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Saturday, January 30, 2016

18 Month Dreadiversary!!!


Seeing as how I have a baby now, I don't have all that much time to blog these days, so I will keep this update post short and sweet. My locs turned 18 months old today. I still love them just as much today, as I did the day I started them...possibly more, as they have matured quite a bit these past months. I have learned a LOT about patience this past year and a half. They have boosted my confidence because, I realize lots of people hate them. But I LOVE them. And what I think is all that matters. So they have taught me to be true to myself, love myself the way I am, and not give a damn about others' opinion of me. Here are the most recent pics of my babies...and my other baby, too, who is doing marvelous, by the way. He actually likes them a lot, it would seem. He is always trying to rip them out of my head, haha! 


Before and after maintenancing my out of control bangs.

HERE is the post from the week I started them, in case you are new to my site and wanna know more. At the end of that post, are links to all 12 of the monthly progressions. It took me a week to do them. I had to brush them out 3 days in and start over though, because my sections were too big. After that, just 4 late-nighters, and I was set. I used the twist and rip method. Up until recently, the only thing I did to them was wash and separate. I got sick of my overgrown, straggly bangs the other day and crocheted all the loose hairs back in, though. I love the outcome, and soon, when I find the time, I will crochet all the rest. But that day is not today.

Here are the Dreadiversaries:

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

January Raw Vegan RVin'

Hello, from the snowy Rocky Mountains of Colorado!!!

This year, I'm gonna go for a bit of a different approach on my Vegan meal posts. In the past, I just included them here and there as I posted other things, or I added them to my monthly wrap-up posts. However, a lot of you have recently asked me to start posting my meals, so you can get a better idea of a what a Raw Vegan (most of the time) eats on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. That's a LOT of smoothies, salads, and other fun meals to share with you all. So in order to better accommodate that request, I will now be posting a monthly wrap-up post on just what I eat, as well as a general wrap-up post for everything else. I don't want food taking over those posts each month. 

For the most part, I will be sharing my meals on Instagram HERE and on my personal FB page. I aim to please, so I will always try to turn it into a photo with the ingredients overlapping the pic. On the occasion I forget to do that, or the ingredients are far too lengthy, or the recipe is too much to type up, I will put the ingredients underneath the picture below. Thanks for you interest! GO VEGAN!!!

To answer your MOST frequently asked question: Yes! I drink it all in one sitting.

You can get protein from all plants. Oftentimes, it isn't a whole lot, though. So in order to get the amount of protein that I need for my body, I eat a LOT of plants. Ten bananas pretty much always make up the foundation of all my smoothies. That jump starts my day with about 20g of protein...from the bananas alone. I also eat a LOT of dark leafy greens. Those are much higher in protein as well.

10 organic bananas
4 large handfuls of organic kale
Lemon juice
3 handfuls of organic blueberries
1 tbsn of liquid chlorophyll 
Top off 2 qt pitcher with OJ

Organic spinach
Organic grape tomatoes
Organic blueberries
Organic apples
Organic avocados
Organic shredded carrots
Snap peas
Green beans
Baby portobello mushrooms
Bragg's Organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar
Organic olive oil
Himalayan pink salt

For dinner one night, I went a little un-raw & added tortillas to the mix. 

Organic spinach
Organic tomatoes
Sweet baby peppers
Organic avocados
Sesame seeds
Organic olive oil
Hot sauce
Himalayan Pink Salt


A tasty, chocolaty mini-smoothie for dessert.

4 bananas
3 tbsn cacoa powder
2 handfuls of frozen blueberries
1 tbsn coconut oil

OMG! I made this Vegan Tofu Scramble (pictured above) for breakfast one morning & it is outta this world delicious! The tofu is organic, non-GMO soy & the spices & veggies are all organic. I also added mushrooms to it. I got the recipe HERE from the Minimalist Baker's blog. I'm eating it just like this, but I imagine it would be tasty in warmed tortillas for breakfast burritos.

Sometimes I go with a super easy and quick smoothie...10 bananas, and half a pineapple.

If you have other questions about Veganism, and you would like me to address them in my next post, please leave a comment below and I will do my best to answer them. Next month, I will post most of the things I ate, as well as address storage solutions. Where the heck does a person even find the room to store 70+ bananas per week? Thanks for reading and EAT MORE PLANTS!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

One Month Old Cedar

This lil chunky monkey is already 10lbs 8oz & 23" long!!! That's 2" grown in just a month, as well as 3 1/2 lbs gained, from his lowest birth weight of 7lbs even on Christmas Eve. He's already wearing 3-6 month clothes and I can't even keep up with his prefold diapers consumption. I feel like I am ordering the next size up every other week. He's currently in size 2 prefolds...but I am about to outgrow them already. 

Can I just put a quick plug in real fast to say that...anyone that was worried about my being Raw Vegan while breastfeeding him...I think it's safe to say you no longer have anything to worry about. I don't produce milk. I produce BUTTERMILK! 

His nutritional needs are being 100% perfectly met and he is growing like a weed! His doctor said he is growing marvelously and had zero concerns about anything in regards to him. I do love a great check-up!
At his 1 month check-up

He nurses like a champ, and is starting to try and hold my boob while doing so. It is just about the greatest thing ever.

He still takes a pacifier (more than either girl ever did) and he still will take a bottle of boobie milk. I hope that never changes...because Cinderella never would. :( This is pretty typical for me to produce 4-5oz of milk AFTER nursing him on both sides first!

Cedar gave us his first social smile at 4 1/2 weeks old. It melted my heart and I couldn't take enough photos of it!!

He's been my smiliest baby so far...but it isn't ALWAYS sunshine and rainbows for him.

And now the majority of his clothes are 6-9mo size.

It's time for our monthly photo with Leslie Lou, my fellow dreadhead and doula friend! She came up to visit us to bring me my encapsulated palcenta pills. If you are freaking out reading this just now...please read THIS first before passing judgement. There are NUMEROUS healing benefits to consuming one's own placenta post-partum. You can read about all of them there.

His head control is getting MUCH better these days. He still hates tummy time though, so he gets his practice from babywearing...which is good, because that is one of his most favorite things.

When you finally got baby to sleep...but you're trapped.

6 Weeks

And for fun, how about a comparison photo of my 2nd and 3rd child? Do you see the resemblance? This is the same sleeper. Only she is 12 weeks old wearing it, and he is 6 weeks old. Uh oh! And I thought SHE was a big baby!!!

This photo was taken shortly after she realized babies will rip your earrings out if you let them get too close. It was a crappy lesson to learn...but I guarantee she won't be making THAT mistake ever again!

On February 6th, I rediscovered my makeup for the 1st time in many, many months, and we all got dolled up to go down into the Springs so Cedar could meet his Aunt, Uncle, and Cousins for the 1st time. 

There was much joy to be had...and a bonus surprise of a new little cousin, born 3 weeks after him, but just a day before my eldest kiddo's birthday!!! On January 12th, Nic and I were blessed with another beautiful little Niece. And she is so perfect. On this particular day, she was just 3 1/2 weeks old and so tiny still. Cedar looked like a giant next to her, lol! Oh how I miss MY tiny little baby. Our nephew and Cinderella are also just 11 days apart. I think that is so cool how close our kids are in age.

And here is an ultra quick glimpse into the life of a Stay-at-home-Mom that also is a Homeschooling Mom...and usually I am a Work-at-home-Mom as well, haha! Multi-tasking madness!

Cedar's likes are:
  • Boobs
  • Bath time
  • Mommy, Daddy, & his Sisters
  • Having his chin tickled
  • Car rides
  • "Uppies" (babywearing)
  • Being held or given some kind of attention

Cedar's dislikes are:

  • Being put down or left alone
  • Being away from Mommy
  • Dirty Diapers

Right before his 2 months old birthday, some friends came up to visit us! These were very special friends to all of us, because these 2 beautiful little boys share the same birthday!!! Not only that, but they were also both homebirths! I'm pretty sure it doesn't get any cooler than that! We Mommies not only got to socialize with each other (who doesn't love grown up socializing time?), but her two older boys got to play for a few hours with my girls. It was a win-win-win!

(They were both ready for a nap!)

By the end of 1 month old, Cedar was already able to wear some 6-9 months size clothing. See what I said about not keeping up?! Here's the comparison pic from the beginning and end of his 1 month old month.

Stay tuned for more Cedar little tree baby is growing just like his namesake!