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Monday, March 30, 2015

8 Months Dreadiversary

8 mo dreadiversary
First off, we’ll just go ahead and get all the Yoga dreads out of the way now.
dread yoga
dread backbend   IMG_20150323_183251
IMAG5426   Warrior 2   IMAG5547
Now, back to the beginning of the month…my epic updo. Look at those babies!!! They’re coming along nicely!
I put in a permanent wrap. I won’t be taking this bad boy out ever.
IMAG3419 IMAG3422 IMAG3423 IMAG3426
Showing my sections.
IMAG3528   IMAG3551
A wild dreads, no makeup kind of day after working out.
IMAG3611 IMAG3622
Dreads. On. Point.
IMG_20150311_150154   IMG_20150311_150715
Showing off the back of them off halfway through the month.
They’re getting so shrunken and short!!!
Bath time dreads soaking in Peppermint & Tea Tree Young Living Essential Oil and my super sexy Uni-brow Dread.
They smell soooooooo good after soaking in the oils AND my dandruff is GONE now. Thank you Tea Tree!
IMAG4277   IMG_20150316_202754
And then this guy…my curly dread. (I can’t pull it straight.)
IMAG4403   IMG_20150318_110118
My fantastic dreadlock shower cap for the days I’d rather not get them wet. Yea, that’s a grocery bag.
Just some random shots.
IMG_20150314_072330   IMG_20150304_141451   IMG_20150307_004402 
Gettin’ dolled up for my Hubby. He finally came home after being gone in New Mexico a whole MONTH for work.
I even put on JEANS. Yes. Jeans are “dolled up”…compared to how I normally dress.
IMG_20150318_110827   IMG_20150318_120832
I can’t even remember the last time I wore jeans…
We were all ELATED that he was finally back. And for good.
The next day, we played in the snow for a while. Nic built the girls a snow fort, complete with windows…here I am in it.
IMG_20150319_225637   IMG_20150319_225925
IMAG4648   IMAG4617   IMAG4653
Curly and out of control.
It’s been 4 months since my last soak, so I went ahead and did another one. I’ll do one again on my year dreadiversary, then I’ll go down to every 6 months, then every 8 months, then hopefully just once a year. The baking soda can be incredibly damaging if used too frequently. I already wash with it, so I followed this soak up with a hefty dose of an Apple Cider Vinegar rinse. They were nice and silky soft afterwards.
IMAG5520   IMAG5523
Soaked and ready to be shown off for my 8 Month Dreadiversary!!!
IMG_20150319_171552   dreadiversary
IMAG5667   IMAG5689
IMAG5717   IMAG5785
IMAG5812   IMAG5814
8mo dread progress Collage
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As always, thanks so much for reading and for following my Dreadlock Journey!!!
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