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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

And Now She Is 9!!!

turns 9

First off, I should probably show you this…

new do 2015

Last year, right before her birthday we finally gave in and let her get her ears pierced. This year, she wanted dreadlocks. Go figure.

I told her “No”. Here’s why: She hates brushing her hair. It knots really easy. It’s actually dream hair for locking…however…

…if she can’t take the pain of brushing her hair, there’s NO WAY she’ll be able to tolerate the pain of separating locs.

Maybe when she’s older.

Plan B: A cute Pixie haircut. Her idea. We agree that it’s hair, so Daddy took her to get it cut and she came back with a hairstyle that finally matched her spunky personality. We all love it!


On the day of this beautiful girl’s 9th year, she requested chocolate chip pancakes and scrambled cheesy eggs for breakfast. She knows me well. Such rich foods are not usually served around here, but a BIRTHDAY! A 9th Birthday is such a special occasion…so how could I resist those pretty brown eyes? I whipped everything up, and in no time, there were Oooooo’s and Ahhhh’s filling our echoing kitchen.

IMAG8381   IMAG8384

Oh yea, and Hot Cocoa with multicolored Marshmallows. I’m sure they are filled with GMO’s. :-(


After breakfast, we had a Yoga session. I pushed outside of my comfort zone in honor of my beautiful daughter whom is always doing so, and I attempted Scorpion Pose for the first time ever! Of course, I did it with my bed as a spotter. The fact that I actually got inverted and was able to not smash my face on the ground while doing the backbend impressed the hell outta me. I guess it was a good day for trying something new! Now, I’ll just keep at it and see where I get with it in the next few months. Most importantly though, I showed my daughter that persistence is key. Don’t give up. I think she was more proud of me than I was…and that’s saying something!

It has a LONG way to go, but it’s a great start!


After I was finished pushing my boundaries, she brought me the reed she had found in our backyard last month. She was wanting to turn it into a wand. We busted out the colorful wire, a crystal point, the hot glue gun and some wire working tools and set to it. She absolutely loved how it turned out and I absolutely loved that she loved it! Haha!

  IMAG8392   IMAG8393


Just like last year, we spent the remainder of the day, vegging out, eating popcorn and having a Harry Potter Marathon (her favorite). I curled up with 1 beautiful daughter under each arm and enjoyed the next few hours with them. Eventually, Daddy got home from work, we had dinner, then she was allowed to open ! present. She had to wait until Sunday to open the rest of them. That’s when we were heading into town to have her real party at Chuck E. Cheese with family and friends. She got a Gil and Deuce Monster High Doll 2-pack from the 3 of us and lord knows that was more than enough to keep her occupied until the day of her actual party.


It’s a blessing that we’re back in town and stationary for the time being. We had the honor of being surrounded by our family and friends on Sunday for MHG’s birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese. Nic’s parents (my Mom is outta town currently helping my sick brother), Auntie Tiger & Uncle Jedi, and our friends Amber with her beautiful daughter Nola, and Sarah with her two beautiful daughters-Olivia and MHG’s BFF-Elaina all were in attendance for this special occasion. We played, and partied, and won billions of tickets and enjoyed cake and MHG opened her presents.

IMAG8761   IMAG8781

IMAG8762   IMAG8770




This is what a really cool Grandpa looks like! Truth.

IMG_0126   IMG_0128

She kicked that game’s butt.


IMG_0144   10633785_594476740685481_5162873022985827639_o


Auntie Tiger, Uncle Jedi and Daddy.


IMG_0151   IMG_0152

10830689_594475997352222_8139934247277419321_o   10916307_594475954018893_4788444943666976850_o


HP cake

From Nic, Cinderella & myself, a shirt with the spell to activate the Marauder's Map in Harry Potter, the Harry Potter Cookbook, and not pictured, was the Harry Potter Spells Book. I’d say she was pleased.

IMAG8783   IMAG8785

From her Best Friend and her adorable little sister, was a coffin purse that she got to decorate all by herself with the cool Monster High tape. This is such an awesome gift! It combines two of her favorite things: Monster High and Crafts. Win. Win. Thanks guys! She loves it!

IMAG8792   IMAG8794

Vandala De Blooms from Amber and Nola. I couldn’t believe that they actually found her a doll that she DOESN’T have yet, lol. And without even checking with me first too! Amber’s got SKILLZ. Thanks love!

IMAG8795   IMAG8798

The Hogwart’s Library collection of books from Auntie Tiger, Uncle Jedi & M&M’s. She loves these books sooo much! Seriously. This girls is such a bookworm and a Harry Potter fanatic at that. You guys hit the nail on the head with these! Thank you!


Another Monster High doll and a Hogwart’s Tapestry from Nonnie & Papoo. Already up on the wall by the end of the night. Not pictured was another crafting project and something she’s been asking for: a jewelry box. She get’s to decorate it herself. Perfect! Thank you!

IMAG8810   IMAG8813

And a special present just from Papoo. An authentic turquoise ring. So sweet and a perfect fit. Thank you Papoo! She never parts with it.


Parting is such sweet sorrow.

Hopefully the snow let’s up and we can escape our home in the mountains someday soon to have a play date!


After hugging everyone goodbye, we headed up to Nic’s parents’ home to eat dinner with them and to hang out for a little bit.


Me and my first born. So much love for this wild child.

IMAG8822   IMAG8823

We had a lovely dinner with them, MHG began reading her books right away (would you expect any less?) and she even slipped into her new Harry Potter shirt from Nic and I. It is so big, lol. I got the wrong size. Pretty sure it’s a WOMEN’S M, not a GIRL’S M. Either way, despite the fact that I could wear it, it is officially her favorite shirt now…and that makes me a happy Mama.

IMAG8836   IMAG8827   IMAG8830

IMG_0154   IMG_0155

We kissed Nonnie and Papoo goodbye, and hopped back in the truck for our nearly hour drive home…we almost forgot the cake too.

We had to turn around to go back for it. Luckily, we were quite out of their neighborhood just yet, lol.

It had been a long day.

N and P

I’m so glad Nonnie got a picture of the 4 of us. Family pics are hard to come by these days. I just wish everyone could smile like a normal person.

family pic january unsharpened

Once we were safely home, truck unloaded and warm back inside, Monster High Girl exclaimed that she had the greatest birthday ever! I’m so glad we were able to share her special day with everyone here in Colorado. Everything happens for a reason, so it is a wondrous thing that we’re back again.

Happy 9th Birthday Monster High Girl. We are so thankful every single day that you came into our lives these 9 years ago. You are such an amazing, intelligent, creative, beautiful, kind, loving, giving and funny soul. We are so blessed to call you our daughter and we look forward to spending many more wonderful years with you!

You can read our angel’s Birth Story right HERE.

Last year, we went to Chuck E. Cheese with our friends in Arizona & had her party in our RV a couple days later.

You can read all about that right HERE.

On behalf of MHG, thank you to everyone that was able to make it to her party today. She had a marvelous day! Thank you, to everyone that was unable to make it, but still kept her in your thoughts and prayers. Thank you to those of you that sent her a card or gift through the mail...she is incredibly grateful for that! We are so thankful for every one of you in our lives…both near AND far. We wish we could’ve spent this day with all of you, but we know life happens. Thank you, still, for your love and we love you so very much in return.

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