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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Ultra Pure White Bedroom

I have been wanting this for a while now. Not gonna lie. In a way, I lucked out when we found the mold in our bedroom a couple of weeks ago. Everything had to be ripped out and replaced. That led to cabinets being removed, and those falling apart…a new wall going up, that was in desperate need of paint and one thing led to another. So here we are today. I’ve been staring at this can of paint and dreaming of its outcome for over a week now. I am so excited that today, Nic is FINALLY going to get it up on the walls and the ceiling!!!

He used Kilz to prime the walls and ceiling last week. It’s best to use an oil-based primer, rather than a water-based primer…at least when painting the interior walls of an RV. After all, that’s not wallpaper on the walls. It’s Luan board, and a whole different playing field. If you don’t want your paint peeling off in sheets down the road, use the oil-based primer. You can follow it up with whatever kind of paint you want after that.

I wanted the whitest white that Home Depot sold. That ended up being Behr Premium Plus, Zero-VOC, “Ultra Bright White”, which is a water-based paint…and I had him get it in Satin. I’m not a huge fan of super shiny walls…so no semi-gloss for me.

As he spent the morning building the right side of the cabinet, the girls and I spent it getting ready for our photo shoot that was to be later that afternoon. He whipped that second wall out in a jiffy and afterwards, drove the girls and I into town to meet up with Auntie Lauren. She was kind enough to take us to our photo shoot, help me with my girls and pick on me for the couple of hours we were snapping pictures. It was a wonderful day and the pictures turned out phenomenal…but I honestly wouldn’t expect any less from the amazing “Photography by Jennifer Lambson”!


After the shoot, Lauren drove us all back home and I walked in to this spectacular sight!!!


Just like I had been dreaming about for months now!

IMAG4013   IMAG4014

IMAG4015   IMAG4016


He wasn’t 100% finished, but he was darn near close to wrapping up. Tomorrow, he would just throw another coat on the ceiling and walls and that would be it. In the meantime, it dried super fast, and we were luckily able to sleep on our own mattress that night…instead of the floor.


Thank you honey for doing this all for me. Thank you for, once again, bringing my dreams to fruition. And thank you soooooo much Auntie Lauren for your help and company today. You are absolutely the greatest friend (and Auntie) that a girl could ask for. I love your face!

You can check out my 28 Weeks Maternity Photo Shoot HERE.

Our room is *ALMOST* done!!!

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for more of our Remodel to come!

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