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Sunday, September 6, 2015

Bedroom Remodel 3.0

How many times have we changed this room now???

Three…to be exact…but who’s counting.

When we first moved into this RV back in March of 2013, the bedroom up front was ours.


And we let the girls have the “big” bedroom in the back.

Girls' Room Progression Collage 2

In March of 2014, we got tired of them never playing in their room, and figured the “big people” should have the “big room”. Sooooooo, we moved everything around, bought a bed from IKEA for us to put in the back, and Nic built the girls new bunk beds to put in the room up front. I did a whole different decorating theme…getting rid of the Fairy Woodland theme in favor of turquoise/orange/red/light green decor.

Girls Up Front Collage

This pic below shows the moving in…to the Bedroom 2.0 edition of the front bedroom.

The top and bottom left pics are when we first got the RV.

The middle two pics are of our room after I decorated it.

The top and bottom right pics are of a year later after we switched bedrooms.

Up Front Collage Before and After

When we went to the back, we kept our loud, reds/oranges/purples Boho-Gypsy-ish feel in our room.

Boho Hobos Bedroom

When we moved back into our RV this past April, we opted to once again, give our girls the twice-as-big bedroom in the back and set up shop for ourselves here in the front. The old decor of ours followed us yet again, back up front. The girls, however, picked a Harry Potter/Magical theme for their room and it’s been working out lovely for them ever since…which I couldn’t be happier about. (Someday I will get around to doing a blog on their new bedroom-theme and organization.)

HP Bedroom Collage

Anyways, I digress…

Maybe some of you remember the mold encounter we had in our bedroom up front this past May??? If you need a refresher on that semi-traumatic experience, you can brush up on it HERE. I am deathly allergic to mold. Seriously. It CANNOT be in our home. Anywhere. Nic handled it and we thought that was the end of the ordeal. Fast forward 3+ months later, and when I was making the bed, I found more. This time, on the opposite corner of our room. Not playing around this time, Nic said a few choice 4-letter words, and after I emptied the overhead cabinets, he immediately started pulling them down off the walls. He was done dealing with this crap. And honestly, so was I.


The room looked so much bigger after they came down. So much, in fact, that we decided that no matter what happened to this room, we weren’t gonna put these cabinets back up. We’d come up with a new plan. And it was a good plan, cuz the second we pulled these down, they exploded into never-useable-again status anyway.


The mold was found in this corner (pic below). He cleaned it up…again. On the next day, he planned to start ripping walls off to see what the heck the problem was…

…and boy were we soon in for a surprise.


Stay tuned for more update posts to come!

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