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Friday, December 25, 2015

A Merry RV Christmas-2015

Merry Christmas everyone! This is our 2nd time celebrating Christmas in our RV. The 1st time, was 2013. If you would like to check that story out, you can read it HERE. We had the pleasure of enjoying it in Arizona, free from snow and enjoying its 70 degrees glory! But today, today we are at 8,000 feet elevation in the Colorado Rockies. And it's definitely not 70 degrees outside, nor is there a Palm Tree anywhere in sight.

We have had the RV decorated since the beginning of November. This is the first year I have EVER decorated that early. But I had convinced myself, that Baby Boho was going to arrive before Thanksgiving. Boy was I wrong! He came at 41 weeks, just 2 days before Yule, and is the greatest present we could ever receive. You can check out his RV Homebirth story HERE.

True to our traditions, we let the girls each open 1 present before we cuddled together in bed for our Christmas movie. They were so stoked to see that Monster High Girl got Harry Potter jammies, and Cinderella received Dinosaur jammies. Both their favorites. (Score 1 for Mommy!)

Cedar even got to open a present.

Thanks Uncle Pip...though you got the wrong team... it should've been da Bears!

After the kids opened their presents, we all curled up in our bed together to watch "Scrooge".

The littlest kids slept, however.

After the movie, we set out some Cookies & Silk for Santa, a carrot for Rudolph, and got the girls to bed. They were so excited, but they passed out shortly thereafter. In the morning, we all awoke to a fresh new blanket of snow on the ground...

...and Santa had come!!!

From Grandma to the girls, beautiful turquoise rings.

Wizard Science.

And this should be the Cubs instead. What is with all these wrong sports team memorabilia?

Their favorite present. Kindles!

I got them for learning... and yet I'm always catching them playing fruit ninja on them. Ugh.

Since obtaining this book, she is already impressing me with her oily knowledge!

She is in love with Johnny Depp. What girl isn't though???

Tegu magnetic wooden blocks. If you don't know about the awesomeness that these are you can check them out HERE. They are SO MUCH MORE than just blocks with magnets inside. Their company gives a lot back to society and the environment, as well.

From Daddy, a Monster High Lego kit for MHG, and an RV size play kitchen for Cindy.

And then it was my turn...I STILL can't believe he got me this...even as I sit here typing on it. My old laptop was days away from either catching on fire, or crashing. Likely, both. He didn't believe me either, until one night, I made him touch the underside of it. I told him how scared I was of losing every single picture and video that ever meant something to many important memories. I needed to hurry up, and despite being a couple days post-partum, get everything transferred from my laptop to our desktop computer. Quite a daunting task. One I was certainly not looking forward to. I didn't speak anymore about it, and put it aside for another time (the laptop, and the thought of getting a new one).

A few days later, it's Christmas and I'm opening a click-in keyboard for a Surface tablet. It took me a few seconds in my post-partum haze to put 2+2 together. Initially, I thought it was a cruel joke. Why would he buy me a keyboard, but no Surface? What a jerk! Then he pulled out a second present for me from behind the others. Yeaaaaa...not gonna lie. I burst into tears. And not only because he remembered. It is so much more than that.

In the 11 1/2 years I've been with this man, I can count on one hand how many presents he's gotten me of his own free-will. Not a present that a) he gave me because he was in trouble, b) he gave me with the intention of stealing for himself later down the road, or c) I begged him to get me. This was a truly thoughtful gift that he got me when money was already tight, but he thought I deserved it anyway. Yea. That's why I burst into tears. Plus, it doesn't hurt that I have a new computer that doesn't burn the crap out of my lap anymore! There are not enough words to describe how much this means to me. Thank you so much darling.

I am so dramatic...

My 3 Christmas presents that I have been truly blessed with this year: My beautiful newborn Son, my new phone that doesn't act like it's gonna catch on fire, and my new computer that also isn't going to catch on fire.

Side note: I dunno what it is with me and electronics catching on fire...this isn't the first time...please tell me I'm not the only one that has this problem?

After we finished opening our presents, Nic headed outside. Aunt Sandra got him an electric turkey "fryer" (no oil ever used) to have and to cook their Christmas dinner in. So he headed outside with his new toy, the girls headed into their room with their new toys, and Cedar and I passed out for a much needed Christmas nap. Nic spent the next hour cooking the turkey, then we headed down to my Aunt's motel room here on site and sat down to a yummy feast that she and Nic prepared for everyone.

My Aunt is a REALLY GOOD cook! And there were lots of Vegan yummies for me! I hear the turkey was outta this world juicy and delicious, and Cedar enjoyed his feast, too. (I dunno why Nic tried to hide my boob. I am just feeding a baby. Jeesh.)

After dinner with Auntie, the girls opened their presents from her...lots of awesome new clothes! And she gave Nic and I a couple things as well! For me, a beautiful bracelet from the craft fair a few weeks ago, and Nic got her late Husband's grilling mitts, as well as some warm and cozy wool socks. It was so sweet and my bracelet is beautiful! It is very "me". I love it so much!

After we finished opening our presents, we took a few minutes to snap some photos together. I am so truly thankful to be able to have my Aunt here for the holidays and for Cedar's birth. She has been such a blessing. She not only has been a tremendous help to Nic, the girls and I, but she has blessed us with her presence. The girls have benefited greatly from her visit as well. She has spoiled them with laughter, learning, love, and so much more. Having her here reminds me so much of all the fun times I had with her when I was growing up. And I know for a fact, that my girls have enjoyed her so much as well...especially Monster High Girl. She has REALLY taken a liking to her Great Auntie.

After we wrapped up our pictures, we said our goodbyes, headed back up the parking lot to our RV, and crashed for the night with full bellies. Cedar was the first to fall asleep, but it didn't stop me from putting him in his "Baby's 1st Christmas" onesie to take a few pictures. And good thing, too. He's so long (22"), that I'm pretty sure this onesie wouldn't have fit him by the morning, haha!

Going through the holidays makes me miss my Mom and Brother so much more than usual. I really wish we could've been together today. But I can rest easy knowing they are at least together. Aside from that, this was a truly wonderful Christmas holiday and I am really looking forward to seeing what 2016 has in store for my family and myself. I can already tell it is going to be amazing!!!

I hope you had a wonderful day today, and I hope you were surrounded by those you love. I wish you always the best, and I look forward to sharing the New Year with you all! Blessed Be my loves.

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