated. I am not as spontaneous as I'd like to be, but I think I'm a lot more spontaneous than some. 

I am an Aromatherapist. I love the great outdoors, anything involving that (sports included), all things Boho, meditation, hanging out with my friends, billiards, all kinds of music, photography, dancing in the rain, dressing up, making music either by percussion (to include playing the piano) or singing, pretending to know how to dance and anything having to do with water, crystals, herbs, or the Moon. 

I also enjoy picture editing, blogging, sewing, knitting, jewelry making, and making stuff with my hands. I used to hate gardening & cooking, but I love it now, & have always loved baking. I try to remain as organic and all-natural as possible...but that doesn't always happen. I also love to travel...but you probably figured that out already.


My Husband, & Father of our children, is called Ahdoo or Daddy, is also a Cancer, but he's a Scorpio Rising, which makes for some fun and interesting times. He is sensitive (though he does hide it better than I), and he'll love, cherish and protect you with his life if you've earned it. He loves us fiercely, is a wonderful provider, Father and Husband and if he can't fix something, it just cannot be fixed...period. I don't care if the broken thing is a mental, physical or spiritual thing. He likes to solve problems. 

He's highly intelligent...has both common sense and book smarts (having graduated with 2 separate degrees-both times receiving a 4.0gpa). He's been through a lot in his life and with that experience, comes wisdom to guide us all down our path. He's my rock. 

He enjoys fishing, tinkering, fixing cars, camping, target shooting, video games, playing with his kids, Frisbee golf, the outdoors and billiards. We've been together over 15 1/2 years and married over 14 1/2 of those.




Three times, we created perfection:
2 amazing girls & 1 wild boy


Our first born, (MHG), is an independent, sensitive, driven, & sometimes stubborn Capricorn with a Cancer Moon. She's 14 years old now (in 2020) and is still the sweetest girl in the world. In fact, I am updating this 7 years after first writing about her, & not much has changed, except she no longer plays with dolls. Haha!

She's still an artistically and academically gifted child, but more important than all of that, she's the most loving, loyal and giving young lady that I've still yet to meet, paralleled only by her Sister in those departments. 

I homeschooled her for 7 years, & almost 5 of those were on the road. She opted to give public school a try this year (8th grade), but has decided to return to homeschooling this fall for high school. 

She's nurturing, sensitive, would give you the shirt off her back, is always thinking about others and has such a zest for life! She's always joking, asking questions, helping me with her sister & brother and when she gets free time, is found reading, drawing, exploring nature or chatting with her friends. Her favorite colors are black & purple. 

Her loves include: Reading, writing, all things Greek & Norse Mythology, Loki, Spiderman, Marvel, Sherlock Holmes, texting, horseback riding, dogs, wolves, swimming, cross country running, Halloween, chocolate, gardening, drawing anime, coloring, Rick Riordan books, dragons, creating, singing, dancing like a fool, playing guitar, climbing trees, writing songs & lyrics, wearing black, & being outdoors. 

Her dislikes include: Being told what to calm down, being told no, focusing, doing her homework & chores before being allowed on her phone (though she will when told, and without an argument), really hot days, really cold days, spiders, snakes, drama, spicy foods, and failure. 

Here is the story of the day she was born: Monster High Girl's Birth Story




Our second born, Cinderella is Cindy for short, because she was always losing just 1 shoe. She is 8 1/2 years old (in 2020) and is yet ANOTHER Cancer, a double Cancer, with her Rising sign being that as well. And yes. She is Cancer through & through. 

She was born via a home water birth in our apartment bathtub. She's incredibly loving, emotional (VERY moody), helpful and adores attention (however she has to get it). She is incredibly head-strong, not afraid to tell you what she wants, and if she doesn't get her way-she's quick to let you know. (I wrote that when she was 2, & it all still applies, lol!)

Her loves include: Everything pink, Marvel's Black Panther, Sherlock Holmes, Gymnastics, dresses & skirts, but also leggings, CATS!, snakes, meditating, & playing with her dolls. She also loves her fruits & veggies, reading, math, & science (mostly because she LOVES nature & being outdoors). She is still my fearless daredevil, & would live outside-rain, snow, or shine, forever, if I would let her.  She lives for everything artistic, including listening to music. She has grown rather independent of me, but she's still Mama's girl. 

Her dislikes are: Early mornings, showers, scorpions, missing playdates with her friends, sharing stuff with her brother, being told "No", and black beans. 

Here is the story of the day she was born: Cinderella's Home Waterbirth Story.



Our third & final child is Baby Boho. He is currently 4 years old (in 2020). He was born IN our RV, when we were stationary in the Colorado Rockies at 7200ft December. He is a Sagittarius with a Gemini Rising sign. This means he's a spitfire, but quick to get distracted, & therefore chills out pretty quickly. He is a handful. Not gonna lie, lol.

He is an incredibly inquisitive child. Always into everything. Never wants to miss out on a thing. Has millions of questions & desires immediate answers. He is smart, usually to his detriment, because he is also incredibly daring. I always tell people that he has MHG's brains with Cindy's fearlessness...which is a recipe for disaster on most days. But I wouldn't change a thing about him. 

I love that he sees our world with wonder. He will change it someday. Hopefully for the better. 

His likes are: Batman. Hulk, Thor, Hawkeye, Dr. Strange, & Sherlock Holmes. He loves to dress up in his silk scarves, then dash through the house declaring war upon someone or something. He enjoys watercolor painting, drawing, playing with wooden blocks, playing with the peg doll people I make, & being read to. He LOVES finding treasures in nature, & if he could help Daddy 24/7, with anything & everything, he would. He is always mimicking his Daddy, & it is the cutest thing ever. He also loves to rip his shirt off after dinner & have a dance party. His favorite color is green. 

He dislikes: snakes, his big sisters bossing him around, sleeping by himself, pink, & taking naps (he refuses to take naps).

Here is the story of the day he was born: Baby Boho's RV Homebirth Story



The other 5 members of our family are: 17yo orange tabby cat-Tigger, 6yo terrier dog-Mojo, 2yo black cat-Isis, her son-nearly 1yo black cat-Omen, & 1yo grey tabby cat-Rigby. When we hit the road in 2013, we had only Tigger & a different black cat, Onyx. 

Onyx passed away in 2015, at almost 12 years old. He was my 1st baby, & even these 5 years later, I still miss him very much. You can read about our parting with him HERE.

All the other animals we acquired through rescues, & half of those while on the road. 

Onyx & Tigger

Shelter adopted in CO in 2005.

Rescued in NM in 2014.
His rescue story is HERE

Shelter adopted in NM in 2018.

Shelter adopted in CO in 2019.

Isis's Son. Shelter adopted in CO in 2019.

I'm so glad we could adopt Mother & Son together. 

All our animals get along well, & are living their best lives, with full bellies, in front of the woodburning stove.

Well, there you have it.

We officially went off the road, November of 2018, when we bought our first sticks & bricks house. We have always loved being IN the Colorado Rocky Mountains, so after 5 years of traveling for Daddy's job, we decided that laying roots here was what we were finally destined to attain. Since then, it has grown to be our biggest & best adventure of all.

And yes, we still have our RV, "Hope". We are in the process of converting it to a guest home on our property. Then,  everone that comes to visit us & stays in it, can see what it was like for 5 people & 3 pets to live in 232 sq ft on wheels.

It was nothin' but LOVE!

Thanks for reading! Why don't you drop us a line? We love hearing from people and making new friends!

You can find out how to reach us by clicking on the "Contact/Follow Us" tab at the top of this page.

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