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Sunday, December 13, 2015

One December Snowy Day

We had an incredibly gorgeous December day today! The snow fell all night long, so this morning, we awoke to a decent amount of it for the kids to play in. The best part was that it wasn't absolutely freezing cold, either. It was in the high 30's and sunny with zero wind. The PERFECT snow day. I even dragged my 40 weeks pregnant butt outside to watch everyone share in the fun and to soak up the sunshine.

Auntie came up from her motel room to grab the girls. I watched them walk all the way around and down and before you know it, the girls found a fun hill to sled down on their butts. Why do we have no sled yet? This is unacceptable.

Isn't this view just absolutely to die for?
There they go! Commence the butt sledding!

And belly sledding.
My snowy Rocky Mountains.
Then they worked their way across the street to the bottom of the hill that I was standing on. I was happy to be closer to the action. It's so hard to move these days being so ginormous. I feel bad that I can't get out there and get all snowy with them. But this baby is still taking its sweet freaking time. So for now, I will just have to be satisfied with enjoying the snow vicariously through them.

This was about the time they realized rolling down the hill was more entertaining.

And they're off!

This, HANDS DOWN, was the highlight of my day. Watching my Aunt pull her long coat up between her legs, and try butt sledding down the hill. I was in utter stitches. It brought so much joy to my children and I's hearts. She is just absolutely the greatest... and the funniest!

Look at her go!!!
I finally got a chance to check out the new work my Husband did on the RV. I gotta say, our Winter readiness plan is in full effect now, and almost everything has held up marvelously.

When we got hit by our first real bout of cold, we ran into a few kinks with our lines freezing, but my Husband got out there immediately and got everything working again. He built little "houses" for the hoses to even better insulate them from the cold, and put better heat lamps under the underbelly of the RV. He built one little "house" to protect the freshwater inlet hose, and another little "house" to protect the grey/black hose from crap freezing inside it...literally. I am happy to report that we have had zero frozen crap problems, backups, or frozen lines ever since. You can read about how we Winter-Readied our RV HERE.

That is the grey/black hose's "house" next to that rock.
It's pretty hard to see the freshwater's "house" there in the back.
The girls spent the day with Auntie, playing in the snow, playing in her motel room and baking cookies with her to feed Mommy's addiction. After a long day of fun, they finally arrived back home in time for dinner. She headed back to her place to get out of the cold, and we stayed outside to enjoy the snow for a little while longer. Nic built a lovely fire, and the girls attempted to build Snowmen. We chucked a few snowballs at one other and enjoyed the eerily quiet, yet peaceful landscape behind us.

40 Weeks pregnant and looking every inch of it!
We stared in awe at the foggy mountains off in the distance. Grateful for such a wonderful day. Grateful for these two beautiful little girls throwing snowballs at one other. Wondering how many more days until we meet our 3rd daughter or 1st son? Just letting these incredibly peaceful and precious moments soak in on this December snowy day. We are incredibly grateful to be so blessed.

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