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Saturday, January 31, 2015

New Year. New Beginnings.

10 years later

This was Nic and I’s 10th year in a row bringing in the New Year together!!! Where has all the time gone???

We celebrated with our closest friends and our two beautiful girls. You can read about that wonderful evening HERE.



What would living in the Mountains be without some fun in the Snow? We go sledding, Nic snowboards off the snow slide he built the girls and I have some fun practicing my “Snowga”. Even Mojo enjoys getting in on the action in his little hunting* jacket. (*We are not hunters.)

 IMAG7177   IMAG7187

IMAG9762   IMAG7178   IMAG9763


IMAG8042_BURST003   IMAG8043_BURST004


IMAG7170   IMAG9701

The deer just love hanging out on the other side of our fence. They drive Mojo crazy.



The room where all the learning magic happens!

IMAG6856   IMAG8982

IMAG6858   IMAG6842   IMAG7291


This month, I had need of a couple hanging stuffed animal holders. I was too cheap to buy them, so I set to work making them myself.

IMAG7707   IMAG7728

IMAG7734   IMAG7731

One went above their door, the other above their bed.

IMAG2863[1]   IMAG2864[1]


Daddy left us for 2 weeks last month, and he’s leaving us for two weeks again this month. We’re not liking this. Not one bit.

But, we know how to enjoy the time we DO have left with him, so here ya go.

IMAG9105   IMAG9123


The Mac’s came up to hang out with us on the 16th. It’s always nice to have their company!

IMAG8653   IMAG8654

IMAG8655   IMAG8656

IMAG8657   IMAG8658

Our friends we made when we living in New Mexico were in Colorado visiting their family, so they swung by our place to visit on their way home. It was SOOOOO good to see them after nearly 8 months! Come back again soon guys!

IMAG8604   IMAG8608

IMAG8605_BURST007   IMAG8607_BURST013

IMAG8606_BURST008   IMAG8610


You can read about their “Half a Year Old” Dreadiversary HERE.

IMAG8108   IMAG8248

I dreadlocked my bangs finally! They were ready for a new beginning.

IMAG9570   IMAG9724   IMAG9777


new do 2015


You can read about her 9th birthday and party HERE.

turns 9

We celebrated the day of her birth at home, just the 4 of us. We reserved the party for the upcoming Sunday.



We had her birthday party on the 18th at Chuck E. Cheese.

HP cake

IMAG8761   IMG_0144

IMAG8822   N and P




IMAG8485   IMAG8489   IMAG8499   IMAG8492


With the arrival of my most recent Young Living Essential Oils, I was finally able to whip someone special up an oil blend for their recently frayed nerves. (There’s an actual medical condition and label for it, but the FDA prohibits me from saying it.) They have since reported it working like a charm. Good health to me encompasses the Mind, Body AND Spirit. My Oils arrived for my Mind and Body, my food items arrived for my Body, and my Wicca Bible arrived for my Spirit. All of these things came from different places, and yet, they ALL arrived on the same day. It was like Christmas.

IMAG8592         Nerves of Steel-Liquid Xanax

You can order Young Living Essential Oils through me HERE. If you have further questions, contact me at


IMAG9263   IMAG9264


I got all the curtains for my Yoga room finally. It came together nicely.

IMAG9465   IMAG9470


IMAG8981      IMAG9871



You can see my #YogaEveryDamnDay January Challenge post HERE.

IMAG7913   IMAG8253

They REALLY love inversions…who doesn’t though?

IMAG8915   IMAG9553

IMAG9124   IMAG7932

IMAG8969         IMAG7909

I just realized I have tie-dye on in all 3 of these next pics, lol!

IMAG9544_BURST001   IMAG8574_BURST012   IMAG8132

A family pic the evening of MHG’s birthday party.


family pic january unsharpened

January came and went fast! Stay tuned for next month’s happenings!!!

As always, thanks for reading!

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