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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Flying Back Home


We’ve had a *mostly* lovely (albeit challenging during moments) visit with my Brother, my Aunt and my Mom, but now it’s time for us to fly home to Colorado from Texas. If you missed those 4 blog posts, including my pregnancy announcement, you can find them HERE (day 1), HERE (Birthdays), HERE (crazy family photos) and HERE (About my Brother’s Syndrome & Pregnancy Announcement). We took a couple more pics before we left, kissed Mom and Uncle Bubby goodbye, loaded into the Taxi, then headed back to the Dallas/Ft. Worth airport.



The girls hung out with Uncle Bubby as I wrestled with Cindy’s car seat.

10636049_696380363828451_7091319547596849473_n   11993295_696380007161820_6457990112542829575_n

I legit HATE installing car seats. Where the hell is my Husband when I need him?!?!

15 Minutes later, my Aunt was doing the happy dance when I got that sucker in rock solid and immovable.

11954711_696380183828469_4555546698127008343_n 10505550_696380337161787_3558639419571778126_n 10462576_696380107161810_4952959324612238749_n


One very tearful goodbye later…(that was sooooooo hard for me)…we were Dallas/Ft. Worth Airport bound.

I love my Brother so, so much.


At the Airport, we got a cart for our luggage…but I’m fairly certain it was more for my children’s amusement.

IMAG9254   IMAG9255

We took some pics with Aunt Sandra.



And yet another tearful goodbye was had, before we went our separate ways.

We were Denver bound…but she was headed to Chicago. I really wish we all lived closer to one another.

IMAG9260   IMAG9263

After we dried our tears, we cheered up at the though of seeing Daddy and our Mountains again.

We boarded our plane and settled in.




I hate flying. For the record.

IMAG9304   IMAG9306

She actually loves flying…despite this goofy face.


Takeoff. Goodbye Dallas. Goodbye Mom. Goodbye Aunt Sandra. Goodbye Bubby.

IMAG9471 IMAG9479 IMAG9487 IMAG9585 IMAG9601 IMAG9736

And about 55 seconds later, Cinderella was out cold.

IMAG9739   IMAG9740

Our flight was pretty uneventful, except the gnarly turbulence coming into Denver. We touched down almost 2 hours later.

IMAG9743 IMAG9748 IMAG9758 IMAG9759

Cinderella woke up from the jolt the landing gave us.

And…right on cue, Cindy’s nose started bleeding. Something about that altitude…does it every time.


Daddy met us upstairs and just like that, we were Mountains bound.


This sign. Such a beautiful sight.


Of course, not quite as beautiful as this though.


Well, if we lived here still, we’d be home now…but we have about another 45 minutes to go. And we are quite alright with that.


My Mountains.


Up into them we go.






Home and Borriello Brother’s Pizza for them for dinner. Those are some happy girls folks.


We miss everyone already and we hope to see them again soon. Thank you Michael for your hospitality and for taking us in and putting up with our shenanigans, thank you Aunt Sandra for flying down to see all of us…that was such a lovely treat, and thank you Mom for taking care of us and spending time with us and for just everything in general. We love you all and can’t wait til the next time we can meet again. Hang in there and stay strong.

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