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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

And Just Like That...She's Double-Digits!

This year, Monster High Girl is turning the big 1-0!!! I can't believe that it's been 10 years since I became a's all so very surreal. Naturally, she is beyond excited to finally be a pre-teen, and I just wanna be able to stop time. It's really not fair.

She is growing into quite the exceptional young lady. She's so ridiculously smart, incredibly beautiful, SO seriously, she is a life-saver some days. She has the greatest sense of dorky humor and has such a compassionate heart. It's bigger than this planet and everything in it. I love the person she is, and the person she is becoming. She is a wonderful addition to mankind, and will change this planet for the better someday. I know it down in the deepest recesses of my being.

Ten years ago, she made me a Mother. A 6lb 2oz 19 inches long bundle of joy, that arrived at 37 weeks into my pregnancy. 

From the second she was born, she began teaching me about myself. Probably the biggest thing she taught me, was that I had it in my power to never birth in a hospital again...unless it was medically necessary. But you already know all about that. Another thing she taught me, was how to grow up. REAL FREAKING QUICK. I was 20 when I gave birth to her...and a bit of a wild woman. I realized the moment she was born, that the world no longer revolved around me. Instead, it was now revolving around that sweet girl child in my arms. She arrived, screaming, bright red and slimy, at 8:18 at night, with a Full Moon outside, on Friday the 13th. I kid you not. And she has been no less magnificent since that day forward. You can read her birth story HERE.

As with all birthdays of years past, we began her special day with a huge stack of special pancakes; blueberry this year. They chowed down on their fluffy deliciousness, and our day began with huge smiles on both their faces.


On this day, we opted to trade in a traditional day's worth of homeschool, for far more exciting lessons. We busted out the Magic Science kit (you can check it out HERE), and made wands and a bunch of bubbling, bright-colored messes, while pretending to be Wizards.




They learned all about different chemical reactions, and never realized Science could be so much fun!




After a few hours of being Wizards, we busted out the fun goodies that a friend of mine sent the girls a couple days prior. They are kind of like scrapbooking, but way easier. The girls had fun starting their books and getting them ready to track their upcoming year in them.




Cedar, at just 3 weeks old, did a lot of sleeping. Most of it with me babywearing him, but I had a brief period of time when I was able to lie him down.

When Daddy got home from work, MHG was all set to go on her Daddy-Daughter date to the movies. They were going to see the new Star Wars movie...and boy was she excited! (I think he was even more excited though.)

For her special birthday dinner, she requested spaghetti and meatballs. So while they were away, I cleaned up the house with Cinderella's help, and set to work getting their dinner ready.


On their way home from the movies, she picked out some cupcakes to have for dessert. We were having her party this coming weekend, and that's when she would have her cake and open her presents. But we still wanted her to be able to blow out a candle (which I didn't have either...Mommy fail). I lit a match, and it worked just as fine though. And she didn't that's all that matters.


The day before her party, a special package from Grandma arrived. She got a beautiful card, $10 in 1's, some play mustaches and a couple Monster High goodies.




They all put their mustaches on, and I died from laughter.


Although this was technically her Christmas present from Nonnie and Papoo, it arrived in time for her birthday. They were all of the Harry Potter goodies she picked out. A Marauder's Map, Quill with real ink and nibs, a wax seal kit, a leather journal, and Hermione's Time Turner necklace. She was in Harry Potter heaven.


That weekend, Nonnie and Papoo both came up to celebrate her 10th birthday with us. We went out to eat at the yummy Mayflower Chinese Restaurant there in Woodland Park, and came back home for cake. She got a Darth Vader cake. Of course. And this time we had candles.

Everyone loved the cake and (gasp!) Soda!


After eating the cake, she immediately set to opening her presents. From Nonnie and Papoo, a super cool Harry Potter backpack. Her old Monster High one was in dire need of replacement, so this was perfect timing! She loves it!


From Daddy and I, a deathly hallows bracelet and deathly hallows earrings. BUT, we also gave her an IOU for a brand new bike when the weather improves. Bikes aren't the best in the snow, lol. So she was REALLY happy to hear that, haha!


My 2 goofballs.


Happy Birthday sweet girl. Mommy and Daddy love you so very much. Thank you for choosing us to be your parents these 10 years ago. You have been the 1st of 3 priceless gifts we have received in our whole lifetime. All our love to you.



On March 3rd, we hit the road again. We moved from Colorado down to Texas so Nic could work on-site, and so I could be closer to my Brother that isn't doing well as my Mama. Upon arrival, we realized real quick that bad weather was no longer a problem. So a couple weeks later, we got her the bike she really wanted, and my Mom got her the cool Mohawk helmet that she picked out. She is officially on Cloud 9, and our big 10 year old girl, is tearing up our new park!


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