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Tuesday, June 30, 2015


On one of the days I was playing with my girls, we were playing in their Melissa & Doug castle. It had been gifted to them in New Mexico, by the sweetest lady ever. It came with some wooden royalty figurines. We also have some similar faery figurines to play in it with, too. As we were playing, I was inspired by these cute little figurines to try my hand at making my own. Some time later, armed with heavy gauge wire, yarn, glue, clay, beads, fabric and trim, I set out to make my own little toys.

IMAG8691_1   IMAG8692_1   IMAG8693_1

IMAG8774   IMAG8775

The Gypsy.

IMAG8695_1   IMAG8697_1   IMAG8699_1

IMAG8725   IMAG8726


The Pirate.

IMAG8712   IMAG8714

IMAG8720   IMAG8737

IMAG8815   IMG_6948


The Wizard.

IMAG8779   IMAG8782

IMAG8784   IMAG8793


The Witch.

IMAG8799   IMAG8805

The Horse.

IMAG8747   IMAG8749



They turned out way awesome and super sturdy! Way sturdier than the other figurines the girls have actually. We have been having a ball playing with them ever since!

IMAG8810   IMAG8811

Later in the month, I made these Essential Oil Diffuser Mala Bead Necklaces for our flight to Dallas, TX on the 19th.

They allowed us to put a couple drops of “Stress Away” on the terra cotta diffuser bead to help calm our nerves for the flight.

They worked like a charm.


IMAG8998   IMAG9002

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