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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Window Work & Creating A Cabinet

Thanks to a recent mold discovery, we’re having to remodel our bedroom. Walls and insulation had to be thrown out and replaced. Cabinets were removed to do so…and they exploded during that process. Because we are now down to zero storage, we had to devise something new. Today’s project tackled that.

But before we could get started on building a new cabinet, we had to first seal off the window that would be behind the electronics. We didn’t want to continue allowing the draft to seep into the room, nor did we want it to pose a condensation risk. We decided that filling the window with the reflective insulation, sealing it in with a piece of plywood, covering any cracks with silicone and then painting over it, would be the best way to make that window disappear.

Nic immediately got busy cutting the plywood to the dimensions of the window. By the time he finished, it was a perfect fit. Then, it was only a matter of pirating a window visor and cutting it into pieces that would fit the window. We removed the screen and set to work.


IMAG3977   IMAG3979

Filling the window with the reflective visor pieces.


He installed the tracks for what will end up holding our cabinet shelves. One of them served double-duty and held the wood in place temporarily.


Meanwhile, as per the usual, our girls quietly played in their ultra cramped room (from all of our stuff taking up their space) and read books.



Now that the window plywood is ready to be siliconed and screwed into place, he moved on to his next project. It was time to start building the side walls for the cabinet. He framed them out with 1x1’s, installed a cross beam inside of each frame, then walled each one off with thin plywood. He stapled those into place.



We decided that we liked them better turned around. After all, everything would eventually be painted white.


He wasn’t 100% positive yet on the permanent placement for the right wall of the cabinet, so he decided to wait on building that.

He moved on to walling off the underbed storage instead. And it was about time. I was sick of our cats getting under there.


He made sure to pack it with insulation first, before he stapled up the plywood. This would prevent a draft from coming into the RV.





It turned out really nice! I have to admit, however, that I’m really looking forward to tomorrow’s progress. Tomorrow, while the girls and I are at my Maternity Photo Shoot, Nic will finish building the cabinet AND he’s FINALLY going to paint the room!!!

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for more of our Remodel to come!

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