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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Eve 2014


Well, we were REALLY worried that he wouldn’t be able to make it home this evening, due to the snowstorm. But after his being gone for 2 weeks, we were praying against all odds that he would try. He braved 3 mountain passes in a 2wd pickup truck…sans chains, even…and he made it. Safe and sound, in one piece, and just as beautiful as the day I remember him leaving. We were beyond thrilled.

Upon his arrival, we hugged and kissed him hello. We had dinner, then the 4 of us built a Gingerbread Home together.


IMAG7504   IMAG7508


IMAG7512   IMAG7520




IMAG7552   IMAG7557



It is a family tradition that everyone is allowed to open one present on Christmas Eve. The Girls got matching Monster High PJ’s, Nic got the Cartoon Network Christmas Specials DVD and I got a cute shirt! He also cheated, and opened the 2 presents from his friend Pip. They ended up being our very own dartboard and a drunk Deer that holds Wine bottles.

IMAG7530   IMAG7523

IMAG7534   IMAG7538

To be completely honest with you, the greatest present of all, was the second he walked through the door this evening.

There is nothing better.

IMAG7539   IMAG7542

IMAG7492   IMAG7545


We watched a couple Christmas cartoons, then our traditional original version of “Scrooge”…in black and white of course.

With Popcorn.


After all our movies were done, we set out our cookies (some Vegan), carrot for Rudolph and Silk for Santa.



I set out the non-Santa presents, then we all headed off to bed. I read the girls “Twas the Night Before Christmas” and they fell asleep.



In the middle of the night, I had to get a drink of water. When I was rummaging around in the kitchen, I heard Santa come in!

I hid behind my kitchen sink, snuck around the corner, and was able to sneak a picture of him in action!!!

Santa Busted 2   Santa Busted

He ate his cookies, took the carrot, downed the Silk, and headed back up the chimney.

I’m fairly certain that he knew I caught him, but he didn’t say anything to me. Whew!


I scurried off to bed, excited to show the girls the next morning, the video I had caught of him!!!

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