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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

March Happenings

March has been a wonderful month!


On the weekend of the 12th, we celebrated Auntie Lauren’s 30th birthday! With Nic outta town for work still, we had a great time enjoying our girls night. We had a quick drink, did our nails, did some Yoga and just enjoyed each others’ company. Happy Birthday Auntie Lauren!


IMG_20150314_203430         IMG_20150315_225946

IMG_20150315_212845   IMG_20150315_213031

IMG_20150315_230100   IMG_20150315_230129

I was so proud of her for getting the bind down! Like a boss!

IMAG4096   IMAG4095

After Auntie Tiger headed home the following day, we went out back to enjoy our, believe it or not, 70 degree day. Snow and all.

Auntie Lauren got “snow foot” and didn’t even complain once. Hahaha! That’s a true Coloradan right there folks!


I did some Snowga.

 IMAG4227   IMAG4228   IMAG4230

That was my first time EVER going into backbend from standing…without a spotter. I was so proud of myself!


IMG_20150313_130744   IMG_20150303_165737

IMG_20150315_212738   IMG_20150321_161819


IMG_20150315_212657   IMG_20150318_111458

The first weekend of the month, we drove into Colorado Springs and spent the night at my in-laws’ home. It was a blast for those couple of days!

IMG_20150309_085736   IMG_20150309_085951

Learning Fun.

Playing “Wizard’s Chess” with their Egyptian Toob characters.


This little girl loves dinosaurs so much! She drew her very first “long neck” by herself!!! So proud!

IMG_20150306_112039      IMG_20150317_161111


Daddy built them a snow fort!

IMG_20150319_225358   IMG_20150319_230358


IMG_20150312_174301   IMG_20150303_170535   IMG_20150322_175342



Gluten-Free (not Vegan tho) pizza for my girls. Synergy Cherry Chia Kombucha…my fave. Homemade Vegan Banana Bread.

IMG_20150312_181609   IMG_20150325_162316   IMG_20150303_150258

Snacking Lunch. Cooked Vegan Spring Rolls with Apples.

IMG_20150302_141024 IMG_20150302_185703

Raw Vegan Lasagna.

IMG_20150303_192446 IMG_20150303_193900

Raw Vegan Seaweed Springs Rolls with bananas and pear. Vegan Tacos for my girls. Raw Vegan Zucchini Vegetti with Walnut Sage “sausage”.

IMG_20150325_131235   IMG_20150313_195746   IMG_20150317_202034

Rainbow Chard, Bananas, Oranges, Spirulina Smoothie.


Green smoothies consisting of at least 10 bananas, spinach, fresh squeezed orange juice and spirulina.

Salad of awesome with my homemade invented Creamy Cashew Mustard dressing.

IMG_20150326_132459   IMG_20150324_213812   IMG_20150303_131854


And Non-Yoga Pose of the Day fun.

IMG_20150301_131938   IMG_20150301_164508


IMG_20150304_120709   IMG_20150304_163056

Playing in Inversions.

IMG_20150306_220745   IMG_20150310_115553

IMG_20150301_204030   IMG_20150307_122016


IMG_20150324_124022   IMG_20150325_142639   IMG_20150315_212431

Random poses of fun!

IMG_20150324_115833   IMG_20150322_182041   IMG_20150310_185912

IMG_20150307_153014   IMG_20150308_121542   IMG_20150307_155121

To read about my March #YogaEveryDamnDay challenge…click HERE.


My dreads turned 8 months old on the 30th. Woohoo!!!

8 mo dreadiversary

8mo dread progress Collage

To read about their progress this month, click HERE.

Essential Oils.

IMG_20150319_140251   IMG_20150320_114242   IMG_20150320_115449

I got some crazy awesome oils in this month! Citrus Fresh, Lemon, SclarEssence, Thieves, Lavender, Peppermint, Wintergreen, Awaken, Valor, Jade Lemon, Idaho Blue Spruce, a Deep Relief Roll-on, Sacred Frankincense, Nutmeg and Christmas Spirit. Sooooo many levels of awesome to help with sooo many things*!!! Of the ones I received this month, I have to say that I love Jade Lemon’s smell the best, but I’m using Idaho Blue Spruce the most. Someone described it as walking into an enchanted forest where faeries dance all around you…yes. Yes. It smells EXACTLY like that!

If you are interested in learning more about Young Living Essential Oils, or if you are interested in smelling what an enchanted forest with faeries dancing all around you smells like, please contact me at: If you would rather not contact me, but want to go ahead and sign up, or purchase essential oils, you can go HERE. I don’t think you’ll need my member #, but in case you do, it is 2173554. To read some amazing Young Living Essential Oil testimonials, click HERE. You will have to register, but it is free.

Daddy’s Back!!!

On March 18th, Nic got home and I have been reassured that he won’t be leaving us again…

Although I believe he believes that…I know better…

So, I have my own way of ensuring that that happens.

Stay tuned for my April posts to learn more!


When he came back, he brought the snow.

IMG_20150319_131614   IMG_20150319_225637



IMG_20150319_231005   IMG_20150319_231137   IMG_20150319_231028

Oh yea, and we got a boat off a trade with our buddy. We traded a brand new Jeep SUV tent for this brand new boat.

I’m fairly certain that none of them have ever stepped foot in a boat in their lives. I think Nic might have ridden on a pontoon once.

Guess I’ll hafta show them what’s up.

Ha ha ha.


Thanks for keeping up to date with our recent shenanigans.

Stay tuned for next month’s posts. I can assure you that you’ll be excited to see what I have to say…

…and that’s all I’m saying about THAT.

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