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Thursday, April 30, 2015

RV: The Moving [Back] In Edition


As most of you know, we have moved back into Hope. We helped our Landlord sell the house we were renting and moved back into our RV on April 17. If you missed that post, you can read about it HERE. These past couple months…and especially these past few weeks, have been an incredible whirlwind for all of us. Not to mention a rather large adjustment. Although we didn’t accumulate too much stuff in our house, it has still been somewhat of a shock to go from 1600 sq ft back to 232 sq ft. On top of that, we’ve had a little something extra thrown into the mix. I’ll talk more about that soon. But for now, I don’t have enough time, or let’s be real-I don’t even have enough ENERGY, to write a ton, so I’ll just fill this post up with pics and short explanations of them. I’m sorry it’s taken me 4 months to get this post up. (Although I’m dating this appropriately, I’m actually posting it on August 30th!) Oops! Much love to you all for hanging in there with me.


Of course a Blizzard hit the morning we had to move. Of course. I may have even broke the 4-wheel drive on our truck because of it.

Everything was in shambles. There were boxes EVERYWHERE. No one could walk around anywhere. Our pets didn’t even know what to think.

  IMAG6948   IMAG6947

Daddy and Pip had laid carpet padding and carpet in the back room for the girls, so their feet wouldn’t get cold, and so they could play comfortably on the floor. Because of that, it also acted as an additional level of insulation. I’m so grateful too, because all that extra carpet came in handy when Nic and the Barbarian were trekking in and out of the RV with their muddy, snowy shoes on, while bringing in boxes on moving day.

I gradually began to make sense of the mess and quickly turned it into piles of controlled chaos. Seriously. Where did all this stuff come from?! I had even downsized significantly…AGAIN…before we left our house. And, as per the usual, I weighed EVERYTHING there (individually) before it came into the RV. I wanted to make sure that we didn’t go anywhere near our max GVWR of 10k lbs. Note: 155lbs of BOOKS!!! We take learning quite seriously around here.



Of course we ran out of propane the morning we moved in as well. Why wouldn’t we? Haha! We set the electric heater up in the girls’ room for them, and eventually, we thawed out enough to remove our coats. That was around the time the boys showed back up with newly filled propane tanks. In the meantime, I hung all of our clothes up on the new closet Daddy built for all 4 of us, placed the cubeical units where they would be staying in the long run, and began unpacking. An orderly home is a happy home.


Oh yea! Have I shown you the awesome closet he built? It’s a heavy duty closet rod on heavy duty brackets up above the door for himself and my clothes. There is a shelf and matching rod down below for the girls’ clothes. However, the left half of THEIR rod is fixed, while the right half can be easily popped out in the event of an emergency. This is for when anyone ever needs to escape out the back door. It works really well, too. The bar is pretty touchy and falls down easily. Cinderella even has no problem removing it. And she’s 3. The cubeical unit at the end of the closet (on the right) will hold all of our undergarments, pajamas and the like.

IMAG6943   IMG_20150413_163917

#YogaEveryDamnDay involved some fairly decent backbends as I installed the wooden, upholstered valances above their windows. Now, the Eclipse curtains will help to keep more of the cold out and more of the warmth in. There was no way I was moving all that crap out of the way just to put those up. I had far too many other pressing matters to attend to at the time…


…like getting their room unpacked enough to find somewhere to set up their beds for the night. I eventually found some floor space, and that would do just fine for the next few nights until Daddy could get back to work on building their custom bunk beds.

IMAG7025   IMG_20150421_132338


After I found them somewhere to put their beds for the night/somewhere for them to sit and play…I went to work on finding my kitchen…and our dinette…and our own freaking bed! What a disaster!

IMAG7031   IMAG7032   IMAG7033

Oh, and here’s the best part: Did I mention we don’t have running water yet?!?! With it being as cold as it is, we are hesitant to de-winterize our lines. We don’t have skirting, insulation or heat tape on the pipes/hoses yet, so in the meantime, we are just having to make due. We ARE using our toilet/black tank, however. That has heat tape still on it from New Mexico…so our s*** won’t freeze. Literally. But, our grey tank doesn’t have the same luxury. So for now, we’re using a lot of paper products (unfortunately), and making do with bottled water and such. I am having to boil water in pots, or use the Keurig to get hot water to wash the pots and pans we are using…then dumping that dirty water into the black tank. It sucks. Just in case you were curious. But it DOES make me feel somewhat like a badass, haha!


After TWO WEEKS of going through all that, we finally got the heat tape on our lines and insulated them, as well as heat tape on the grey tank. We finally got running water, and HOT running water at that, pumping into this bad boy. I will never, EVER take those 2 luxuries for granted. Ever. Again. And oh yea, I finally made some sense out of my Kitchen.


By they way, for my tea-loving friends out there, THESE. ARE. AWESOME. I got them off Amazon HERE. I would HIGHLY suggest if you mount them though, to pre-drill the holes before you screw them to the wall. I was impatient and didn’t do that first and the Bamboo split whilst screwing one of the screws in. You can see them in action, up above my metal chalkboard to the right of my oven. Each slot holds a box of tea…or almost a whole box (if the packets are too full of air).

11108193_606111659526111_7246492812993677039_n   11130256_599076440229633_2604304616666558308_n

We also changed the kitchen and bathroom faucets out to new ones when the kitchen one broke, as well as a new energy efficient showerhead.

After 4 months of using the showerhead, it is awesome, but my only complaint, is that the holder is starting to slowly allow the showerhead to droop down during a shower. The ball bearing, or whatever it is, in there isn’t as stable as it first was when we got it. The showerhead HAS given us a couple extra minutes of hot water, however. And it’s just like a regular showerhead. All big and awesome. We picked up all 3 items from Camping World, and it only took a couple minutes for my Husband to change everything out.



IMG_20150426_192437   15828_607655752705035_6564787599521307636_n


It took Daddy about two weeks to also get enough free time to work more on the girls’ bunk beds, but he finally got them stained, poly’d, assembled and disassembled…only to reassemble them here. I LOVE how they are turning out. There still needs to be some things added to them though. Like a ladder, a side rail for MHG’s top bunk, a headboard for Cindy’s bunk, and oh yea…joists & platforms to actually put their mattresses on…but you get the jist.

He & Pip originally began the frame construction at our house before we moved out.

IMAG6856   IMG_6747

And it was Kid and Mom approved! (It was my design, by the way.) We’re a great team, this man and I. I usually come up with the ideas, he tweaks them a bit to make them doable, and brings them to fruition. I’m so blessed to have such a talented (and handy) Husband. I love him so much! It may not look like much right now, but it’ll be perfect once it’s completed.


After we moved back into the RV, he had nowhere to work though, so he had to drive the 45 minutes to Colorado Springs to work on them at his parents’ house. It was about a 2-day project, and we missed him, but it definitely was worth it. When they finally made their way back home to us, they were AWESOME…even in their not-quite-yet-complete state. And they fit like a glove!

Oh, and I guess before I show those pics, I should show the ones of the progress I made in their room before the bed got placed. MHG (Monster High Girl) had wanted a Harry Potter theme bedroom this time around…so I set to work repurposing some items I brought from our house. Our curtains and my circular rug that I had in my Yoga room fit nicely as wall and floor coverings, and some of my Witchy stuff found a new home as Harry Potter stuff. I screwed the rug to the floor at 4 points. I’m not even playing around this time. No moving rugs for us.



My essential oils cabinet actually ended up front with me in my room, and was replaced by an IKEA rod with buckets to hold crayons and markers.

IMG_20150418_125720   IMG_20150418_135856

They still need desks just below the windowsills and matching shelves above the windows to hold their individual curricula, but it’s getting there.

IMG_20150418_144123   IMG_20150418_153301

And now for the newly stained and poly’d bed making its debut. I think it’s his best work yet!

(The trim around the ceiling and in the corners had to be cut and removed to be later put back up.)

IMAG7148   IMAG7154

Look how solid it is! He’s about 200 pounds and was JUMPING on and doing PULL-UPS from the frame. That baby ain’t goin’ nowhere.

IMAG7155   IMAG7157

And it held me up during a few Yoga poses without even budging.


It’s still awaiting the joists for the mattress platforms, but it’s coming along nicely.

In the meantime, I ghetto-rigged it to get a lot of their toys up out of the way, so they can have more room for their beds and to play.


That’s all I’m gonna post for now. There is so much more, but I don’t want to bog this post down with too much. Stay tuned!

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9 Month Dreadiversary

9mo Dreads
IMAG6568   IMAG6571
For those currently hating the loopy phase…this is my favorite dread in the 2 pics below. (Yes, I have a favorite.)
It is my fave BECAUSE it was my loopiest. It was always the easiest to find.
Fave dread progress
Love your loops!!!
Finally found a place to permanently keep the key to my essential oils cabinet. Might as well put my babies to work.
Another progression pic from earlier this month.
Moved back into the RV, and just like usual, my hair starts down, and gradually works its way up, lol!
IMAG7119   IMAG7125   IMAG7097
But this is how I wear it 99% of the time these days. Up, Up, Up!
Dreads getting ready for the Snow, and the very next day, Dreads enjoying the Sun. Ya gotta love Colorado.
IMAG7430   IMAG7582
Flowery dreads! My girls made me pirty.
And I found this wild child yesterday. The way it’s blunting is cracking me up!
IMAG7625   IMAG7626
On this special day, my Dread babies turned 9 months old!!!
IMAG7682   IMAG7689
IMAG7712   IMAG7708
Wow! The underside never ceases to amaze me! I wish they ALL looked like this right now!
And as my dreads turned 9 months old today, my dreaded bangs turned 3 months old.
IMAG7739   IMAG7743
9 Mo Dreads Progression Collage
Thanks for reading!
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Here are the Dreadiversaries: