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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Baby Boho Belly Henna


On November 5th, a good, ol’ High School buddy of mine came up here with her 2 beautiful little girls. She planned to do some henna on us! This was such a special treat and gift to us. She came bearing gifts of homemade goodies as well. She concocted some yummy sugar scrubs to exfoliate my itchy belly, some bath bombs and foot bombs for my aching feet, and the tinctures to put on my tummy after the henna was all done. Her sugar scrub was TO. DIE. FOR. I literally ate a teaspoon of it…since it was all-natural ingredients: honey, sugar in the raw, sugar, coconut oil, green tea and lemon juice. OMG. I had to keep reminding my sugar-craving, pregnant self, that it was for exfoliating my tummy and body…not for consumption, haha!!

I have never had henna done one me before, so I couldn’t wait! I had been checking out all kinds of cool pregnancy belly henna design over the past couple weeks. I saw so many adorable designs on the web, but none were 100% me. Aubrey knows me pretty well, and especially my tastes and interests, so all I knew, was she is an incredibly gifted artist, and I’m sure she would blow me outta the water with her hand-drawn design…

…and she did NOT disappoint.

Here is the rough draft that she drew up and tweaked while working on me.


She 100% designed this all by herself! Except for tracing the initial outline of the star, she completely free-handed the whole thing.

IMG_8200   IMG_8201   IMG_8202   IMG_8203

Beautiful Aubrey, hard at work on my 34 week pregnant belly!


This picture cannot possibly convey how excited I was in that moment!!! I was absolutely IN LOVE with the entire design!

IMG_8208   IMG_8205

It was a little bit Wiccan & Celtic, with the pentacle…a lotta bit Sanskrit, with the Mandala…and 1,000% perfection!!!

She couldn’t have designed a more truly fitting piece of art for this Bohemian Mama’s belly.

IMG_8206   IMG_8216

She even took some time out after working on me for 5 hours, to henna the girls as well.


Cinderella, of course, requested she draw Toothless, from the “How To Train Your Dragon” movies.

How perfect is he?!

IMG_8217   IMG_8219

Her beautiful daughter asked for a tiny heart on her cheek, and my MHG drew up this design for Aubrey to copy onto her bicep.

IMG_8220   IMG_8221

I got so much love for this pretty Mama!

If you’re reading this, THANK YOU SO MUCH, AUBREY. From the bottom of my heart. It really means the world to me.

IMG_8224   IMG_8226



The next morning, long after the henna had fallen off the night before, it left a gorgeous design stained on my belly.

It stuck around for nearly 2 weeks, and the girls are STILL rocking theirs.

It was a perfect and amazing baby gift.

Thank you honey.


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