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Thursday, March 3, 2016

On The Road Again

The Boho Hobos are back on the road again! 

...And I wish I could be super elated about it, but the circumstances are definitely overshadowing my happiness. We are finally ditching the Colorado Rocky Mountain snow, for the Sunny, Texas heat. Unfortunately, we are heading there to be with my incredibly sick Brother. He is nearing the end of his fight with his lifelong battle against Prune Belly Syndrome. He is an amazing Man, and is fighting harder than ever before, and we want to be able to be there with and for him. It also is an exceptional twist of fate, that my Husband just so happens to have a project down in the very same town that my Brother resides in. He has been remotely managing it from his office in Colorado Springs. It has gotten a little off track, however, since we have been back in Colorado, and it desperately needs his on-site attention. So we are pulling up the jacks, and are hitting the road once more. 

As a quick side note, if you don't know what's been going on with my Brother, you can read a little bit about it HERE. He stopped dialysis in September, began Hospice care in December, and has been bed-ridden ever since. He is growing antibiotic resistant, and the doctors are saying that he doesn't have much time left. It is so incredibly heartbreaking and completely unfair.

This has been a goal of ours for the past couple of weeks, but our plans to launch changed about 6 or 7 times. First, we were leaving in a month, then the end of Summer, then in a week, then mid-May...then mid-Summer, then the weekend, then two weeks from now and on and on it went, until BAM! We have less than 24 hours to get de-winterized, everything from the past almost year of living in here-stashed away, last second errands ran, library books returned (I never DID find 2 of them...), storage sorted through with lightning speed, and people to say goodbye to. We've hit the road on short notice before...but never THIS short of notice. I think the shortest notice we've had before was a week or two. This was just insane, but we managed to pull it off.

The reason for the crazy short notice, was that Nic had been repairing our '98 Dodge Ram 2500 V-10 for a good week or so, and it was being too stubborn. It has been riddled with problems since last Winter. He addressed a few of the minor ones (old, crappy brakes, a couple seals were bad, dead battery, etc.), but in the end, the major problems ended up forcing us to hire someone to move our RV for us. There was just not enough time to fix the Tank himself, so it is parked in my in-laws driveway, likely driving them insane (sorry guys!), until we can get back there to deal with it. 

I found a website that allows people to bid on moving your RV for you can get the best price AND service. The guy we ended up going with had a great track record/reviews, was gonna do it for cheap, and in the end, our short notice wasn't a problem for him. In fact, it wasn't short enough notice, haha! He ended up asking us if we could move our launch day up a few more days, and the next thing we knew, we were leaving the next evening.

I spent all of the next day-Thursday, March 3rd, packing up the RV with a little help from my girls...and having to take frequent breaks to nurse a barely 2 month old every few hours. Nic labored on outside in the chilly March air, getting all the de-winterization stuff handled. He had to remove all the insulation skirting, remove the heat lamps that were under the belly pointing at our tanks, he removed the covers off our AC units, and detached our heated hoses. He ran our books back to the library, threw stuff in our storage unit, while removing other things that we DID need from there, swung by Wal-Mart for a few last minute items, then returned home to begin loading up his work truck with his work equipment and lots of our "ooze". 

Ooze is the stuff some Fulltime RVers are notorious for having when they are stationary somewhere for too long. The crap you keep outside...chairs, fire pits, gardening stuff, coolers, grills, bikes, etc. It "oozes" out of your home and takes over your RV site...and we've accumulated a decent amount of it.

By 7pm, we were finally finished, our Ram and his work truck were both loaded up, kids and cats and all their overnight gear were loaded up, and everything inside was secured for the trip. The dude was coming up to pick up our RV tonight. He was gonna leave first thing in the morning, straight from his house, and didn't want to have to come up into the mountains to get our rig first. I'd be lying if I didn't admit to you that part of me wondered if I'd ever see my home on wheels again. Just in case, I grabbed our safe with all our important documents in it, the computer tower (ALL of my pictures are on it), my baby books, and a few of my most beloved and necessary for survival essential oils and waved goodbye to our home, as we pulled out of our Colorado RV Park.

Don't make fun of me...Essential Oils are CRITICAL items on Road Trips!
How else do you think I keep 3 kids, 2 cats, and a dog so calm for 14 hours straight?!
I headed for Nic's parents' home to spend the night, and Nic, Mojo (our dog), and Pip stayed behind to meet the guy that was coming for our home. I passed him in transit and said a few words under my breath..."Please don't steal my home and part it out to people."

We made it to Nonnie and Papoo's house for the evening, set our Kitties up for the night in their basement bathroom, and sat down to eat dinner with them.

After a short while, my best friend showed up, and we hung out til an ungodly hour, not wanting to say goodbye to one another. 

This is always the hardest part.

At some point, Nic and Pip arrived also, bragging about the capability of the man that is now in possession of our home and they both tried reassuring me that he wasn't going to steal it. (What do they know?)

As per the usual, lots of photos were taken with everyone before we departed the following morning.


The next morning, I awoke to my screaming alarm at 6am, after only 3 hours of sleep. I was exhausted. That was the least amount of sleep I have gotten in YEARS...and I have a 2 month old, mind you! I drank a smoothie, and went out on the back deck to say good morning and goodbye to my beloved Rocky Mountains. They were absolutely breathtaking in all their early dawn splendor.

I had to beat my Husband with a stick and drag him out of bed to come out front and help me unload/reload the trucks. We had just thrown everything in them yesterday, to come down here to his parents' home. Now, before we hit the road, we needed to fill the Ram's bed up with the stuff we didn't need in Texas, and fill the work truck's bed with our ooze and other stuff we needed down there. It was NOT a simple task, and it took a couple hours. We may not have been on the road just yet, but I was hoping to God that our home at least was. It was due to arrive in Dallas around 5-6pm. 

Around 10am, we finished loading the last of the stuff into the truck bed, packed up our kids, cats, dog, and gear, loaded all of them and everything else into the cab, kissed his parents goodbye, and we were finally on the road by 10:30am.

Goodbye Pike's Peak.

Texas, here we come!

Spanish Peaks

Welcome to New Mexico!

Cedar has a road named after him, just outside of Raton, N.M.

Welcome to Texas!


Ft. Worth

Around 2am, we rolled into our new RV park, and were welcomed by the beautiful sight of our RV, tucked away marvelously into our new site, and Grandma standing in the driveway. She was such a beautiful sight to behold. I would've cried so many happy post-partum tears at the sight of her, had I not been so exhausted from our 14 hour drive on 3 hours of sleep. We all shuffled inside, got the RV as minimally situated as we could get away with, kissed our kids goodnight, said goodbye to Mom, and passed out. Finally. Happy to have made it all safe and sound and in one piece.

The next morning, since we no longer have our truck with a hitch to move our RV (that REALLY sucks, by the way), a friend of my Mom's let us borrow his truck to position/level our home. It only took a couple minutes, but it was really awkward having to ask someone else to use their truck. We're hoping this is the last destination this happens at, because we don't like feeling so helpless. 

Mom took the girls over to her RV for a little bit, so I could unpack in peace & quiet. I forgot what it was like to have a babysitter again! (Aside from the short stint my Aunt stayed with us in Colorado a couple months ago.) It's been like 3+ years since that's happened! She took them, and I was able to get a LOT done with them out of my hair...even in between nursing Cedar. Nic had to go into work, believe it or not, right after he leveled/setup the outside. He never slows down!

Later that afternoon, Grandma and the girls came back over and we all just hung out. It's so nice to be with my Mama again. I have really missed her. It's been 7 months since I last saw her...and I was about halfway through my pregnancy. She is absolutely enamored with her first (and only) Grandson. 

And the girls are just tickled pink to see their Grandma again. I suspect it is going to be quite the blessing being so close to my Mom again. Did I forget to mention that she lives in an RV here in the same park? Haha! It's not so bad. And I'm just thrilled that my Mom gets to be with her Grandkids again.

So, although I am not an immensely huge fan of Texas, we've had a couple awesome signs on our first day here. Signs that I *hope* mean it's good that we're down here now. 

Firstly, our eldest daughter found a 4-leaf clover when she was digging through the grass in our new front yard...

...and secondly, Nic found a Witch (Hag/Holey) Stone, when he was checking out the new fishing spots. Witch Stones are signs of protection, and come with crazy good luck for us whenever someone finds one. (I have yet to find one of my own, by the way...even after 30 years on this planet.) Witch Stones are a stone with a naturally occurring hole going all the way through them. Most often, the hole is achieved by means of water eroding it away, but sometimes, the hole is from wind erosion.

A couple days later, after we were all settled in, we finally found our way over to visit my Brother, and it made everything worth it. The crazy long drive. The lack of sleep. The short notice move. The saying an abrupt goodbye to our loved ones. The not getting to say goodbye, at all, to others. Everything. It was all worth it to see him holding his only Nephew in his arms for the very first time. He is so happy and relieved to have us here with him now...and so am I.

We are right where we need to be...
...and I am soooo thankful that our home rolls.

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