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Friday, December 18, 2015

Birth Empowerment Necklace

I didn’t want to have a Baby Shower with Baby Boho. It seemed inappropriate.

This is our 3rd child, and etiquette dictates that you get 1 shower technically, but maybe 2, if you’re having a different gender than the first kid. Either way, I didn’t want to go there. Instead, I thought having a Blessingway (or Mother Blessing) would be a wonderful idea. I started researching ideas for it: henna my belly, guests henna each other, birth empowerment necklace, color some positive birth affirmation signs or flags to hang, tie-dye some onesies, drum circle, pedicures, organic tea party, vegan potluck, New Age music playing quietly in the background, Christmas lights strung everywhere for mood lighting, exchange birth stories, maybe a nice back rub…who knows. All the ideas sounded lovely, and I bet it would’ve been amazing. I had some money saved up to pay for the venue and was already trying to figure out how I would make it all come together magically.

When September rolled around and I found mold in our bedroom, everything changed. You can read about that fun time HERE. I decided we needed to get on that immediately, and the stress from trying to plan my Blessingway, was starting to get to me. Stress, stress, stress. It shouldn’t have to be this hard…especially when I’m PREGNANT! My Brother’s condition is worsening…you can read about what he's enduring HERE, my bedroom now has mold (AGAIN)-and I’m deathly allergic to mold…and I don’t want to deal with planning this thing all out. So I took my savings and gave it to Nic. I told him to get started that day on our bedroom. I no longer wanted my Blessingway and the stress that came with it. Immediately, the weight of the world was lifted off my shoulders. I figured I could come up with a new way to honor the life I was carrying inside me.

All the ideas I had for my Blessingway are pretty much a daily occurrence around here. Tie-dying onesies-normal occurrence. New Age music and Christmas lights-normal occurrence. Organic tea parties and Vegan food-obviously normal around here. A few things that don’t normally happen on the regular, however, are henna-ing and putting together birth empowerment necklaces. I’d say positive birth affirmations are even normal…if you count all the ones I post to Instagram and Facebook all the time.

I was pretty bummed that I wouldn’t be having my Blessingway…for only one reason. I wouldn’t be surrounded by my friends and family. I was so looking forward to seeing everyone & having them help me string my Birth Empowerment Necklace, infusing it with peace, love, and positive birthing energy. So I got to thinking. So many of my friends and family wouldn’t be able to attend anyway. They live all over the country. Maybe this was for the better then? And then it dawned on me…

I would just ASK everyone to SEND me a bead in the mail! Brilliant!

I put the S.O.S. out to everyone near and far, and what turned out was one of the most amazing joys of my life. Beads, Blessings, and even a few Mommy and/or Baby gifts came pouring in from all over the country! When I finally finished stringing it together (for the last time PRIOR to my birth), it turned out far more amazing than I could have ever imagined! I could just FEEL the love and positive vibes pulsing through that necklace. It ended up SO long from all the beads, that I ended up having to wear it doubled up. I was beyond elated with its outcome. I couldn’t wait to wear it during labor, and I couldn’t wait to put it on display forever, following Baby Boho’s birth.

Here are just a few of the many, many special beads I received:

From my Mom and Brother.

From Cinderella and MHG.

From my Aunt.

From my Mother-in-law.

From Me.

And these are very special to me because they came off the baby bracelet I was given when I was born.
5 stars. 1 for the each of us.

If you are interested in learning more about what a Blessingway is, like its Navajo origin, you can follow this link HERE, and it will give you a lot more information than I have given you here today. I may have never gotten my dream Blessingway experience, but I ended up getting blessed in so many ways. My friend, Aubrey, came up and Henna'd my belly not once, but twice. My best friend, Lauren, came up and gave me a full body massage when she brought her beads. A different friend of mine colored me a whole bunch of beautiful Mandalas, and wrote positive Birth Affirmations all over them to hang throughout our home. My Aunt gave me a foot massage on more than once occasion, when she came out here for the last two months of my pregnancy and birth. My SPD was killing me so bad, that she came out to help me with my girls. She even performed Therapeutic Massage on me when my SPD was getting the worst of me. Nic and the girls picked up my slack and kept this home in tip top condition...because we never knew when the baby would come. They also did too good of a job always making sure I was fed. Lots of loved ones checked in with me frequently to see how the baby and I were doing. And of course, there were plenty of the usual oddities going on around here, that I had wanted to do at the Blessingway. After the baby arrives, I'm thinking a Wiccaning (Naming Ceremony) is in order. But we'll have to see if I feel up to it after a few weeks post-partum.

I am so thankful to each and everyone of you that blessed Baby Boho and I with your gifts, love, blessings, prayers, well-wishes, and beads. I have made many wonderful friends out there and I have such loving and supportive family members, that I couldn't ask for a better Tribe in my life.

Thank you so much again. I look forward to sharing the RV homebirth of Baby Boho with you shortly and I love you all so much. You are all the greatest! 


I have updated this with photos of my Birth Empowerment Necklace in action during my Homebirth. 

Watermarked Photography by Kristi Williams Photography located in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

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