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Sunday, May 31, 2015

In the Very, *Mostly* Merry Month of May


We have been back in Hope for about 1 1/2 months now, and we’re slowly, but surely, adjusting to life back in our tiny home.


The weather has been all over the place this month! Hot, cold, rain, snow. And I’m so over it.

The girls are SUPER happy to have a playground again though…and it’s right at the end of our RV! What could be more perfect?


Not that nature isn’t already our playground…how can it not be with all these boulders to climb and mountains to explore?

IMG_20150426_000950   IMG_20150428_094021 

Earlier in the month, the in-laws sent Daddy home with some new stuffed friends! There’s a Hedwig owl for MHG, and a white “Mean Meow” for Cindy. They love their new friends! Thanks so much Nonnie & Papoo! I’m fairly certain those faces say it all.

IMAG7832   IMAG7836   IMAG7837

Their bunks finally have the joists and mattress platforms installed. So now they are up off the floor finally, and lovin’ their new beds! The ladder still hasn’t been created however, and Cindy’s headboard isn’t staying. We are gonna do something different for that. MHG will be getting a different side rail, as well. But other than that, they are pretty much finished! Now to get those other things done, and get MHG’s dollhouse built at the end of her bunk.

IMAG7829   IMAG7830   IMAG7834_1

Cindy loves her new play place under her bunk! It will be tweaked a few more times, I’m sure, but this is generally how it will go.



I already miss our giant bathtub at our house, but at least somebody fits in the tiny tub in our RV, haha!


I swear this is one of the best parts of RVing. The view and the fires!

Daddy had just returned home from being gone a week for work.

IMAG8166   IMAG8169   IMAG8168


Such little ladies. Lol.

IMAG8389   IMAG8392

My lil fashionista is also a babywearing badass.

IMAG8546   IMAG8587

IMAG8549   IMAG8550

They are seriously ALWAYS playing with blocks. I really need to get them some Tegu blocks…

IMAG8574   IMAG8582

Playing Wildcraft. Our favorite family game!

IMAG8588   IMAG8589

We finished our core subjects at the end of the month…which freed up time for extracurricular fun!

(She also wanted to incorporate learning about my Essential Oils into her studies.)

IMAG7944   IMAG8229   IMAG8547

Daddy got their desks under their windowsills built! And they love them!!!

IMAG7169   IMAG7174


We were visiting someone special, and she has chickens! This was the girls’ first time petting and holding them.

IMAG8508   IMAG8509

We designed, built and planted an indoor herb garden for Science. Nic ended up killing it a couple weeks later. Who knew plants needed water??

IMAG8531   IMAG8532   IMAG8536


We studied plant pieces one day, and went on a Nature Scavenger Hunt. Holy cow, they had a ball doing that!

We got the idea from the website and the “Shoots and Sprouts” toolbox in particular. We have been monthly subscribers to them since they got started, and have loved every single toolbox we’ve received so far! It’s $55 a month and geared towards the 3-6 yr old age range. I highly recommend them to you if you find the Montessori approach to learning up your alley! There are SO MANY ways to use each toolbox. The possibilities are literally endless!

IMAG8553   IMAG8556   IMAG8558


Studying their new found treasures.

IMAG8562   IMAG8563

Mother’s Day brought with it another Blizzard…yes, on May 10th…and a 2-day power outage! Without a working generator to keep our electricity on, the heat tape on our water lines quit working, and it was only a couple hours before our lines and tanks froze solid. It definitely wasn’t my idea of a great way to spend my day. We headed into the Springs to spend the night at my in-laws until the power came back on. Matters were made worse, when Nic had to leave that afternoon on a work trip for the week. I was a ball of frayed nerves and an emotional wreck. A couple hours later though, he returned to his parents’ home for the evening! As it turns out, torrential rain in Houston grounded all the flights and his was canceled til the next day. I was so grateful to be able to spend my special day with not only our girls and his parents, but him as well. Ya gotta love blessings in disguise. We set up his projector to aim at his parents’ huge white wall, turned on their Netflix, and watched How To Train Your Dragon 2. (Cinderella’s new obsession is Toothless the Dragon.) It was movie night at the Racca’s, and we all really enjoyed it…the girls especially.

MHG gifted me a bracelet she made from scratch, and the sweetest card ever!

IMAG8025   IMAG8018   IMAG8023

And although there was snow all of a sudden, everywhere, at least it was picturesque.



IMAG8049   IMAG8050

The day before Nic had to leave on yet another work trip (this one longer than a week), I discovered mold in the corner of our bedroom…right by where our heads are while sleeping. I am deathly allergic to mold, so naturally, I freaked the heck out. I ripped all the fabric off the walls, inspected them, we threw away our mattress and a couple pillows that had mold on them, Nic scrubbed the walls with bleach, then I followed up with scrubbing them with a solution of water, Thieves, Lemon & Purification essential Oils and diffused them as well, to kill any airborne mold particles. I had to wash all our bedding a couple times in scalding hot water…and after all of THAT, I *started* to calm down. He got me some self-inflating camping pads to stack up and sleep on for the next couple weeks and flew out the next day. It definitely was one of the more interesting things to happen to the RV. Never a dull moment around here.

IMAG8482 - Copy

IMAG8480 - Copy   IMAG8481 - Copy   IMAG8483

I was convinced that the mold grew from a potential leak, due to the incessant rain and snow we had been getting. I figured there was an exterior hole somewhere, and the precipitation must have been getting inside through that, soaking the fabric on the walls, and having nowhere to go, it MUST’VE grown mold from all that. Nic and Pip appeased me by going outside and running silicone filler along any and all *possible* cracks to fill them…but that turned out to not be the problem.

In reality, upon closer inspection, we learned that there was in fact NO LEAK, thank Goddess, and instead, the CONDENSATION from all our recent humidity and precipitation had no way of evaporating, because of the fabric on the walls. The fabric trapped the moisture, and the mold grew.

So let this be a lesson to myself…and to any of you with the same bright idea as me, DON’T STAPLE FABRIC TO THE WALLS. Not tightly, at least. The fabric I had stapled up LOOSLY, and in a pleated/gathered pattern, was completely fine. The fabric that was taut against the wall, was not. And it no longer exists.


Aside from that averted disaster, everything is falling more and more into place.

IMAG8568   IMAG8569

The dinette and kitchen are back to normal finally.

  IMG_20150418_201840   IMG_20150423_163719

My room was so pirty, til I had to rip all the fabric off the walls, due to the mold. :-( The purple curtains were fortunately untouched by it. It was the green fabric behind them that had to go.

IMG_20150419_095909   IMG_20150419_100107

I eventually got my chandelier hung. I can’t ever be without that gorgeous thing…

IMG_20150419_172111   IMG_20150423_164422

…or my Young Living Essential Oils. They ended up making their way up here from the girls’ room.


An un-Yoga related trip to the ER earlier in the month, ended up halting my Yoga practice for the remainder of the month. I only got 6 days in, and I was REALLY bummed about that, but it was for a good cause. So I followed the doctor’s orders. Here are the poses that I DID manage to pump out before stopping.

May Yoga Collage

And HERE is the post celebrating my 10 Month Dreadiversary, for those of you following along with me on that journey.

10 Month Dreadiversary   IMAG8323

Everything is coming along nicely, albeit slowly, but nicely. And we are all happy and finally starting to take a breath of fresh air again.

We had missed our RV so much. So many people close to us don’t get that, especially after seeing our gorgeous home in the mountains…but for us, tinier is better. It brings us closer together, makes us appreciate so much more of what we DO have, and leaves little room for accumulating crap and the negative associations that come along with those possessions. I get that tiny isn’t for everybody, but we are so glad to be back to it.

 IMG_6893   IMG_6894


One more fire to bid farewell to May.



Thanks for reading and staying in touch with us. Next month, we have an announcement to make, so stay tuned for that!

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