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Monday, November 30, 2015

November Wrap-Up

This has been a pretty eventful month. There was Yoga, henna, oils, decorating, crafting, a couple disasters, lots of love and so much more!
Earlier this month, my dear friend came up and Henna’d my belly with her own original design! You can check out that post HERE.
Baby Boho Belly Henna
I absolutely LOVE how it turned out!!!
My Young Living Essential Rewards order this month was pretty epic!!! If you’re interested, you can click on either of the pictures following this, to sign up! A couple people pitched in to order things as well, so I was able to place a 300+pv order and get many of these following items FREE!!!
Click HERE to sign up!   Click HERE to sign up!
So I not only saved money on shipping, but I earned almost $50 BACK towards future oils, got another SIX for FREE, as well as a FREE bottle of Ortho Sport Massage Oil (which is pretty heavenly…might I add)! I do love a good deal! Here’s everything I got:
  • Dino Land Diffuser (Cinderella’s Xmas present from her Grandparents)
  • Thieves Laundry Detergent
  • Thieves refill for Foaming Hand Soap
  • Samples of:
    • Lavender
    • Peppermint
    • Thieves
I ordered birth & pregnancy related oils again this month:
  • Progessence Plus
  • Thieves
  • En-R-Gee
  • Jasmine
  • Gentle Baby
  • Geranium
FREE OILS & Massage Oil worth $221.75-Wholesale/$291.24-Retail (that 24% off discount for Wholesale members makes a HUGE difference)!!!
  • 15mL Orange
  • 15mL Christmas Spirit
  • 15mL Frankincense
  • 5mL Sacred Frankincense
  • 5mL Nutmeg
  • 5mL Sleepyize
  • 32oz. OrthoSport
That's a grand total in savings of $268.75, between the free stuff & the $47 of earnings! If you have any questions about essential oils, how to get started with Young Living, how to save $ while earning money towards more oils, or how the Essential Rewards program works, hit me up & we'll talk all things oily!

My Thanksgiving blog post…in which I name off everyone and everything I’m thankful for.
You can read that HERE.
Click here to read this post!

You can read my November #YogaEveryDamnDay Challenge blog post by clicking HERE.
I wasn’t able to keep up with doing my Yoga every single day, although I DID at least manage to Meditate daily.
Click here to read this post!

Other fun things we accomplished this month were the premature decorating of our RV for the holidays. I have NEVER allowed anyone to put up a single Christmas light BEFORE Thanksgiving. But, since the baby is due soon, I thought it wise to get all that hoopla out of the way beforehand. The girls had a ball decorating our little black mini-tree and helping me hang up the annual Hallmark ornaments above the slide. A little garland, and some twinkling lights, and BAM!, insta-festive RV!
IMG_20151114_013303   IMG_20151115_011005
Oh, and I sewed the dinette’s white thermal curtains, too. It’s a LOT warmer in there now!
Another quick project I undertook this month…I put up a new slide skirt…in black. It looks a lot better than the old one, and it aids to block what little draft there is left, that the exterior insulation couldn’t stop. It’ll be much appreciated when the birthing tub goes up right there and I’m not freezing my butt off while trying to push out a baby, hahaha!
Speaking of RV home waterbirthing, we got the tub out, inflated, filled and I think it’s gonna work out marvelously when it’s time for Baby Boho to arrive. Our dry run…more like wet run…went swimmingly. Pun intended. From the second Nic grabs it out of its bag, to the second it’s done filling up with both air and water, it takes about 20 minutes. Heck yea! The next time I’m in this tub, however, I’m pretty sure I won’t be making that face, lol!
Yea, we let Cindy get in and play for a bit before putting it away. Waste not.
The flap cover will be removed before I get in. Cut off.
It was a success with this awesome little tub. If you need one for any reason, you can purchase it for $80, HERE.
(And it wasn’t hard to drain.)
IMAG6039   IMAG6047
We have already been getting lots of snow and freezing temps…how about you? I bet you’re somewhere with Palm Trees! Lucky duck!
IMG_20151114_013344   IMG_20151116_150042
Some goodies this month…I’ve been slacking off on my smoothies, and my health has definitely taken a toll from that, so I’m getting back into it! Also, my Kombucha this time around was Black Raspberry and the other was Mango. Mmmmm….yum!
IMG_20151116_184936   IMG_20151118_215136
The girls and I got a bit crafty with our jewelry making skills. They each made their own necklace, and MHG made herself some matching earrings, while Cindy made herself a bracelet.
IMG_20151119_234915   IMG_20151119_234959
One day for school, Cinderella drew Daddy and Mommy…complete with dreads even. I am so in love!
As for myself? I managed to find some time to tackle a few creative projects, as well. I’ve been putting them off forever!
A Harry Potter baby blanket.
Baby Boho pants.
Knit baby beanies.
IMG_20151115_010642   IMG_20151115_010858
IMG_20151121_162015   IMG_20151121_175946
IMG_20151121_210343   IMG_20151121_231057
IMG_20151122_160311   IMG_20151123_225330
We had a few close calls this month with appliances taking a crap on us. We’ve gotten all the kinks worked out now though…fortunately. On the last day of the month, however, the furnace decided it hated us…and stopped working…when it was 5 degrees outside. So, we transformed the slide into a bed for Nic, the girls and animals slept with me, we closed off the back room, and survived with the warmth from just our two tiny electric heaters going. It actually wasn’t too bad either…until the extension cord on one of the heaters decided to stop working. We were able to keep it about 65 in here, despite our lack of a furnace. 55 when the other heater stopped working. Much (and happily) to our surprise, the furnace decided to start working again that morning. I don’t know what was up with it (& neither does my Husband…despite his degree in HVAC), but we took it as a sign that a) we need to get a new furnace soon (it IS 10 years old) and b) we need to get a generator, too. Those electric heaters would’ve been useless, had our power gone out. But we persevered and that’s all that matters! And the girls thought it was fun, lol.
My homebirth tote was under the table as well…it served as additional support for the table.
The two outside legs of the table reached perfectly to the ground, as the table reached across one bench to the other.
It’s almost like he designed the dinette that way…even though he didn’t.
Talk about finally catching a break!
A scary pic of me sans makeup…but my dreads were looking lovely that day.
The Didymos sz 5 Orient woven wrap on the left was a gift to myself and Baby Boho, and the Girasol sz 4 Herringbone woven wrap on the right was a gift from my beautiful friend Chrissy. She got it to go with my Orient, so I will match when I wear Baby Boho AND Cindy…she has a LOT of faith in my abilities…and my back. Ha! I love them both so hard!!! They are absolutely perfect and I can’t wait to wear my new baby in them both!
IMG_20151110_124357   IMG_20151120_164431
my wraps
Pregnancy by the Week.
On November 23, at 37 weeks, I was officially in the clear to homebirth! I can’t believe I made it! My first daughter was born at 37+0 weeks/days and my second was born at 35+4 weeks/days. I was certain this little one was coming sometime around there, but they proved to be quite the trooper and I actually made it!!! I WISH you could comprehend my level of relief/gratitude/shock/appreciation…it’s such a wonderful feeling. Now I can just kick back and relax!
10422447_716883911778096_2412920025939115720_n   11225077_718124718320682_364028548630369543_n   12243438_721033161363171_4636037372960474636_n   IMG_20151116_133946
The next time I do a monthly wrap-up post, I will be changing this photo below to 5 little owls!!! I can’t wait!!! See ya soon!
Thanks, as always, for checking in with us to see what we’re up to!
1-BHHB Signature Template with 4 owls

November #YogaEveryDamnDay Challenge

Nov YEDD Collage
Well, for starters, you can see that I didn’t do Yoga all month long. I’m REALLLLLLLY slowing down now in my practice. I’m trying to keep up a daily meditation practice at least, but I gotta say, that I’m really looking forward to having this baby and getting back to my usual self again. All in good time though. For now, I’m happy to be at least accomplishing 9 poses a month. Here’s what I DID manage to squeak out:
Day 234: Cobra Pose-Bhujangasana I.
Day 235: Reclining Bound Angle Pose-Supta Baddha Konasana.
Day 236: One-Handed Tiger Pose-Eka Hasta Vyaghrasana.
Day 237: Seated Angle Posture-Upavista Konasana.
Hahaha, this is as far as I get in this pose these days.
Day 238: Tree Pose-Vrksasana.
Check out my beautiful belly henna job my friend did on me! You can read that post HERE.
Day 239: Mermaid Pose-Eka Pada Rajakapotasna (variation).
Day 240: Standing Half Bow Balance-Utthita Ardha Dhanurasana.
Day 241: East Stretch Posture-Purvottanasana.
Day 242: Camel Pose-Ustrasana.
I have been incorporating my Essential Oils into my Yoga and Meditation practice, and since doing so, it has turned my Yoga practice upside down. Sometimes even literally. This month, my only oil of choice was FRANKINCENSE. It gives me a great sense of calm and focus as I meditate or work on my Yoga practice. I am not ready to hang up the Yoga mat just yet during this pregnancy…and I honestly hope that day never comes. I really DO love my Young Living Essential Oils...and I don’t know where I’d be without them. I try to incorporate a different oil(s) every month into my practice.
This month, I’m 9 months pregnant and have been LOVING Frankincense in my diffuser as I do my Yoga. It’s GREAT for Meditation…which is mostly what my Yoga practice consists of these days. 
~Diffuse Frankincense during meditation for grounding and purpose. Applying this oil topically may help smooth the appearance of healthy-looking skin, and is excellent to use for massage after activity.
If you are interested in learning more about Young Living Essential Oils, please contact me at: If you would rather not contact me, but want to go ahead and sign up, or purchase essential oils, you can go HERE. I don’t think you’ll need my member #, but in case you do, it is 2173554. To read some amazing essential oil testimonials, click HERE. You will have to register to peruse the site, but it is free.
I am still enjoying this challenge…even if I can’t do it every single day anymore. Pregnancy is NOT a sickness. It is simply a variation of normal. Rest assured though, my Midwife is 100% up-to-date on all the poses I’m doing, and has continued to give me the green light to continue my practice…with some exceptions and modifications thrown in here and there.
I hope you are all doing well, and if you are interested in joining our Yoga For Every Body group on Facebook, you can join by clicking HERE. It is for all levels…from “I have no idea what I’m doing, but I’m interested” to “I own a Yoga studio”. Head on over there and introduce yourself! We love making new Yogi and Yogini friends, supporting and helping one another and finding new inspiration!!!
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The previous monthly challenges can be found by clicking on one of the months below:
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