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Friday, June 19, 2015

June #YogaEveryDamnDay Challenge

June Yoga Collage with words

I had to go to the hospital on Thursday, May 7th for a non-Yoga related problem. After my visit with the doctor, and even after he gave me the all clear and that I was fine, he told me to stop my practice for a while. He didn’t say for how long though. Only that I should follow up with another physician and that they would be able to better assess if I could return to my practice. So for the remainder of the month, I reluctantly refrained from my passion until I could be seen by someone else in June. I have never been so tortured in my life!

On June 6th, I placed a call to my health practitioner and asked her if I could resume my Yoga practice. She, being a Yogini herself, said she couldn’t understand why I would’ve been told to stop, when it had nothing to do with my ER visit. She said most doctors don’t understand Yoga, and the important health benefits that come with a reoccurring practice, so they like to play it on the safe side, and tell their patients to steer clear in these situations. She gave me the green light to start up again, and cautioned me to take it slow. Elated, I made sure to follow her advice perfectly, and eased myself back into my practice. Right where I left off.


Day 127: Tree Pose-Vrksasana.


Day 128: Easy Inversion/Legs Up the Wall Pose-Viparita Karani.


Day 129: Happy Baby Pose-Ananda Balasana.


Day 130: Lizard Pose Variation-Utthan Pristhasana.


Day 131: One-Handed Tiger Pose-Eka Hasta Vyaghrasana.


Day 132: Plough Pose-Halasana.


Day 133: Crocodile Pose (variation)-Nakrasana.


Day 134: Single Leg Swan Balance-Eka Pada Hamsa Parsvottanasana.


Day 135: Goddess Pose (Variation)-Parivrtta Utkata Konasana.


Day 136: Standing Half Bow Balance-Utthita Ardha Dhanurasana.

Day 136 was the last day I managed to get Yoga in for the month of June. The girls and I flew from Denver to Dallas to visit my brother that is really sick. He has a rare syndrome called Prune Belly Syndrome/Eagle Barrett Syndrome that he has had since birth. I was focused on helping my Mom get him out of the hospital and back home following an extensive stay there, arrange for him to begin dialysis at a nearby clinic, and get together the appropriate team for his home health care. Yoga took a backseat to his health needs. And although I hate doing that for my own health, I certainly would never think twice about doing it for him. I love my brother so much. It was so nice to see him after 5 years! We got there just in time to celebrate he and my youngest daughter’s birthday together. They share the same birthday. How cool is that?!

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