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Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas 2014!!!


IMAG7574   IMAG7578

Thrilled to have a White Christmas, after enjoying a Snow-less, 70 degree one last year in Phoenix.




We wake up at a reasonable time on Christmas morning in this home. It was about 8:30 when we all rolled outta bed. We had breakfast first, then awaited the final opening of presents while Daddy finished his morning coffee. In the meantime, I showed the girls the video of me busting Santa Clause putting presents under the tree. They couldn’t believe their eyes!!! He really IS real! (My children are gonna hate me someday. Sorry girls…I couldn’t resist. I just want you so badly to have a magical childhood.)

Santa Busted 2

When it was finally time to open presents, we made our way over to the fireplace to dump out our stockings.

MHG LOVES all things magic…so she got some Magician’s trick stuff and a trick Magician wand…among a few other things.


Tic Tacs. SO exciting! It doesn’t take much with her, lol. She got a dinosaur, crocodile & snake as well.


It doesn’t take much to make me happy either…dollar store socks, lol.


And Snickers for Daddy. He loves Snickers.


After the unveiling of our stockings, we headed over to the tree, rolled up our sleeves, and set to work!

The Christmas before this one, our friends Terrie & James gifted us the “Santa Is Coming To Virginia” book the day we rolled outta Virginia.

We’re so glad that Santa added this one to our collection this year.


Mojo was REALLY happy to have his Alpha home again.

Side note…my Husband is so hot. I seriously lucked out when I found him.

IMG_6177   IMG_6180

Ok. Focus Zoe. Back to the task at hand. A Ferngully DVD and another Magic tricks gift.

IMG_6178  IMG_6181

A 3-pack of Sight Words DVD’s for the little one here.


That FACE!!! Tinkerbell doll and the original Tinkerbell movie…cuz ours needed replacing.

IMG_6184   IMG_6200

Invisi Billy Monster High doll.


A new Spectra VonderGeist doll and “The Hobbit”.

IMG_6189   IMG_6193

Jack Skellington from Nightmare Before Christmas!!!

She had been asking for a new Jack doll forever. Her other one, my brother made a million years ago, outta TAPE.

My brother’s was sooooo cool. Unfortunately, his head wasn’t 3 yr old proof, lol. So now, he’s only on display.

This one doesn’t seem much tougher…so I guess we’ll just wait and see.


Planets puzzle. This girl LOVES her some puzzles…easy, hard, she doesn’t care.

She can put a 50 piece puzzle together in a few minutes. It’s pretty awesome.


Christmas Pets.

IMG_6192   IMG_6195


IMG_6205   IMG_6211

Daddy’s turn! An old school Scooby Doo series (Laffalympics) on DVD, can crusher, tie & an electronic pickpocket blocking wallet.

First 2 things were from Santa, last two were from the girls.

IMG_6198   IMG_6202   IMG_6212   IMG_6214

Gloves, Owl mug, Poncho, Sherpa blanket, Peace Sign earrings & matching necklace.

Everything but the Poncho was from my girls. Poncho was from Santa.

IMG_6215   IMG_6216   IMG_6219   IMG_6218   IMG_6217


Melissa & Doug box of 4 mini dinosaur puzzles.


IMAG7582   IMAG7588   IMAG7595

We may not watch TV, but we DO watch movies…as you can tell, haha.

Hape Gingerbread cookie cutter play food set.

IMAG7607   IMG_6227

IMG_6222   IMG_6223

Eventually, after we played with all our goodies at least once, we made our ways outside to enjoy some fun in the SNOW!

I LOVE my new earrings and necklace from MHG!!! She knows me well!

And the love of my life. So glad he’s home. Best. Gift. Ever. Nuff said.

IMAG7609   IMAG7629

Daddy built them a snow slide…but then he didn’t like where he built it, so he moved it to the stairs.


MUCH better!


After a long day of playing with our new toys, and then playing in the snow…and then watching a couple of our new movies, we finally got around to BBQing for dinner. Yes. We BBQ even when there’s snow outside. We’re hardcore.

Daddy had steak and potatoes, the girls had hot dogs, beans and veggies, and I whipped myself up some BBQ’d tofu with green beans, tomatoes, onions and mushrooms in a garlic sauce. I also partook in the vegetarian baked beans and grilled potatoes. It was quite the feast!

The girls were so completely stoked to have Sparkling Grape Juice…and out of the real and fancy wine glasses, no less!



Mmmmmm….Vegan Christmas BBQ’d dinner!



After dinner, for dessert, they destroyed the Gingerbread house, eating their way slowly to its demise.

IMAG7637   IMAG7639

After some popcorn, The Grinch and my taking a short nap after having such a yummy dinner, we went for a drive to check out the Christmas Lights in our neighborhood. The snow started coming down in a fury, so it was the most perfect end to a most perfect Christmas. We’re soooo glad Daddy was able to make it home for this. It would’ve been a terrible Christmas without him. It just made me incredibly grateful that our family was able to spend it together.


I hope your Christmas…or even your December 25th (in case you don’t celebrate this day) was wonderful!!! Blessed be to you and yours!

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