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Friday, January 30, 2015

6 Months Dreadiversary

Happy 6 Months Dreadiversary to me!!!
6 mo dreadiversary
So, at the beginning of the month, I attempted to blunt my tips. I used the palm rolling method and that was it. Welllllll, they fell out like a couple days later after I washed them. Sad face.
IMAG7959_1   IMAG8047
IMAG8090   IMAG8052
So I did what any determined dreadhead would do…I broke down and bought a crochet hook.
Now, I am 100% against crocheting my hair.
#1: I have no idea what I’m doing and don’t want to severely damage my locs.
#2: I have really thin locks to begin with, so I don’t want to stress them out worse and potentially end up bald from yanking on the roots.
So, I decided I would only use it to crochet the tips…i.e. to TRULY blunt them.
I bought a 1.00mm crochet hook, watched a video on YouTube for how to blunt dreadlocks with a crochet hook, and diligently began blunting my tips while watching pretty much 3 seasons of Charmed. I could only work on them after the girls were down for the count each night. It took a couple days, but once I was finished, they were WAY SHORTER than the first time I tried blunting them! Like, for real. I lost on average about 6” of my length…but upwards near 8” on some dreadies. It was a noticeable difference for sure. I guess, when you think about it, if you have 6” long wispies, and you decided to blunt them, you will lose 6” off your length. Duh. Anywho…
I celebrated my hard work, by putting in some more hard work. Wraps. I missed my wraps. I missed my pirty colors.
IMAG8108   IMAG8115
IMAG8120   IMAG8121
IMAG8130   IMAG8173
I STILL wasn’t satisfied with my blunted tips, so I did them One. More. Time. You know what they say…
…the 3rd time’s the Charm!
THIS time, they weren’t going anywhere. Those tips were blunted and locked up tighter than Fort Knox.
We’re good to go now.
IMAG8236   IMAG8238
IMAG8248   IMAG8369
Dreads for MHG’s 9th Birthday Party…and a rogue dread.
IMAG8715   IMAG8727
IMAG8427   IMAG8426   IMAG8436
Obligatory crazy face.
Yoga dreads. From the beginning, middle and end of the month.
IMAG7909   IMAG9895   IMAG9701
An epic bun. It is officially large than my head now, lol!
Freshly washed, separated & tidied up dreadies.
IMAG8701   IMAG8703
At midnight, on the night they turned 6 months old, I finally decided it was time to dread my bangs. I added 25, for a total of 122 locs now.
As 4am rolled around, I finally finished, looked like exhausted crap, and was finally ready to crash.
IMAG9569   IMAG9570
It’s amazing what a night’s sleep and some makeup can accomplish! HAHAHAHA!
My dreadies are officially HALF A YEAR OLD now!!!
IMAG9708   IMAG9722   IMAG9724
IMAG9730   IMAG9733
Freshly dreaded bangs=BIG Hair!!!
IMAG9740   IMAG9750
Out of the snow and into the warm. Steeping some tea while taking pics of my bun!
IMAG9765   IMAG9769
It looks like I have a Tarantula on my head!
Dem colors tho!!!
IMAG9840   IMAG9846   IMAG9853
Tea is ready!
Hope you enjoyed following along on my Dreadlock Journey! This has been one of the greatest things I have ever done for myself, and I am having a ball watching them change, shrink and mature each month.
6 mo dreadiversary
6 mo progression
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