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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Lauren’s Family Cabin


Lauren’s Grandpa built a beautiful cabin in the middle of nowhere, Colorado…about 30 minutes from where we currently reside. It’s just much farther into the Rocky Mountains than we are. Auntie Lauren invited us up to her family’s cabin for the weekend, and we knew it would be a ball…it always is! When we all got up there, the rain was slowly dying down and we were treated to a beautiful welcoming Sunset.



scenery 2


Bustin’ out some Yoga on our first night up there. Triangle Pose-Trikonasana.


We hung out, the girls watched the Lion King (which they had never seen before), I did some Yoga and later that evening, Nic bbq’d us up a feast!

There’s nothing quite like running around for hours til you pass out from sheer joy and exhaustion!


The next day, Nic went to see if he could fish any of the local spots…but they were all private lakes. Poor Daddy.

So instead, we roped him into helping us paint our nails. He helped the girls with theirs and Lauren’s right hand.

Who knew he was so good at painting nails??? Honestly, I’m not surprised. That Man is good at everything!

nic paints nails

Side note: Lauren has an insane amount of nail polish…and this collection was even downsized! Hahaha!

Good luck with your future Tiny Home plans lady! You might wanna whittle down that collection a li’l bit more!


Cinderella talked Daddy into letting her paint his nail. Ain’t he pirty???

Nic Girls nails

After our nails dried, I showed off the belly…and did some inversions practice!

After all, it’s not everyday I have loads of room around me, to hang out upside-down!

IMAG2648   me belly

I am 22 weeks pregnant and still able to do my Headstands (Sirsasana)!


The girls danced around the house, while the rest of us tidied up. We wanted to stay the whole weekend, but knew we would need Sunday to prepare for the upcoming week. Even though we were only there for a day total, it was just what we all needed to recharge our batteries.

scenery 1


We goofed off for a bit outside, took some pics together, enjoyed watching the rain off in the distance and loaded up the vehicles.

cindy shoes

laughing nic

L & girls

Me & L

us & L

me L Nic

The rain treated us to this sight off in the distance…a beautiful double Rainbow!

IMG_7308   IMG_7310

After we enjoyed yet another breathtaking Colorado Sunset, we bid the family cabin farewell, and headed back home.

We always have the greatest time when we visit the Cabin.



Thanks for inviting us up honey. Your Grandpa built an amazing treasure for your family to pass down through the next generations.


scenery 3

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