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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween 2015

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Happy Halloween and a Blessed Samhain to you all!!!

This year, we are trick-or-treating back in our home state of Colorado.

Racca Fam Halloween 2015

We spent Halloween last year in New Mexico, and the year before that in Virginia. You can see our pumpkin carving posts for those Halloweens HERE and HERE, respectively. This year, we decided to wait to the VERY. LAST. SECOND. and carve our pumpkins a couple hours before we headed out to go Trick-or-Treating. We like to walk on the wild side, I guess.

Our day got started with my whipping up a 12 banana smoothie for Baby Boho and I. No pumpkin in it though. I hate pumpkin flavored stuff.


Obligatory Halloween cat photo. Onyx and the pumpkins.


Early that afternoon, we all began drawing up our pumpkins to be carved later.

Cinderella’s bore a striking resemblance to our mean cat, Tigger.


I went with another Jack Skellington design this year…a mad Jack this time. And Nic drew up a fetus pumpkin for Baby Boho.

IMG_8141   IMG_8143


Once we finished, the girls and Daddy got started on carving their pumpkins, while I went to work on my costume makeup.


IMG_8145   IMG_8146

IMG_8147   IMG_8148

Mojo even got into the spirit of the day…he became the jester/trick dog that he thinks he is.

IMG_8149   IMG_8150

Monster High Girl got a crash course in power tools…

IMG_8153   IMG_8154

I eventually wrapped up my makeup and got around to carving my Jack.

The finished pumpkin products are at the end of this post…all lit up!

We got dressed into our costumes and hit the town!

Monster High Girl went as Darth Vader this year, and Cindy went as Scooby Doo.

I was a Pregnant Pirate and Nic was a Zombie…of sorts.


2   3

Racca Fam Halloween 2015 2

Darth & Scoob 2015






They had an absolutely wonderful time and Halloween was yet another smashing success!


Nic’s pumpkin. Original design. Carved by Nic.


My pumpkin. Googled design. Carved by me.


MHG’s pumpkin. Original design by her. Carved by her.


Cindy’s pumpkin. Nic’s design. Carved by the two of them.


Baby Boho’s pumpkin. Googled design. Carved by Nic. (He added the middle finger without my go ahead.)


And…the last day of my October #YogaEveryDamnDay Challenge was Wild Thing pose. It was suiting to this wild day.

This Pirate is 8 Months pregnant, and still bending over backwards!

CLICK HERE to see this post!

After a stupid long day, we arrived back home, I squeezed in a couple Yoga poses, we lit our pumpkins, cooked some dinner and the girls passed out after crashing from their sugar high. Yes. I let our girls keep their candy (they didn’t get much). It was a wonderful day and I am grateful for yet another year of spending my favorite holiday with the ones I love. I hope your Samhain (Halloween) was equally as fabulous!!! Until next time!

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