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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Bed Platform Rebuild 2.0


We’re renovating our bedroom (for the 3rd time) due to a mold encounter earlier this week. The mold has been removed, insulation and front wall replaced, and side walls restored. A ledge along the front wall has been built to allow for addition room to double up on insulation. Cabinetry has been removed and alternative storage/organization methods need to be handled in that department…but not today.

Today, we tackle the bed platform rebuild…again. We first rebuilt it to suit our needs when we purchased the RV. It originally only accommodated a Full-size bed, so we rebuilt it to fit our Queen. We didn’t rebuild the actual storage compartments underneath, however. We very rarely use the interior accessible under bed storage. It’s the exterior accessible storage that we always find ourselves digging through. So my Husband has made the executive decision (with my approval) to rebuild our bed platform. He will minimize the interior storage and maximize the exterior. That will allow him additional tool storage-something that, as you are probably well aware, is VERY important to us. It seems that we are always building or rebuilding something around here.

The interior accessed storage will hold my 1 tote of craft supplies (sewing, knitting, painting, tie-dying, etc.), his travel suitcase, winter boots/accessories and a few other tinier, less used items. There will also be a custom-built slot to hold a gun case that may or may not hold long guns. And last but not least, a front accessible “boot barn” that will be a cut-out for us to kick our shoes off in. Winter is coming, and soon there will be plenty of muddy, snowy snow boots to store somewhere and nobody wants to spend all Winter tripping over them.

Here is a pic of what the underbed storage area currently looks like. The spot full of tools to the right, is going to be brought in more…which will reduce the larger storage compartment.



This side wall is going to be completely rebuilt, so it has to go. That was pretty much the only thing I did all day…other than hand him screws.



The metal box in front of him has to stay, that houses our generator.


She was a good helper. She took over my job of handing the screws to Daddy. MHG wasn’t seen or heard from all day…she was curled up with her nose in a book…which I absolutely love.


Boy did I have a lot of sawdust to sweep and vacuum up at the end of the day, but it was worth it.








Building a custom gun case storage slot.

IMG_7687   IMG_7688

Framing out and walling the interior.

IMG_7691   IMG_7693

IMG_7696   IMG_7698


All done! Well, mostly. The walls of the boot barn need to go up and the front wall that is the side of the bed needs to as well.


But now there is plenty of storage for tools, crafting crap, winter and travel stuff, shoes and more!


Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for more of our Remodel to come!

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