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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

June Wrap-Up


Early in the month, I asked Nic to take us higher up the Mountains on a day trip. I wanted to get out in Nature for the day, so that is exactly what we did. We packed a picnic, built a faery house, and hiked around. We explored until we found a magickal creek and a hidden meadow. It was a wonderful day away from society.

IMG_6897   IMG_6899







IMG_7260   IMG_7262


IMG_7272   IMG_7274


I got to start my Yoga practice back up this month!!! You have noooooooooooo idea how thrilled I was about that!!!

June Yoga Collage with words

You can read about June’s #YogaEveryDamnDay Challenge HERE.

I got pretty crafty this month. You can read about that HERE.

June Craftiness

I made homemade dolls, a homemade horse for them and Essential Oil Diffuser Mala Bead Necklaces for our flight to Dallas later in the month.

On the 19th, we flew from Denver to Dallas. My brother is pretty sick and had been in the hospital for a couple weeks. He had just begun Dialysis and I wanted to be there to help him transition into that new experience. You can read about our flight there and our first day visiting them in Dallas, HERE. I also had every intention of celebrating he and Cinderella’s birthday together…which is the same day. How cool is that?

Uncle Bubby hospital visit

My Brother was discharged the following day, and 5 days later, on the 25th, we got to celebrate his turning 28 and Cindy turning 4!!!

IMG_6955   IMG_6959

My Aunt flew down from Chicago to spend the remainder of our days there with us as well. It was one big happy family gathering.

You can read about their double Birthday celebration HERE.

June Bdays Collage words

It was so awesome seeing my Brother, Mom and Aunt again!!!


Our days spent in Dallas were pretty wonderful. It was so great getting to spend time with my Brother. I hadn’t seen him in like 5 years. I hadn’t seen my Aunt in the same amount of time…and it had been about 9 months since I last saw my Mom. HERE are some pretty silly pics from the last days with them all.


IMAG9248   IMAG9251

I explained the terrible Syndrome my Brother has been plagued with his whole life (Prune Belly Syndrome), and I also made a pretty special announcement.

You can check that out HERE.


We found out back in March that we were expecting Baby #3! We were so excited, but we wanted to wait until we were out of the First Trimester before we made our official announcement to the world. I wanted to do the Prune Belly Syndrome “Bare Your Belly” Challenge sooner, but I figured if I had, then everyone would’ve been able to tell I was pregnant. I thought what better way to announce it, than during the challenge? My Brother was on board with the idea, and so there ya go.

Baby Boho is healthy, per our 13 weeks Ultrasound. We have opted to not find out the gender with this kiddo. We want to be surprised! And yes, we are planning for another home waterbirth…this time an RV home waterbirth! I will definitely be blogging the Birth Story.

On the 30th, we bid Mom and Uncle Bubby farewell, and headed back to the Airport with Aunt Sandra. You can read about our departure day HERE. That was the hardest thing I’ve had to do in a while. Parting is such sweet sorrow.


11993295_696380007161820_6457990112542829575_n   11954634_696379820495172_7848964438495732221_n


IMAG9264   IMAG9589

That same day, I celebrated my 11 Month Dreadiversary. You can read about that HERE.

11 Month Dreadiversary

11 Mo Dread Progress collage

The girls are really stoked about us having another baby. But, they ARE divided on what they hope it is. MHG is hoping for a little Brother…but Cindy wants a little Sister. Nic and I have no feelings about what the baby is. We are looking forward to welcoming 2 more tiny little feet into our home and hearts though. Baby Boho is due sometime between Thanksgiving and the New Year…and we can’t wait to share that story with you!


Thank you so much for your continued support.

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