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Monday, January 18, 2016

Newborn Cedar

Just a few short weeks have gone by, and my lil guy is already turning a month old. Here's a look back on my favorite photos of him from his first month Earthside. As of one month old, he is officially 10lbs 8oz (up from his 7lbs 3oz at birth) and 23 inches long (21 inches at birth). I'd say Mama's Milk is full of the good stuff!!! And a quick side note: These pictures are not in chronological order. Ain't nobody got time for that!

With the birth of each child, I have always taken a picture of them lying beside Onyx. They always start off smaller than him, but it sure doesn't last long.

I HAVE to have a picture of this. These are the pants I sewed him all by myself just before he was born. They literally only fit him once. Good thing I didn't go all out and sew his entire newborn wardrobe. I would've been pretty bummed when he outgrew that size just a couple weeks after birth!

And the Dinosaur outfit Cinderella picked out for "New Baby". Since she loves Dinosaurs so much, New Baby will, too.

What's that smell, Mom?! Quick! Get the Purification Essential Oil!

And this is how we do tummy time. None of my kids have ever enjoyed doing it unless it was while lying on top of me.

He is such a bright eyed boy!!! Always so curious about what's going on around him!

And this is how I get my work done on the computer while still holding him. I guess as long as he can touch Mommy, he's ok. Even if it IS only her leg.


And this is one of my most treasured times during the day... cuddling with all 3 of my babies.

At 3 weeks old, Cedar got his first bottle of boob-milk. Usually, Daddy gives the babies their first (and sometimes their only) ba-ba, but this time, Monster High Girl wanted the privilege. Such a special moment between my oldest and youngest kiddos.

Naptime with our babies. 

This was his first cloth diaper. He donned it just a few days before turning a month old. I think he looks like Zoolander baby. We DO cloth diaper... even while living in our RV. I have plans to write a post, in a few weeks, on how we make that happen. So stay tuned for that in the near future.

We use Charlie Banana and BumGenius (those are still too small) pocket diapers, as well as good ol' organic cotton prefolds with Thirsties & Blueberry covers. The microfiber inserts take a few hours longer than the prefolds to dry, however. So I use the prefolds first. I never thought the day would come when I would do that... but having to practically hand wash your cloth diapers by yourself will do that to ya.

Celebrating Big Sister's 10th Birthday!

They all sported some cute mustaches for the special occasion.

And this ended up being my favorite Newborn article of clothing.

It is an Organic Cotton gown from Lovedbaby off Amazon.


Our nursing relationship is going off without a hitch. I thought he had an upper lip tie when he was born, but it turned out to be a small, insignificant one that hasn't interfered with nursing whatsoever.

This was our first outing! I didn't get a pic of him in his car seat for the first time, because it was so cold outside. But this is "our first time babywearing AND nursing in public" pic! He is such an easy baby!

This isn't a social smile just yet, but I still managed to catch him deep in the throws of a gas smile, haha! I just love me some gummy baby smiles!!!

For both Aunties present at his birth!


Check out that belly!!! Quite a bit larger than the other cloth diaper pics I showed you higher up. He's doing good with Mommy's milk!


His first time with me wearing him in the beautiful Girasol wrap my best internet friend got me.

Look at those colors! Isn't it absolutely gorgeous?!

And a few more cuddly picks.

Cedar is growing at incredible speed. I can't believe that my tiny little boy has already reached double-digits in his weight. He outgrew his Newborn clothes before hitting 1 month old. At this rate, We're gonna go broke from changing his clothing size every other week!

And an update on living in an RV with a Newborn:

It isn't hard. At. All. If anything, it's easier. Everything is always right within arm's reach, and being minimalists, we don't have to dig through all kinds of drawers or anything like that to find something for him. Yes, we have less baby gear, but honestly, after having 3 kids, I have learned what we need and really DON'T need. Most baby gear ends up being a waste of space. We have no swings or chairs that vibrate or bounce. No Bumbo, changing table, Moses basket, or crib. We DO have a pack n play, but not for here. It's for when we go somewhere else. I heard from a dear friend once, that as long as you have a boob and a sling, you're good to go. I couldn't agree more. Oh, and a couple outfits, muslin blankets, and diapers. Pretty much everything else is optional.

We co-sleep to increase my milk supply, save room, prevent crying (distressed baby), and to strengthen our bond. That has been working out marvelously for all of us!

Bath time is made easy by means of our Puj Tub in the Kitchen sink. We just fold it into position, place in sink, wash Cedar, drain, unfold, and hang back in the shower, on the hook I installed, to dry. That thing is now seeing baby #2, and my only complaint about it, is that it never existed when kid #1 was around.

I have 3 life (and sanity) saving baby carriers: A size 5 Didymos woven wrap, a size 4 Girasol woven wrap, and an Ergobaby soft-structured buckle carrier. I use all of them several times a day. They are the only way that I stay sane, am able to keep him happy while helping my girls, and accomplish everyday tasks. I wear him during nearly all of his waking hours. And it's paying off. His head control is already more advanced than his Sisters at this age. They weren't worn as Newborns (our 1st was never worn at all), so they took longer to gain better head control.

I have 1 fabric cubeical storage bin out here that holds his cloth diapers, and occasionally I bring the other one out that holds his clothes. He goes through clothes fast in one day's time. I have a couple other bins in the back bedroom to hold overflow items such as extra blankets, nursing bra pads, baby legs that don't fit just yet, a few next size up outfits (just in case), and other odds and ends (like toys).

Other than all that, the most expensive thing we have bought, and the most important, is a badass car seat. We got him the Britax Marathon Clicktight and let me tell you folks, it is worth Every. Single. Penny. And some. I can install that bad boy, by myself, in under 5 minutes..and ACCURATELY.

As far as how am I doing with healing? I was blessed by the company "Earth Mama, Angel Baby" with some organic Mother & Baby products to check out and review. They have turned out to be absolutely AMAZING in my post-partum healing process, and for Cedar, as well. I look forward to writing a review post on them shortly. I will let you know all about them, how they have worked for the both of us, and let you know where you can find their stay tuned for that!

This first month with our first Son has been absolutely incredible. It has been just as magical as raising my girls granted, only I get to experience life with a little boy now. We are so blessed to have Cedar in our lives and I look forward to each and every day with him in the future. Thanks for staying up to date on the newest member of our family.

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