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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year 2015!!!


This year, we’re having just a few more people than the 4 of us last year. I got the girls all dolled up in their matching Chinese Kimonos!

IMAG7791   IMAG7795

I even managed to snatch my Husband up for a couple quick selfies before everyone arrived.

IMAG7810         IMAG7809

My dreads were lookin’ mighty fine on this lovely day!


New Year’s Tradition: Fruit Pizza.

IMAG7806   IMAG7807

Table’s all set and ready to go for the homemade Chili I’ve been Crockpot simmering ALL DAY!


We are soooo lucky, blessed and grateful to be able to bring in 2015 with our two beautiful girls and our best friends.

John, Stacy, Cody and Lauren all made the 45 minute trek up to our house in the mountains, bearing sleeping bags and gear to crash at our place for the night. With the appetizers armed and dangerous, we were all amped up and ready to have a great time!

IMG_6244   IMG_6236

IMG_6238   IMG_6240

This would be their 10th New Year’s together, and it is our 10th New Year’s together as well!!!

What a great milestone to be celebrating with our friends!

IMAG7812   IMAG7813

We’ve come a long way in 10 years, Nic!!!

10 years later

For starters…and most importantly…we have two beautiful little girls now!

IMAG7814   IMAG7816

Trying to get them all to take a picture is hard. Getting them to look at me & smile is difficult. Getting them to do all of the above and hold still…


IMAG7819   IMAG7824

Freaking Nic. Stop moving.


<3 <3 <3  My two best friends  <3 <3 <3

IMAG7846   IMAG7863

I seriously would take a bullet for these two.


I’ve got sooooo much love for the people sitting at this table.

IMAG7835   IMAG7838




We toasted, kissed and put the girls to bed! After I finished off nearly everyone’s Champagne…(seriously…I had no idea I was the only one that liked Champagne, lol)…I was ready to get this party started…or pass out. Either way. Good times.

Big mouthed, drunk Zoe…pretending to know how to play darts.

IMG_6248   IMG_6249

I probably hit the wall, lol.


We hung out playing darts and huddling beside the 5 electric & propane heaters we had going. Someone should really insulate this garage!


IMG_6254   IMG_6257


We all passed out a couple hours later. The following morning, I was finally intelligent (or coherent) enough to get the tripod out to take a pic of all of us. Naturally, everyone was thrilled with me. Who doesn’t love a good Hangover photo??? I know I do. MEMORIES PEOPLE!!!


I love each and everyone of you. Thank you so much for coming up to celebrate New Year’s with us! It was awesome and meant the world to us!

HELLO 2015!!!

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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

5 Month Dreadiversary

Happy 5 Month Dreadiversary to me!!!
5 mo dreadiversary
IMAG6840   IMAG6844
IMAG6928   IMAG6930
My locs wouldn’t be even a tenth as awesome if it wasn’t for this special little girl. She’s been separating them for me since day 1.
IMAG6938   IMAG6939_1   IMAG6940
Before and After washing. What a difference!
IMAG6924   IMAG6943
IMAG6964   IMAG6965   IMAG6985
IMAG7006   IMAG7019   IMAG7013
IMAG7028   IMAG7036
Snowy dreads.
IMAG7207   IMAG7208
My first ever Baking Soda soak!!!
It helps to deep clean and shrink the dreads…better than the normal wash in the shower.
IMAG7254   IMAG7258
Doesn’t everyone lie on the kitchen counter?
I forgot to add salt to the soak, so they didn’t shrink as much as they could’ve…but there was *some* shrinkage…
Before and After
IMAG6943   IMAG7276_1
IMAG7278   IMAG7287
Dread bun.
IMAG7303   IMAG7304
Wild and untamed locs.
IMAG7323   IMAG7333   IMAG7331
Aaaaaaaand, tamed locs.
IMAG7343   IMAG7354   IMAG7346
Yoga Dreads.
IMAG6876_1   IMAG6881
He hates my dreads, lol!
The back is shrinking hella fast.
I can’t pull them up in my bun anymore.
IMAG7437   IMAG7438
My favorite dread…it has like a bazillion loopies.
I haven’t brushed my bangs in forever…but I’m too impatient to wait for them to lock naturally…I’m gonna have to do something about that…
IMAG7452   IMAG7456
After 2 weeks of my honey being gone for work…I’m stoke to welcome him home on Christmas Eve!
A week later.
And Happy 5 Month Dreadiversary to me!!!
IMAG7754_BURST002   IMAG7772
And because someone almost always asks me about these pants…I did them myself. I bleach dyed them.
It is really easy! Click HERE to learn how to do it yourself!
IMAG7768   IMAG7769
5 mo progression
Thanks for keeping up to date on my Dreadlock Journey!!!
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