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Sunday, February 28, 2016

February Raw Vegan RVin'

Hey folks! We had another couple good snow storms this month. About 2 feet of snow fell each time. It's pretty, but I'm over it. Our RV is holding up well to the crazy weather and we are home bound most of the time. Cabin fever is setting in, and I can't wait for Spring and running around barefoot outside. The crazy weather isn't affecting my *mostly* raw vegan lifestyle, however. With a few grocery stores just 5 minutes away, we still have no problems getting me all the produce my heart desires. With all the smoothies I consume, I eat, on average, roughly 70-80 bananas per week. By myself. Plus all the other fruits and veggies I require for my salads and dinners. 

"Where the heck do you store so many bananas?!" you likely are asking. We have 2 pantries in our RV. One is tall, super narrow and right next to the fridge, the other is not as tall, but a lot wider and a blank canvas for our storage needs. It is on the left side of the skinny/tall pantry. It *used* to be my closet when we first became RVers, nearly 3 years ago. If you would like to see that, you can check it out HERE

It came with the closet rod at the top when we got the RV. But about a year into our adventures, my Husband turned it into a food pantry for me, when we switched bedrooms and got our IKEA cabinets for clothing storage. Wow. We have renovated this bad boy so many different ways over the years. Anywho, he put up adjustable shelving for me and that was about the time I realized I finally had somewhere to store all my bananas! I hang them by means of large S hooks, and the rest are just thrown over the bar.

My Kombucha station is just below the bananas storage, but that is another post for another day. (The Red Bull is my Husband's.) To the right of the booch, are my storage crates for overflow tea bags, booch tea bags, and my bags of dried herbs for herbal infusions of Red Raspberry Leaf, Nettles, and Alfalfa. I consumed a LOT of those 3 herbs during my pregnancy.

I realize not many of you need to store a hundred bananas, but you could always use this setup for your other hanging foods, i.e. bags of apples, oranges, avocados, onions, etc.  

Now that I've covered my banana storage setup, without further adieu, here are a bunch of easy recipes that puts those bananas to use! If you aren't Raw Vegan, I would advise you to make just 1/4-1/5 the size of these smoothies to meet your individual needs. I eat a Raw Vegan smoothie every day just about, and typically a large salad for lunch and dinner as well. On occasion, I will have a cooked Vegan meal for dinner. The meals below are just a mere sampling of everything I consumed this month, but I am trying hard to not post repeat meals. It's so hard to know for sure if I have already or not, however. 


You can read about the amazing health benefits of Liquid Chlorophyll HERE.



If you have other questions about Veganism, and you would like me to address them in my next post, please leave a comment below and I will do my best to answer them. More information about Raw Veganism can be checked out HERE. Next month, I will post many of the things I ate, as well as address RV refrigerator storage solutions. Where the heck does a person even find the room to store all that produce per week in a small RV fridge??? Thanks for reading and EAT MORE PLANTS!!!!!!

Friday, February 19, 2016

2 Months Old Cedar

This lil squish is now 14lbs 2.5oz & 25" long! Just a month ago he was 10lbs 8oz & 23" long!!! That's another 2" grown, as well as FOUR POUNDS gained, in just another month! In addition to that excitement, it is worth noting, that in just 2 months, he has doubled his birth weight from the 7lbs he got down to on Christmas Eve. He's now wearing 3-6 months clothes, and right before he turned 3 months old, he was already wearing 6-9 months sizes. He has outgrown his Blueberry mini cloth diaper covers, but still fits into his size 1 Thirsties covers...for now. I ordered some size 2 Thirsties covers & size 5 prefolds today for him. He will be going into them in the next week or 2, I suspect. I'm not even gonna bother with size 3 & 4 prefolds. I can't keep up. At the rate he's going, at 6 months old probably, he will be wearing the same size diapers his little big sister wore at 2 YEARS old. It's outrageous. Well, that's enough of the mumbo jumbo that likely few of you will get, haha! Here's what you actually came here for!
The 2 month old squish pictures!!!
First up, for your viewing pleasure, is a 2 month old comparison pic of him and his little big sister, Cinderella. Just look at that uncanny resemblance! Cedar is on the left, Cinderella is on the right. Even with her being 4, they still look a lot alike!

IMG_20160223_003938   IMG_20160223_120521
And we celebrate another successful month of Breastfeeding! Each and every single day is treasured.
And now we attempt back carrying…not too shabby!
20160219_154426   20160219_154451



Watching Star Wars puts the 3 of us to sleep.
I am in love with his lashes!
He is SUCH a smiley baby!

We are almost Texas bound, and have a lot of friends to say “See Ya Later!” to, before we head out!
20160220_161647(0)   20160220_161154   20160220_161853
Our last night in Colorado…
20160302_234533 2
On our road trip to Texas, we find a Cedar Ave. and have to pull over for a quick pic under it!
We are finally in Texas…and Grandma is happy to meet her very first Grandson for the very first time!
Mommy’s just happy to be back in tank top weather!

Uncle Bubby gets to meet his very first Nephew for the very first time!

My first smile-while-nursing smile, and I am smitten!

Uncle Bubby got Cedar a gift…Hobbes.
Giving my Organic Ergobaby carrier a try out for the first time! It’s a lot different than wrapping, but I dig it! It was a gift from a friend of mine. Thanks, Ashley!
IMG_20160312_142546   IMG_20160308_132701



Mommy Milkies
20160219_213654   20160305_160901   20160307_161550
Mommy Cuddles
20160301_105446   20160222_214631   20160313_183730   FB_IMG_1456035926724

Cedar Smiles
20160223_094841   20160225_171026   20160229_131053
20160302_135916   20160301_184018   20160308_132545

Cedar Snuggles
20160223_174245   20160302_083117
20160302_083159   20160308_134437   20160307_090630
In a couple days, this beautiful little boy will turn 3 months old, and I am saddened by how fast the time is flying by. But it isn’t all heartbreaking, because the older he gets, the more entertaining he gets, too. His huge smiles bring us so much joy, and his snuggles warm our hearts. He is such a perfect addition to our family.
We love him so much.

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