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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Best. December. Ever.

Hello everyone!!! This has been an incredible month for our family! At the beginning of the month, I was blessed with a second visit from my friend, Aubrey, to do another round of Henna on my belly. I wrapped up, and restrung for the 100th time, my Birth Empowerment Necklace. We enjoyed a crazy silly snow day with my Aunt (she is such a riot), and not long after that, our first Son, Cedar James, was born. We had a Christmas visit from my in-laws that the girls absolutely treasured. Santa came and we wrapped up the year in our RV (for the 2nd time) with just the 5 of us happily and peacefully together... excited for what 2016 will bring. I said goodbye to 2015 in the same Yoga pose I said "Hello" to it in.

Early in December, Aubrey and her daughters came back up to play and so she could do another round of Henna on my belly (and my hand, too, this time). She free-handed the entire design herself and I fell in instant love with the sea creatures! You can check out my second round of Belly Henna by Aubrey HERE.

As the last few beads from you guys trickled in, I set to work restringing my necklace for the umpteenth time. I added the straggler beads and it worked marvelously for my birth. I wore it for a while, but then as my labor and contractions progressed, I began to get irritated by anything touching me. I removed it and held it in my hand for a while, absorbing the energy all of you imbued it with. But then I couldn't even handle that, so it found its way to my slide, to hang on display for everyone to see. If you are unfamiliar with Birth Empowerment Necklaces, read about them and mine HERE.

Having my Aunt here for the past couple months has been such a blessing. She has pretty much taken over cooking our dinners...cutting Nic and I some much needed slack. She's whisked my eldest daughter away on more than one occasion to leave me with one less child to tend to. They would play, cook, bake, shop, explore the towns around here, and go out to eat together. My daughter has grown really attached to her. Cinderella hasn't been so quick to escape with her, however. She is still quite the Mama's girl, and never wants to leave my side. But yes, having my Aunt here has been truly wonderful. On this Winter day, we all got outside to play in the fresh snow. I had the greatest time watching my Aunt goof off with the girls. You can read about that Snow day HERE.

My Young Living Essential Rewards order this month arrived just in time for our homebirth!!! If you’re interested, you can click just below this picture to sign up!
They all arrived just in time for my Doula daughter to use them on me during Labor.

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A couple days later, I finally went into labor in the wee hours of the morning on Saturday the 19th. We managed to have 9 people crammed in here in our whopping 232 square feet of space! It was no problem at all for me to manage, but I'm sure everyone else here felt differently. We welcomed our first Son, Cedar James, into our arms, at 3:37pm. You can read my RV Homebirth story in entirety HERE.

41 Weeks Pregnant during Labor...

...and looking every inch of it!

I present you with the last photograph taken of just the 4 of us!!!


And then, just like that, the Boho Hobos became 5!

Three days later, Nic's parents came up here to visit with us, to play with the girls, and to meet their newest Grandson. The girls were absolutely thrilled and had such a great time with them. You can read about their visit HERE.

We had a pleasant and peaceful Christmas this year. Santa managed to find us without any problems, so the girls were relieved about that. We later got to enjoy my Aunt's company, and her and Nic's fabulous cooking, for our Christmas dinner. And outside, the snow was magically falling all day, covering the RV, our park, and the Rocky Mountains surrounding us, in tons of Snow.

You can read about our second Christmas in the RV HERE. In case you are interested, you can check out our first Christmas in the RV HERE.

And now, how about some random photos from the month?

A couple pics of my beautiful girls...

And that time Nic bought Mojo a Winter coat and Mojo wanted to kill us all!

That is, until he got outside in the snow and realized it was actually pretty awesome.

Oh, and right before the baby came, I made a thermal curtain to hide the boot barn.

I didn't want to have that draft on me while laboring in the pool in front of it.

It worked marvelous! At no point did I ever feel a draft on me while I was in my pool.

Then, I wrapped up my last month of doing Yoga (nearly) everyday. It was bittersweet. I will miss doing it so frequently, but now that I'm post-partum, I just need to take some time off to heal physically and emotionally, and enjoy my new baby while he's little. My final month of the #YogaEveryDamnDay Challenge can be checked out HERE. Below, you can see the first, and last pose of the year that I did. My body got to experience it in 3 very different phases this year...normal in my Pre-Pregnancy mode, growing and hugely pregnant (I even did it at 40 weeks pregnant), and I did it again as I was healing in my Post-Partum phase. It is incredible for me to look at these pics and see how amazing my body is and everything that it accomplished this year!

Then we put a wrap on the month, and the year, in the warmth of our rolling home. It was a wonderful evening of just the 5 of us. Quiet, peaceful and full of love. You can see how our second New Year's celebration in the RV went HERE. You can read about our first time celebrating New Year's in our RV HERE.

And now for your viewing pleasure...

...some of my favorite pictures of Cedar taken from the remainder of this month.

Ladies, prepare those ovaries for cuteness overload!!!




The Boho Hobos saw lots of growth this year, and not just in our number of family members. We saw lots of personal growth, as well, as we faced a few trials that we hadn't seen coming. We are greatly anticipating what 2016 holds in store for us (hopefully less trials and more travels)!

Thank you, as always, for following along on our family's adventures! We look forward to sharing more with you in the upcoming year! Happy New Year everyone!!!

Happy New Year 2016!!!

Just like with Christmas, this is our 2nd time celebrating New Year's in our RV. You can read about our New Year's in the RV in 2013 HERE. Having a newborn baby, this was a very low key day and evening. We relaxed all day, played a board game, watched some movies and when the ball dropped, we kissed one another and toasted with our Sparkling Cider. Then we all passed out, hahaha!

We have some pretty amazing kids, and we are really looking forward to seeing what 2016 will bring for all of us...especially them! Most of us are hoping it takes us back on the road...and soon! It sure would be nice to escape this cold weather! Check out how beautiful my littles are...I feel so truly blessed to be their Mommy.

Last Yoga pose of 2015!!! (It just so happened to be my FIRST pose of the year, as well. Fitting.)

See ya later 2015! You were an amazing year full of growth, deepening our Yoga journeys, learning more about ourselves, travels...despite being stationary in our RV, time spent with family, business growth for me (thank you to my Oily Friends and Family members that have made that possible), expanding our knowledge, pregnancy, and the homebirth of our 3rd child. It was an absolutely incredible year, and I wouldn't change a thing. Thank you for you lessons...sometimes hard to handle-but necessary, and thank you for all the joy you brought into our lives. We are looking forward to new lessons and joys in the New Year.