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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Anniversary Camping

10th Anniversary Family Photo bw

I have been married to this beautiful and most wonderful Man for 10 years now!!! (We’ve been together for 11 though…just to throw that out there.) In that time span, he has given me two beautiful girls, and another baby on the way. He has worked his way up from the bottom, and has built himself an amazing career in the process. He has put a unique and special roof over our heads. That incredible home takes us on adventures to lands and places far away. Places that are both new and exciting! He is our rock when times get tough. And although he can be quite rough and rugged at times, he is a gentle soul to his two little girls when they need him to be. He can play Battle Action Ahdoo (G.I. Joes), or Monster High dolls. Scooby Doo or Tinkerbell. He can build or fix anything. I can dream something up, and he brings it to fruition. He loves me for the Woman that I am…even if when that Woman changes daily or yearly. And he supports me wholly as I find my footing in this crazy world that we live in.

We are not perfect. Don’t get me wrong. Our 11 years together have not always been easy…and there were even a few close calls with our marriage, but we have always weathered the storms and stuck together through thick and thin. I couldn’t ask for a better partner and team mate to share this lifetime with. I am so grateful and honored to call him my Husband, and I look forward to celebrating many more years together with him.

For our 10th Wedding Anniversary, I requested that we get the hell away from civilization. I needed time with my family to recharge my batteries. We all did. So we grabbed all our camping gear (and there’s a decent amount of it), packed our bags, loaded up the truck and hit the road. We were bound for Nature and good times building lasting memories. Although Monster High Girl (MHG) has grown up camping with us, Cinderella has only gone one other time in her life. She was only a year old at the time, so naturally, she was super excited to head out! This was like her first trip ever (and she had a blast)!


MHG helped Daddy set up camp when we got there. I staked out our surroundings, and let Cindy explore a bit. Mojo made sure everything in a 20 foot radius of our campsite was marked as his, lol! The flies were really thick this time…which has never really happened before, so we started a tiny smoky fire to clear the are of them…as best we could.

IMAG1473   IMAG1475

Poor Cinderella got bit by a spider…don’t worry, it was a non-venomous one…but it still sucked. Luckily for her, I brought my oils!

This Mama doesn’t need anything more than a few good Essential Oils and some Band-aids.

Look at that face! You would never be able to tell it was the complete opposite a few minutes prior.

IMAG1477   IMAG1479

Once the tent was up, Daddy kept the fire smoking and the girls ran around to check stuff out. We brought our plant identification book and the girls identified the local flowers and even picked a few for Mommy and Daddy.

IMAG1483   IMAG1489


Eventually, the Sun was so brutal up here, thanks to the thin air and high altitude, that we had to get the awning up.

So MHG helped Daddy handle that. She is turning into quite the awesome (and resourceful) young woman.




After all that, Cinderella finally talked all of us into going “‘sploring”. A little Nature Hike was just what the doctor ordered.

IMAG1528   IMAG1533

Yes…even I got out and hiked my pregnant self around the mountain. Haha!


I liked this stump…it was almost as awesome as the sentimental one that we brought up here with us.

IMAG1536   heart stump

That is the stump that we have been hauling around with us since our time in New Mexico last year. It had a carved heart coming out the top of it. Our friends had come down to visit us last year in May and we took turns sawing away at it until we could separate it from the ground. I had so many ideas planned for that beloved stump. I was gonna turn it into a storage seat of sorts. But when we moved back into our RV in April, someone dropped it, and the heart broke off. I was devastated. We kept the heart though, and on this day…our Anniversary…it served us well as some pretty awesome firewood. You can see that post HERE…if you wanna see the incredible efforts it took 3 women to hack it apart.

IMAG1551   IMAG1586   IMAG1680   IMAG1694

Later on, after we got the fire going good, we popped the top on our Champagne and celebrated our Anniversary! I am 5 months pregnant though, so I only had a couple sips. I was pretty happy to find these plastic wine glasses for the RV. I actually loathe plastic, and try to avoid buying or using it if I can, but I hate cleaning up broken glass even more. So they are the lesser of two evils. Anybody know if anyone has invented Stainless Steel wine glasses yet?


IMAG1703   IMAG1706

It was a beautiful and glorious setting to celebrate all our years together. I couldn’t ask for a more special location to spend it.

And I couldn’t ask for greater people to spend it with. Just the 4 of us.

Our view was outta this world! You could see Pike’s Peak off in the distance, peeking through the trees.


Cinderella, Toothless and Hiccup were even having a great time!


Our Campsite.


Mojo was having the time of his life. It was so hard to get him to sit still to take this pic! So many new smells!!!


The gorgeous meadow behind us. It ended up being a fabulous place to do Nature Yoga.


MHG’s favorite thing to do while camping, is to build Faery Houses. Cinderella just wants to explore…EVERYWHERE.

IMAG1730   IMG_7075

Our sleeping quarters. I gotta say, this pregnant body is not a fan of sleeping on a flimsy self-inflating air pad. I need about 10 more of them.

But we had a great time regardless, so that’s all that matters.

IMG_7076   IMG_7077

Pike’s Peak. With just a tad bit of snow still on it.


And as per the usual, we took Anniversary day Family photographs.

This seems to be about the only time anymore, when I can get the 4 of us together into one single photo.

Just LOOK at all those grumpy faces! Apparently I was taking too long setting up the tripod. Haha! Thanks guys.


That’s better.

10th Anniversary Family Photo

Awwww…and then some couple shots.

10th Anniversary us   10th Anniversary us 2

11 Years, 1 wonderful man, 2 beautiful children, and 1 more on the way. I couldn’t ask for more.

heart belly

After our family photos, I snuck in some Nature Yoga. My all time favorite!!!

Flip the Dog (or Wild Thing) Pose and Tiger Pose…on our cooler.

11225379_680000205466467_6889403873135449130_o   11816065_680012502131904_8862463638013848721_o

Colorado Sunsets are the best.


Once the Sun set, we got out the telescope to check out the gorgeous and magical, Waxing Gibbous Moon.

Anniversary Moon

It was Homeschooling at its finest folks!

IMG_7144   IMG_7145


And this is pretty much how we know where our children are at night while camping. Glow necklaces and bracelets. Oh yes!

They still have to stay right by us though. Too many 4-legged creatures up here roaming the woods at night.


After a pretty crappy night’s sleep (not gonna lie), we all slowly meandered our way out of the tent and Nic and I started a yummy breakfast.

After breakfast, MHG and Cindy worked on the faery house while Nic and I tore down and packed up camp to head home.

This girl is seriously the faery home builder extraordinaire!


The sidewalk leading to their house.


Their picnic table (rock) and bench (stick next to rock).


The shotgun shell she found was their mailbox.



Their bed and side table…complete with a vase full of fresh flowers.


IMG_7180   IMG_7183


There’s just something so magical about being out in Nature. Far away from reception, wifi, street lights, TV, computers and everything.

Just a family with the dirt under their feet. Listening to the birds and the leaves rustling in the wind.

Checking out the local flora and fauna. Moon and Stargazing.

Watching the Sun set and rise the next morning…with no sound of another human being for miles.

It’s therapeutic. It’s grounding. It’s healing. It’s utter perfection.

Magical Forest

With camp all wrapped up and some menacing clouds rolling in, I snuck in one more Yoga pose before we headed back home.

Cow Face Pose.


And then it was back to civilization we went.

I truly could not ask for a better way to spend our Anniversary. These Mountains are the very Mountains that Nic and I have camped in together time and time again. This isn’t the 1st time we’ve celebrated an Anniversary in them, and it certainly won’t be our last. It’s rejuvenating to us and I swear it bonds us and strengthens our Marriage even more. We may not have everything in common, but we do share the same love for these trees towering above our heads and these rocks underneath our feet. We all had a wonderful time and we can’t wait to come back.

Thanks so much for keeping up with our family’s adventures.

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