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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Final Coat & Cabinet Is Up

We are in the process of remodeling our bedroom up front. It all began when we found mold at the beginning of this month. After replacing moldy insulation, a soaking wet wall, accidentally destroying the cabinets, and putting the room back together again…we had to paint the new wall and bedroom. One thing led to another, and before we knew it, we had completely rebuilt our storage solutions, painted everything white and were looking at a Whole. New. Bedroom. We are in love with how it’s all turning out. The all-white scheme has brought more light into this home than ever before. In addition to the new bright color, removing the cabinetry added to the opening up of the space. Everything feels bigger, brighter, less energy-sucking and just gives off a whole new uplifting feel!

This is the last day of our remodeling project. All Nic has left to do, is put the final coat of paint on the walls and ceiling and throw the shelving up. In the pics below, you can barely make out the outline of the window that once was. We filled it with the reflective visor material, and he custom cut a piece of plywood to cover up the window (after removing the screen). He screwed it in place to prevent the window from falling out and sealed it up tight with silicone. After a couple coats of paint, you can hardly make out where it once was.

IMAG4141   IMAG4142


IMAG4146   IMAG4147



The outer frame for the electronics cabinet is all finished!


Between the wall and the outer left side of the cabinet, there is a fabulous place for storing our Yoga mats!


This is the head of our bed side. That window is an emergency exit window, so therefore will not be boarded over.


The ledge Nic built turned out really nice. It’ll be the perfect shelf to house my crystals and mini-statues…and to hold our phones.

I’m sure that’s just what he intended it to be used for, lol!




Nic hinged the door to our underbed storage. That’ll make opening and closing it a million times easier.

In the past, the plywood just slid into place…and it never did so easily. It was always a pain.


Now, one of these days, we’ll install the hardwood floor entrance. The Pergo flooring will match our dinette, but that’s a task for another day.


The “Boot Barn”. It will be perfect for storing our muddy, snowy boots and such. I will put a spring-loaded curtain rod up there, and will sew a white vinyl (so it’ll be easy to wipe clean) curtain to hide that mess of stuff behind it. That’s also where we’ll store the dog & cats’ food.


The shelving is installed and hung. It’s time to start loading them up! The ridiculously oversized TV and keyboard now have a perma-home!


Although I was initially opposed to the track shelving, I DO love the fact that it’s 100% adjustable to suit our needs. It’s not the most aesthetically pleasing, but it IS the most practical solution to our storage needs. Someday, we will get around to building the cabinet doors…but for now, it’s not an immediate priority.


Overhead adjustable shelving…for my books.


And what bedroom would be complete without curtains? I sewed these a couple weeks ago. They consist of a backing layer of the Eclipse brand thermal/energy saving white curtains, with the “stone” colored Eclipse brand room darkening curtains in front. On a rod hanging above those, I layered overtop the sheer white curtains to compliment the look. They are both aesthetically pleasing AND they actually serve a purpose. They have done an amazing job so far of keeping out the cold (when fully closed)!


The computer tower, printer and speakers found their perma-home above the TV. And Nic got the Xbox out and set up alongside it.

Though, it’s not like he will ever actually have the time to play it.


That’s all for today!

My final post in this remodeling series, will be of the finished product…all decorated and ready for your viewing pleasure.

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for more!

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