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Friday, July 31, 2015

It Was A Good Year To Be July


July is super special every year to me…and to our family, but THIS year, 2015, a LOT of things went down in July. I turned 30! We celebrated our 10th Wedding Anniversary! My Dreads turned 1 year old! The girls honed their Yogic abilities! And so much more! Read on for the scoop!

For the 4th of July, we dragged Uncle Barbarian up to Woodland Park with us to watch the Fireworks! They were so beautiful exploding off the mountainside. My genius self left my sd card at home…so my regular camera was inoperable. :( I had to try and make due with my crappy phone’s camera…and this was the best shot I got. Which isn’t saying much. BUT, we all had a great time and the girls loved watching the Fireworks…so that’s all that really matters.


After that semi-downer note, how about some things that rock???

This lady’s custom painted purple RV!!! If you’re reading this, I’m sorry I startled you when I shouted out my window to you that your RV was freaking awesome!!! And I hope you don’t mind me putting a pic of it on my blog. You & your RV rocked my world!!!


What’s better than Crystals and Essential Oils???

IMAG0346   IMAG0354

Maybe playing piano and my daughter drawing kick-butt drawings of me all sneakily while I rest.



My new Filofax planner to keep me organized during the homeschool year and with my Essential Oils business…and life.

My Sacred Pregnancy book for some aesthetically pleasing reading & journaling.

(I don’t get paid through affiliate links, by the way…I just think these 2 things are awesome and worth a shout out.)

IMAG2091   IMAG1209

A Fishing, Hiking, & Nature Yoga Trip with Daddy…earlier this the month. Rampart Reservoir, Colorado. In Pike National Forest.


IMAG9917   IMAG9948



Hiking through some fire damaged trees from the Waldo Canyon Fire 3 years ago…and our state flower. The Blue Columbine. No. I didn’t pick it.

IMAG9926   IMAG9930

She and I enjoyed our hike while Daddy and MHG fished their hearts out (and didn’t catch anything this time).




And a bit of Nature Yoga…my favorite.

 IMAG9898   IMAG9894   IMAG9901  

On July 15th, I turned 30 years old finally!!! And the baby and I got a clean bill of health.

IMAG0719   IMAG0720

MHG bought me the greatest present ever while I was in my prenatal appointment. It’s a babywearing cornhusk doll…and I absolutely love her!


Yoga the next day…cuz I didn’t wanna Yoga on my Birthday.


Daddy was outta town for work this week. Yes. He missed my birthday…BUT, the world kept turning, as it turned out!

My best friend, Auntie Lauren, came up to visit us and spent the night for girls night, though! And we had a ball!

She’s a keeper and a real true friend, to be sure. I love her so much.

Thanks for coming and making my Birthday special…after all.

IMAG0812   IMAG0807

He got back a couple days later. This guy. I think I’ll keep him.


Our girls being awesome.

  IMAG0434   IMAG0439_BURST004

Cinderella practicing Tree Pose, Bridge Posture aka “Break Your Neck Pose” (not Bridge Pose), & Hand Stand.

IMAG1323   IMAG1340   IMAG1330

Monster High Girl honing her Crow Pose and finally nailing her Headstand…all by herself!

(She usually needs me to help her kick up to the wall…not anymore!)

IMAG1336    IMAG1439

My buff babies! Yogini Masters!!!


And Cindy is getting her balance on her bike down pretty good, too!

This is a balance bike. There are no pedals on it. It is meant to teach younger children how to balance on two wheels. When they’re ready, they can just go straight onto a two-wheeler without the need for training wheels and all the unnecessary crashing to learn how to ride it.

IMAG0396_BURST003   IMAG0693

Some RV stuff happened this month.

I got the girls’ new curtains made for their Harry Potter bedroom theme. They have the Eclipse brand, room darkening and energy saving curtains sewn onto the backs of the gold curtains. I also reupholstered MHG’s wooden shelf valance to match Cindy’s. I made Harry Potter inspired tapestries for the IKEA cabinets as well. I also hung an IKEA Bygel rail for the white buckets that house coloring utensils.

IMAG0440   IMAG0442

The Candelabra utilizes battery-operated taper candles. Thanks Nonnie for finding those for the girls!


We’ve still yet to get their matching shelves up above their desks. We need to do that soon though…if we plan on having somewhere to put all their curriculum and books that I’ll be ordering next month! Their individual spaces are coming along nicely though!

MHG’s Side                                                   Cindy’s Side

IMAG0686   IMAG0688

Tapestries. The strings ended up breaking…so I just stapled those suckers straight to the cabinets, lol!

IMAG0134   IMAG0133


Our room changed a tiny bit. Nic put up shelving at the end of the bed while we were in Texas. The shelves hold our computer monitor and the one below it holds my piano. I was quite pleased. My BFF-Lauren (pictured above for my birthday) gave us her Sleep Number bed that she wasn’t using. It is like the greatest thing in the entire world. We no longer had to sleep on an inflatable camping mattress, full of cat claw holes…that was half-full of air by the following morning. My pregnant body is STILL thanking her to the day of publishing this blog post (Oct. 4th). I love you Lauren. Thank you STILL to the Moon and back. You are the best. Muah! XOXO



We went camping to celebrate our 10th year married/11th year together on July 25, 2015! You can see that post HERE.

10th Anniversary Family Photo

This man is an incredible Husband, Father, Provider, Friend, Handyman, Comedian, and so much more. I couldn’t ask for a better teammate.

10th Anniversary Family Photo bw

10th Anniversary us 2   10th Anniversary us

heart belly

Here was my Essential Rewards order for the month of July. Because my order was over 190 PV, I got 2-5ml oils FREE! There are so many perks to joining the Essential Rewards auto-ship program. Not only could your order qualify you some free oils, but you are guaranteed discounted shipping & earning 10-20% back in $ to place toward future orders! There are other perks as well!


For more info, feel free to email me at:

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I celebrated my 1 Year Dreadiversary and my halfway point through my Pregnancy on the 30th! You can read that post HERE.

1 Yr Dread Progress with Words

12 mo dread pic

Dreads 1 Week 1 Year Comparison

I wrapped up my 7th month of Yoga doing my July #YogaEveryDamnDay Challenge. You can read and check that out HERE.

YEDD July Collage


Every week, I take a photo of my Baby Bump progression. I’d like to start sharing those with you here on my blog.

11011222_672215152911639_4674259972683988422_n   11027465_673414999458321_6572752915477081781_n

12072781_708193349313819_3758029936813151252_n   1506676_680865922046562_5788402621171333351_n

And I will leave you with some pretty Colorado skies from the month.



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