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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Baby Boho Belly Henna: Round 2

On December 3rd, at 38 weeks pregnant, my dear friend, Aubrey, came back up to do another round of henna on my belly! That girl spoils the hell outta me! If you missed the first amazing round of her doing my belly henna, you can check it out HERE. This time, I didn’t ask for anything specific. I just let her do whatever she wanted, full well knowing that with her mad skills, whatever she decided to draw, it would turn out amazing. And I was right. She went with a Sea Creatures theme this time and I loved it just as much as the Round 1! She free-handed the entire design.



After working on my belly, she did a bit on my hand and I asked to do some more…just to try my hand at it. Pun intended. If I was the least bit artistically-abled, I could soooo see myself getting into this!


She brought along with her, her two beautiful daughters. The eldest is between my girls’ ages, and the youngest is just 8 or so months old, and omg. I could squish that perfect little baby for-ev-er. Both her girls are absolutely stunning. Together, our girls rehearsed and put on a quick musical number for us…singing…can you guess? “Let it gooooooooo, Let it gooooooooo…” It’s in your head now, isn’t it? You’re welcome. They were too freaking cute. And mine were so off key. Hahahaha!






 Pics after the henna came off the next day.




The henna came out much darker this time, because I let it stay on overnight. She sprayed the heck out of my belly and hand with my Catwalk hairspray and I slept in it overnight. In fact, I had one heck of a time scraping it off the next morning, but that effort got it to last 2 weeks, as opposed to just a few short days like last time. Woohoo!

I seriously love her to pieces. And her work is so incredible. Have I mentioned before that I can’t even draw stick people right? I have a lot of artistically talented friends, and Aubrey is certainly at the top of that list. I’m pretty jealous.

Thank you so much honey, for treating me to yet another wonderful day with you and your girls.

You are the best!!!

Aubrey lives in the Colorado Springs, CO vicinity, and I believe she charges $50-100 (depending on the design) to do belly henna…or other henna. If you would like to reach her, please email me at: and I would be happy to put you in contact with her.

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