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Friday, August 7, 2015

Last Second Texas Trip

My Husband had to take a last minute work trip down to Dallas, TX. It was such a last second trip, that it would’ve been significantly cheaper to drive, than to buy a last minute flight. I pouted a little bit, and he asked if we would like to tag along…to go see my Mom. She lives pretty close to there. I jumped at the opportunity and had both the girls and my bags packed in just a couple hours. We rented the car the next morning and headed out on our way. I even managed to keep it a secret from my Mom til later that evening. (I’m terrible at keeping my own secrets.)


See ya in a few days Colorado!




IMAG2183   IMAG2188





Our girls are such awesome little Roadtrippers!!!



We rolled into our hotel a little after Midnight. It was a loooooooong drive. Nearly 13 hours with all the pee stops we had to make…thank you Baby Boho. We dragged our essentials, our kids and our dog up to the room, threw the girls into the bed next to ours and they instantly passed back out. And we were only a few minutes behind them.

The next morning, the hotel staff gave us a bunch of crap about having a dog in our room…even though we specifically told them we were bringing him, and they had said that was fine. They made the error of putting us into a non-pet friendly room, and were out of pet-friendly rooms for the remainder of our trip. So even though it was THEIR error, they still told us to leave.

So much for me enjoying a couple more mornings of breakfast and tea in bed.


I opted for going to my Mom’s RV with the girls and Mojo and told Nic to stay. He had crew members in the same hotel and I knew it would’ve been easiest on him if he hung around there. Besides, he was there for work, while the girls and I were there to see my Mom.

*Side note*: One very well-worded email from Nic to their hotel manager later, and they apologized. He gives them a lot of work $$$ in business from having his meetings there and a couple long term crew members (in a 2+ year contract, no less) staying there permanently. I don’t think they wanted to risk losing his company’s reoccurring revenue. They said we could come back the following day, but honestly, the girls and I were having such a lovely time with my Mom, that we didn’t want to leave her and her place.

We were so excited to see her! I decided that, since our last trip down here (in June) was solely to focus on my brother and his health, this time around was to be spent 99% with my Mama. I wanted to soak in the pleasure of her company, as best I could, in the 3 whole days we would have with her.

IMAG2221   IMAG2218

We spent the next couple days with my Mom perusing the cool local shops, hanging out and going swimming.

We went to visit my brother Wednesday night. On our way there, I swung by my favorite herbal shop to pick up some pregnancy herbs. They were having a killer sale for the month! You can check out their store HERE, if you are in need of a badass herbal supplier that ships! I picked up some Red Raspberry Leaf, Alfalfa Leaf and Nettles. Baby Boho thanks me.


My brother had just gotten home from finishing dialysis for the day, so he was really weak and not really in the mood for company. We didn’t stay long. He let Mojo stay with him for a while though, while Mom, the girls and I met up for dinner with Nic. Food was the last thing on his mind. It usually is. He hasn’t been able to eat food in about 8 years…without it causing him extremely painful gastric discomfort. He eats barely enough to stay alive and off TPN feedings. It’s just yet another awful symptom of his terrible syndrome. We had gotten him this poster earlier in the day. I had hoped it would give him a laugh or two. I personally found it hilarious and knew he probably would as well…when he finally got up and around. My obvious favorite is the Wiccan shit happening: “You can make shit happen, but shit will happen to you three times.” So true.


Mojo liked my Brother, but he was even more enthralled with his comfy couch, haha!


On Thursday morning, we spent the whole morning poolside at my Mom’s RV park. MHG practiced her forward and back flips under water, and made a little friend. Cindy had not only her own Grandma, but the other girl’s Grandma wrapped around her little finger as well. That poor lady spent at least an hour, pushing her around the pool on the inflatable dolphin that she had originally brought for her own Granddaughter, haha!

IMAG2230   IMAG2234


They had sooooo much fun in that water. I eventually had to drag Cindy home for a nap. She was BEYOND tired and beginning to sunburn…despite our attempts at frequent sunblock applications. She was NOT a happy camper…but the second I got her to calm down, she passed out.

IMAG2237   IMAG2239

I only got into the pool for a couple minutes, maybe 3 or 4 times. The rest of the time, I spent under the shade of a gorgeous Willow tree, trying to hide from the Sun…or so I thought… Be sure to take note of my ultra-pasty, never-before-exposed to the Sun legs…fresh, virgin skin…never ever sunburnt in its life… And my beautiful Mama.

IMAG2243   IMAG2253

While Cinderella napped, one of my Internet friends…that I had never met before…came up to meet me! She and her Husband came bearing gifts of my very first Kombucha Scoby & Starter! We talked. We Yoga’d. It was like having tea with a long lost friend…in 105 degree weather, haha! It was so awesome to finally turn her into a Real Life Friend!!! I look forward to the day when we can meet again! I wish I had gotten a better picture of her GORGEOUS, multi-colored hair! MHG instantly fell in love with her because of that…and because she, too, liked Yoga. She is one of the other Admins in our Yoga For Every Body Facebook group. :) It was so wonderful getting to know her! Love ya girl! Thanks for the Scoby and fun time together!



This was a few weeks later, after I threw her scobies into my large glass containers. The top and left one are her beautiful scobies that she got me started with. The one on the right, is the one I grew from hers! I was so proud of myself and sooooo grateful for the starter and scobies she gave me! If you are interested in learning about this fermented tea…“Kombucha”, and its INCREDIBLE health benefits (it is loaded with live probiotics), you can check out THIS website. If you would like to get started, she is growing some for shipment and I believe is charging $5 for them. Shoot me an email at: and I will be happy to put you in touch with her.


After my friend and her sweet Husband bid us farewell, we loaded up my Mom’s van and headed back to the hotel. We were leaving for Colorado in the morning. We convinced her to stay for a while. She played our favorite board game with us…Wildcraft…and we caught her cheating, haha! We had dinner, said our goodbyes, then she left to go check on my brother…which conveniently lives 5 minutes down the road from the hotel.

We hit the pavement around 8am the following morning. I was beyond elated when we had to stop at a gas station, and they were selling these blankets for only $10…in every color imaginable! I picked the green/black/grey/white one. I had high hopes that it would someday match my dream bedroom decor theme of all-white with black hardware and green accents…preferably that green being indoor grown plants.


With a 13 hours drive ahead of us, I zoned out, enjoying the scenery of Texas, then New Mexico and finally Colorado.



And lastly, we hit the final stretch. Heading up I-25…just a couple more hours til we’re home.


Remember when I told you to take note of my pasty legs and how they had never been burnt before??? There’s a first time for everything, right? I could hardly walk for 3 days after that. They were swollen to twice their usual size, and that was what hurt the most. Externally, the skin was fried so badly, that it was numb to all feelings and sensations. It took a whole MONTH for them to return to their normal size and to stop peeling. It was ridiculous. I am never exposing them to sunlight ever again…for as long as I live!!!


Check out those cankles! Lol!


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