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Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016 Recap

The year 2016 brought with it quite a few reunions, a bit of heartache, lots of adventures, many miles crossed, & new friends. 

We took the first couple of months to simply hide out from the snow, heal, reacquaint myself with breastfeeding, & get to know our new little boy. 

In February, however, we got the notice that duty calls, & so we began to prepare for baby's first Road Trip, & the RV's first time hitting the road after nearly a year of being stationary at Rocky Top Motel & Campground. 

In March, we hit the road again. This time, we headed to Dallas, Texas to spend time with my terminally ill Brother, as well as to reunite with my Mom, because she was also there, overseeing his care. 

On March 1st, I started up my #YogaEveryDamnDay challenge again...& didn't miss a single day in 2016!

January 1st
March 1st
December 31st
We got to celebrate my Mother's Birthday WITH her this year!

My friend is a professional photographer, and she photographed the 5 of us with my Mom & Brother. She did an incredible job, and we will have those memories to treasure forever.

We got to celebrate Mother's Day actually WITH my Mom this year...AND, Cedar sat unsupported for the first time that day! He was 4 months old.

A few days later, I enrolled in school to become a Certified Aromatherapist!!! This is something I have thought long and hard about for quite some time now. I can't wait to share all my knowledge of Essential Oils (Aromatherapy) with you in the near future.

On the last day of May, we had to put down our beloved cat, Onyx. He was suffering from a Thyroid problem, kidney failure, & Diabetes. He was less than one month away from turning 12, but I couldn't bear to make him wait that long. He was suffering greatly, & I decided it was time to let him cross the Rainbow Bridge.

A week before Cinderella turned 5, on Father's Day, she learned how to ride a two-wheeled bicycle WITHOUT training wheels. She went straight from her balance bike to that, & never looked back!

It was a lovely thing to witness on Daddy's special day! Happy Father's Day to the best Daddy ever!

On June 25th, we celebrated my Brother & Cinderella's joint birthday. We were absolutely overjoyed that Uncle Bubby made it to 29, & Cindy was excited to turn 5! What a special day! 

The following day, the 5 of us headed to Legoland, The Rainforest Café, & the Sea Life Aquarium in Grapevine, TX for her special day. She had an amazing time, & so did we! It was certainly a birthday weekend to remember!

On the 28th, we celebrated Daddy turning 36!

Shortly after that, we began working on my Mom's new-to-her Motorhome. It took us all about 3 months to whip it into amazing shape! Several of those pictures are on our FB page for anyone interested.

On July 15th, I turned 31, & got to enjoy it with those I hold most dear.

We took a Roadtrip/Vacation back to Colorado that following weekend. We spent the week with our Colorado family & friends. It was so wonderful to see everyone again.

My BFF, Mother-in-law, & Sister-in-law helped bleach my locs blonde, too!

On July 25th, we celebrated our 12th year together, & our 11th year of marriage. It was a bittersweet day, because we also lost a loved one from our extended family. He will always be cherished & remembered.

In August, I began running again, and on the day Baby Boho turned 8 months old, he began crawling up on his hands and knees.

At the beginning of September, the girls began their homeschooling for the new school year. Monster High Girl started 5th grade, while Cinderella officially entered Kindergarten.

Towards the end of September, after spending nearly 7 full months in Dallas, we said a tearful goodbye to my Mom & Brother, and we hit the road again.

This time, we headed back to Phoenix.

My Husband had a new project to start up there, as well as in the Las Cruces area, & another project in Tucson to shut down. I was also planning on making my friend's wedding there in the area come November.

But first, a quick stop in Southwestern Texas to see a dear friend of mine!

We were back at one of our favorite parks again! The Purple Park! October in Phoenix was STILL REALLY HOT! More often than not, there were days above 100°, but I didn't even notice, because there was NO. HUMIDITY. There were only cacti again. It was wonderful! 

Although we were sad to leave our family behind in Texas, we were also excited & happy to be reunited with some old friends that we made the last time we were here (early 2014), & were equally stoked to meet some new ones that I had known for what felt like forever online!



Cat Girl

The week Baby Boho turned 10 months old, we took another roadtrip.

This time, my Husband needed to be in Las Cruces, NM for work, so we hitched a ride to go visit one of my longest known friends (20+ yrs) in El Paso, TX. She is due in December with her 1st baby, & I wanted to spend some time with her (& rub that belly).

Before Halloween arrived, we hit up a Pumpkin Patch with our friend, Mik, her friends, & all of our kids. It was a blast!

Two days before Halloween, we began renovating our children's bedroom for the FOURTH. Time. I designed new bunks to accommodate all 3 kids, Daddy tweakedmy plans a bit, & he set to work with a little bit of help from us.

The bunks individually have their own bookshelf headboards with drop-down desks that can be lifted up to lock into place for transit mode. They will have dollhouse & toy storage footboards that will have vertical closing/locking doors, too. On the other side of the end of MHG's bed, there will be a coat closet for longer things & hidden shoe storage, as well as an elevated litter box to keep it out of reach of Cedar. Under MHG's bed there is our 8 ft long family closet.

Cindy above, Baby Boho below (he has a gate)

Beginning of family closet build

She's glad her sis & bro can't reach her now

MHG's dollhouse footboard taking shape

Cindy loving her dollhouse, too

He thinks it's his new hideout

Everyone excited that MHG invited them up to see her new bookcase headboard.
Drop down desk not yet installed.

Baby Boho's TOYS!!!

The day before Halloween, Baby Boho took his first steps!!! He was just a couple of days into turning 10 months old, so my Mom was close! She kept telling me that he would be a 9 mo's walker. 

We spent Halloween with the friends we met last time we were in Phoenix (Blondie, Mik, her new Husband & their kiddos). I'm so glad we get to hang out together again. We had a ball with everyone!

I went as a blonde dreadlocked Princess Leia, Baby Boho was Yoda, Cindy was Princess Elena of Avalor, & MHG went as Spiderman (her latest obsession, thanks to my Brother).

On November 19th, Mik & her man got married. We were so honored to be able to witness their special day in person. I told her I wouldn't miss it for the world, & I meant it. That was also the same day Baby Boho turned 11 months old.

On Thanksgiving Day, I clocked my first 5k...not an actual race, but my first time ever running 3.1 miles! I NEVER thought that day would come! I was so proud of myself, that I decided to keep on going with my training, and am currently training to run a 10k in the future!

The beginning of December brought with it the mad dash to prepare for Yule, Christmas, & Cedar's 1st Birthday! buying/giving...card designing/sending...and everything in between. I made Daddy & the girls special oil blends for a few of their stocking stuffers.

Baby Boho turned 1 on the 19th! He is still breastfeeding like a champ...despite my constant interaction with his 8 teeth, & he pretty much eats everything we eat now. He's walking well...trying to run, in fact (unsuccessfully, I might mention)...& loves to dance! He says about 10 words...but MHG & I are pretty much the only ones that understand him, haha!

The following day, we celebrated Mojo's 3rd birthday!

For Yule, to continue the tradition of giving my children homemade gifts by me, I made each of our girls their own stone fireplace for their individual dollhouses, & I made Cedar some small felt Woodland Animals & an Aspen tree to play with. They all loved their gifts so much, & I'm glad my hard work was worth it. 

Christmas Eve was spent at my friend Mik's home with their family & friends. We enjoyed great food & fun with everyone, & we loved that they included us in their family's festivities.

Christmas Day was spent opening lots of gifts that consisted mostly of necessities for their newly remodeled bedroom...coordinating bedding in Indigo for MHG, Light Pink for Cinderella, & Teal for Baby Boho, with accents of Grey to pull it all together.

The greatest gift of all, was my Brother buying us this RV-sized tree that fit perfectly in our children's room. 

MHG's bookcase headboard & dollhouse footboard. 

Cinderella's bookcase headboard & dollhouse footboard.

Baby Boho's toy storage footboard & pillows galore.

Happy Xmas morning kiddos!

Christmas feast-RV style!

It's been a wild ride this year, & I can't wait to see what 2017 holds in store for us! I'm setting a goal of more adventures for our family, so I hope that happens! 

What do you want to bring to fruition in 2017? Comment below to let me know!


May your 2017 be filled with all the love, joy, & abundance that your heart seeks.

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