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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

January Raw Vegan RVin'

Hello, from the snowy Rocky Mountains of Colorado!!!

This year, I'm gonna go for a bit of a different approach on my Vegan meal posts. In the past, I just included them here and there as I posted other things, or I added them to my monthly wrap-up posts. However, a lot of you have recently asked me to start posting my meals, so you can get a better idea of a what a Raw Vegan (most of the time) eats on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. That's a LOT of smoothies, salads, and other fun meals to share with you all. So in order to better accommodate that request, I will now be posting a monthly wrap-up post on just what I eat, as well as a general wrap-up post for everything else. I don't want food taking over those posts each month. 

For the most part, I will be sharing my meals on Instagram HERE and on my personal FB page. I aim to please, so I will always try to turn it into a photo with the ingredients overlapping the pic. On the occasion I forget to do that, or the ingredients are far too lengthy, or the recipe is too much to type up, I will put the ingredients underneath the picture below. Thanks for you interest! GO VEGAN!!!

To answer your MOST frequently asked question: Yes! I drink it all in one sitting.

You can get protein from all plants. Oftentimes, it isn't a whole lot, though. So in order to get the amount of protein that I need for my body, I eat a LOT of plants. Ten bananas pretty much always make up the foundation of all my smoothies. That jump starts my day with about 20g of protein...from the bananas alone. I also eat a LOT of dark leafy greens. Those are much higher in protein as well.

10 organic bananas
4 large handfuls of organic kale
Lemon juice
3 handfuls of organic blueberries
1 tbsn of liquid chlorophyll 
Top off 2 qt pitcher with OJ

Organic spinach
Organic grape tomatoes
Organic blueberries
Organic apples
Organic avocados
Organic shredded carrots
Snap peas
Green beans
Baby portobello mushrooms
Bragg's Organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar
Organic olive oil
Himalayan pink salt

For dinner one night, I went a little un-raw & added tortillas to the mix. 

Organic spinach
Organic tomatoes
Sweet baby peppers
Organic avocados
Sesame seeds
Organic olive oil
Hot sauce
Himalayan Pink Salt


A tasty, chocolaty mini-smoothie for dessert.

4 bananas
3 tbsn cacoa powder
2 handfuls of frozen blueberries
1 tbsn coconut oil

OMG! I made this Vegan Tofu Scramble (pictured above) for breakfast one morning & it is outta this world delicious! The tofu is organic, non-GMO soy & the spices & veggies are all organic. I also added mushrooms to it. I got the recipe HERE from the Minimalist Baker's blog. I'm eating it just like this, but I imagine it would be tasty in warmed tortillas for breakfast burritos.

Sometimes I go with a super easy and quick smoothie...10 bananas, and half a pineapple.

If you have other questions about Veganism, and you would like me to address them in my next post, please leave a comment below and I will do my best to answer them. Next month, I will post most of the things I ate, as well as address storage solutions. Where the heck does a person even find the room to store 70+ bananas per week? Thanks for reading and EAT MORE PLANTS!!!!!!

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