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Thursday, July 30, 2015

One Year Dreadiversary!!!

12 mo dread pic
1 Yr Dread Progress with Words
Dreads 1 Week 1 Year Comparison
Prepare yourself for Selfie overload, lol!!! I don’t ever wanna forget what they looked like on this day.
It’s also the Halfway point through my Pregnancy, so I wanted to get some maternity shots as well.
IMAG1969   IMAG1971
IMAG1938   IMAG1944   IMAG1954
20 Weeks Pregnant!!! I’m halfway there!!!
IMAG2018   IMAG2020
IMAG2024   IMAG2022   IMAG2025
IMAG2029   IMAG2032
A little bit of Yoga for the day.
Crow Pose going uphill and Seated Forward Bend going down. Haha!
IMAG2001_BURST005   IMAG2013
IMG_7195   IMG_7196
IMG_7198   IMG_7201
IMG_7208   IMG_7212
IMG_7214   IMG_7216
IMG_7219   IMG_7222   IMG_7220
IMG_7237   IMG_7233
IMG_7229   IMG_7232
IMG_7240   IMG_7242
IMG_7244   IMG_7245
IMAG2036   IMAG2038
Now that I’ve hit the year mark, I won’t be updating them every month.
Thank you for following my Dreadlock Journey with me!!!
It’s been one awesome journey so far!
1 Yr Dread Progress with Words
Here are the Dreadiversaries:
1-BHHB Signature Template with 4 owls

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