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Sunday, February 22, 2015

My Kids Dressed Me For One Week

Kids Dressed Me Collage

I was challenged by a couple friends on Facebook to let my girls dress me for one whole week. My girls were beyond thrilled when they found out. I felt like a human Barbie doll, but we all had a great time doing the challenge. Take a look at what they chose for me to wear over the course of 7 days.


IMAG1021   IMAG1135   IMAG1033

For this first day, my eldest daughter, whom is 9, picked my pants, headband, and accessories. My other daughter, whom is 3 1/2, picked my shirt and shoes. She is OBSESSED with these heels. Almost Every. Single. Day. I will find her clomping through the house in them.


IMAG1165   IMAG1147   IMAG1180


On our 2nd day, my littlest one had the privilege of picking out my entire outfit, while my eldest picked out my accessories. The little one absolutely adores Jack Skellington, so she insisted I wear my Jack shirt…but she also never parts with her hoodies. Because of that, she decided I needed a hoodie too (thus the 2 pics). She told me these are her favorite boots for me and leggings. I actually LOVED this outfit. It is definitely something I would wear on a daily basis.


IMAG1286    IMAG1284

Day 3 brought with it the day my eldest daughter was in charge. She was elated and decided this day needed to be a throwback to my old High School days that she had only heard stories about. We busted out and dusted off the old Goth T.U.K. boots, my Tripp Hot Topic skirt and Daddy’s hat (that he never wears). She decided to go with the red shirt to not make me too dark, but insisted on dark eye makeup and red lips. The little one got to pick out my accessories…I think my eldest said something to her, because she brought me Daddy’s tie that “matched” my outfit. They were both impressed that I knew how to tie a tie. I informed them, that back in my Punk Rock days, I wore ties everyday. (It’s only a half Windsor knot.)


IMAG1348      IMAG1407


Day 4 was a Glam Rock day. My eldest was in charge again. For some reason, the little one wasn’t too interested in dressing me up on this day. Not that my older daughter minded. She decided I needed to pull out my formal wear. I was like 99% sure none of the dresses would fit. Turns out, they still do. And perfectly. How cool.


IMAG1609   IMAG1592   IMAG1611

On Day 5, my older daughter took over again…I wonder if the little one will ever show interested in dressing Mommy again? On this day, my daughter decided I needed to look “flashy”…“like Nonnie” (my Mother in law). Now, I know most women would probably find that insulting, lol, but not me. My Mother in law loves dressing up in flashy things, and gold, and fun jewelry and getting all dolled up. And that is EXACTLY what my daughter did with me, too. Flashy casual. I had on my gold studded gladiator sandals, black skinny jeans, gold beaded bohemian top, and gold earrings. She also insisted I wear my dreads in a side ponytail…which was fun. I enjoyed this look. It would be a nice outfit to wear out to dinner.


IMAG1685   IMAG1686

Day 6, Cindy finally came back around and decided to completely take over today. She also decided Mommy needed to look “silly”. I’d say she succeeded, too. HAHAHAHA. She picked out my silk, hand dyed (by me) scarf to wear in my hair. It was to accompany my blue boho shirt, pink tribal fleece leggings with my other Hot Topic skirt over top and finished off with my Minnetonka fringe gladiator sandals. Yea. Definitely silly.



For the 7th and final day, they both collaborated to pull this one off. Another outfit I would wear on a normal day. My Soulflower orange, boho headband, my Anthropologie knock-off necklace from Amazon, my beaded strapless dress that I tie-dyed last Summer, blue skinny jeans and my mustard fringe Minnetonka booties. It was so comfy, I could rock my Yoga in this get up.

We had such a fun, silly and enjoyable time doing this challenge…but I gotta say, by Sunday, I was MORE than ready to get back to my Yoga pants, sports bra and tank tops, lol! I love to be able to stop, drop and Yoga whenever I want to. It’s kinda hard cleaning toilets in a prom dress. Thanks for keeping up with our latest shenanigans!

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