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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Happy Birthday Cinderella AND Uncle Bubby!!!

June Bdays Collage words

This day. This very special day. THIS was one of my biggest motivations for coming down RIGHT NOW. To Texas. In the Summertime. Haha! We haven’t gotten to spend a birthday with Michael in a very long time. He had never even met Cinderella until a couple days ago. And they both share the same birthday!!! I thought it would be incredibly special to celebrate their birthdays together, this time.

Aunt Sandra flew into town this morning to be here to mark the occasion as well. I was so excited to see her. It had been five years since the last time we got to see each other. We are very close. She was like a second Mom to me growing up…and still is. Awwww Sisters.

IMG_6961   IMG_6974

It was her first time meeting Cinderella as well. Mom, Cinderella and I were able to sneak over to the store just before her plane landed. We picked up a chocolate cake, a balloon for each of the birthday kids and a couple last minute items for the party and dinner.

I had purchased Cindy a How To Train Your Dragon multipack of dragons a few days prior, and was able to sneak one of the Toothless dragons out of the box for the cake. I figured she would love that. (I was right.) I had to pull a MacGuyver and light a birthday candle with the electric stove…in order to light the rest of the candles. I guess that is the only downside to no longer being a smoker…I never have a lighter anymore.

There was 28 + 4 candles on the cake. We were fairly certain we were gonna burn the place down. But one well (off-key) sung Happy Birthday song later, and they were successfully blown out by Uncle Bubby and Cinderella…and we never had to call the Fire Department.

IMG_6969   IMG_6970


IMG_6966   IMG_6967


IMG_6977   IMG_6960


Twinsies…and then it was time for Uncle Bubby and Cinderella to open their presents!


A much needed, telescoping back scratcher.


IMAG9125   IMAG9127


Star Ward Bubbles and How To Train Your Dragon Season 2

IMG_6980   IMG_6985


HTTYD Dragon multi-pack

IMG_6996   IMG_6997



IMG_7005   IMG_7006

A key shaped like a guitar, for his apartment.

IMG_7010   IMG_7015

He was obsessed with The Gremlins when we were kids.



IMG_7021   IMG_7022

It didn’t take long before Cindy busted her Dragons out of the packaging and set to work playing with them.


Uncle Bubby made Cinderella a Jack Skellington doll out of tape. He is mad talented when it comes to duct tape!

MJ Girls

I’m so glad we got to be here to celebrate their birthday together. It is something I will always looks back on with fond memories. It was a wonderful day with my family together. Happy 28th Birthday Bubby. Happy 4th Birthday Baby Girl. I love you both so much.


The post of our trip to Dallas can be found HERE.

Cinderella’s Home Waterbirth story can be found HERE.

Cinderella’s 2nd Birthday in Virginia

Cinderella’s 3rd Birthday in New Mexico

So to recap, Cindy was born and celebrated her 1st birthday in Colorado, her 2nd in Virginia, her 3rd in New Mexico and her 4th in Texas.

How cool would it be to celebrate her birthday in a different state every year?

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