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Monday, December 1, 2014

Our First House


2-2nd Best

When Nic and I first met, I had a Townhouse. He moved in and we were married shortly thereafter. Four apartments and two children later, we eventually moved into our RV. After 18 months on the road, we have come back to settle into a rental house. This is our first house together and we couldn’t be more excited! My Mom is sad that she’s currently living out of state and can’t be here to see it in person, so this post is for her.

A tour of our new house for my Mama.


Garage Door-L   Front Entryway Door-R

I’m standing to the Left of the Kitchen for this pic. There’s 7 South facing windows (to my left), so there’s lots of natural sunlight. I love that.

IMG_6154   IMAG7241

Homeschooling Room.


IMAG6657   IMAG6658


Guest/Girls’ Bathroom.

IMAG7087   IMAG7088   IMAG7089

Girls’ Bedroom.

We brought the IKEA cabinets and the homemade by Daddy bunk beds from the RV.

IMAG7685   IMAG7225

The 8 foot tall tree I made MHG when SHE was 18 months old. That tree sure has made its rounds!

Their ceiling is at an angle, and at it’s highest, it’s like 16 feet tall. Same in the Living Room.

IMAG7226   IMAG7699

The small wall directly to the Right of the Girls’ Room. I didn’t keep many picture frames. But what I had still worked perfectly.


“Great Room”

…aka really big room that is really just a huge Living Room awkwardly laid out.



The view out those 2 windows in our Living Room is pretty awesome. Nothing but our backyard and a snow covered Forest.

I have been known to sit in the chair by those windows (for hours) staring out at the trees.



I love having a Fireplace again…even if it is only a Gas Fireplace.

IMAG7240   IMAG6810

IMAG7071   IMAG7073

To the Right of the Sofa, in the pics above, is a a wall with a mirror on it & a cutout on top. I put my timer fake candles up there.


It looks cool at night…and it prevents me from stubbing my toe on the way to check on the girls.


Yoga Room.

…aka the other side of the “Great Room”. Directly opposite the Kitchen.

yoga room 2

Yoga room 4

All of the windows in the house have a crystal placed in them to keep the energy of our home flowing freely.

yoga room crystal 

Built In Display Cabinet.

Cuz all my homes should have one of these. I really should downsize my Knick Knacks…

The cats REALLY enjoy hanging out on the cut out above the bar top.

IMAG7063   IMAG7067


…aka “How did I manage to fill all those cabinets with stuff from the RV’s Kitchen?”

Oh that’s right…I can just get to everything super easy now. Hahaha!


I have since installed mug hooks under those cabinets for our 9 mugs.

The fridge is covered in magnets from all the places we’ve been. It’s a tease.


Master Bedroom.

The opposite end of the house is our bedroom and bathroom. Prepare to be underwhelmed.

My RV bedroom was WAY cozier…and WAY more Boho’d out…but it’s all good.



Not completely unpacked…


Completely unpacked.




My Essential Oils wall…complete with shelf for my Young Living Essential Oils Diffuser.

IMAG7694   IMAG7695

The girls can’t believe that I really DO know how to play the drums, lol!

Yes. That is MY drumset…I have missed it SOOOOO much.

IMAG6886   IMAG6892

It’s nice being able to leave my keyboard out 24/7 now. I’m far more inclined to play it that way.


Ninja Cat…Hiding Somewhere…and the Not-So-Ninja Cat…errr…chillin’ in the sink.

Cuz they’re Cats. Cats are weird.

IMAG6811     IMAG6685

Our Bathroom.

Cuz sharing with each other is better than sharing with the girls too, lol!



I have been waiting 18 months for this moment…showers don’t even come close to a hot, candlelit, essential-oil-filled bath.

I have a large separate shower across from the bathtub as well…I just didn’t think that was photo worthy, lol.



Cuz that deserves its own title…especially after cramming all my clothes into a skinny cabinet for nearly 2 years.

IMAG1237   IMAG1238

 IMAG1239   IMAG1240   IMAG1241

The View.

This is the view out my bedroom window…well, technically they’re sliding glass doors.

I get to wake up to this sight. Every. Single. Morning.

It sure beats looking out the window to a bunch of RV’s every morning, haha.

No complaints here Mom.



Cuz it’s even better than the inside…especially if you love the Outdoors as much as we do.


The house is on 1 acre. It’s a LOT of property compared to what we’re used to.


The enclosed side porch off the Kitchen. It walks through a gate that connects to the wrap-around porch.

IMAG6269   IMAG6271

A FABULOUS deck for throwing friends and family parties! Now, I just need the snow to leave, haha!

IMAG6281   IMAG6284




A great spot for a fire pit…provided there aren’t any fire restrictions…and there usually are.

IMAG6295   IMAG6296


Steps running up and behind the garage. Looking past the garage at our driveway from hell and our parking lot, lol.

IMAG6304   IMAG6308

We can easily park about 5 trucks in our driveway…and another 2 up the driveway…and yet, we can’t get our RV up here.

There are too many hard angles and turns to get from the cul de sac onto the road that our driveway connects to.

Sad face.


The whole backside of the house…standing at the farthest point back in our yard.


The deer roam around everywhere. The girls watch them endlessly…and Mojo wants to kill them all. Bahahahahaha. My little tough guy.

IMAG6320   IMAG6322

I LOVE that we are back in the Mountains again. My heart will always belong to them.


It’s pretty nice without the Snow, too.



Thank you for waiting patiently til I could finally give you the tour!

I love you Mom.

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