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Sunday, November 30, 2014

What A Whirlwind Month!


November brought with it MANY changes. We got about a week into the month and got word that Nic was promoted. Naturally, we were excited for him. Then, we found out we would need to move back home to Colorado. We were sad to be leaving our new friends in New Mexico behind. We were equally as sad, when we realized we would no longer be able to live in our RV. To read more about that decision click HERE.


We headed home a week later and stayed with my in-laws for the next 2 weeks, until we could move into a house. We are incredibly grateful to them for taking us in…especially on such short notice. The girls slept inside with them, and Nic and I slept outside in the RV. We wanted to soak up every last second in her that we could get.

We were really going to miss this place. It, the staff, and the new friends we made, had become a second family to us.

IMAG5827   IMAG5701

Their roses were still blooming in the middle of  November. I guess they don’t call it Desert Rose RV Park for nothing!


We’ll miss our tree, too.

IMAG5702   IMAG5824


IMAG5455   IMAG5456



IMAG5651_1   IMG_6092

IMAG5564   IMAG5569

Health and Wellness.

I joined Young Living Essential Oils to take back my family’s health…and to get the 24% discount and reward points.


It was a decision I had been tossing back and forth for quite some time. In the end, I knew that it couldn’t hurt, and I’m EXTREMELY glad that I did. We have already staved off colds, flu's, and other wonky germs. We are sleeping better and are less anxious and stressed…despite going through this incredibly stressful time.

(I’m not a huge fan of doTERRA essential oils, but I’m not about to throw them out after how much I paid for them, either.)


This is everything that came in my Young Living Premium Starter Kit…not to mention the lifetime membership (NO annual renewal fees.)

If you’re interested in learning more about Young Living Essential Oils click HERE.

If you, too, would like to sign up as a Wholesale Distributor (24% discount) click HERE and you will need my Sponsor/Enroller ID #: 2173554

I HIGHLY suggest you get the Premium Starter Kit. It’s the only one that comes with the oils, and you basically get the diffuser for free.

IMAG5630   IMAG5629   IMAG5632

I ordered these 2 books separately from Life Science Publishing. They were definitely worth every penny!

If you’re interested in getting them as well, follow the link HERE.

IMAG5697   IMAG5714   IMAG5780


We miraculously still managed to Homeschool in between packing and readying for our return home.

IMAG5501_1   IMAG5502   IMAG5764

The wind vane MHG made. (We didn’t have a straw…so it didn’t work as well.)

IMAG5587   IMAG5588

Our friends got new pet geckos right before we left. We went over to say hi and hold them. This was the girls first time holding geckos.

MHG was freaking out, but as anticipated, my little reptile lover soaked it all up.

IMAG5592   IMAG5593

Aren’t they just the cutest little things?!

IMAG5589   IMAG5590

MHG had just 3 books left in her HP series. In the end, it took her about 2 months to read the whole series. I’m pretty sure she would’ve read them all in 2 weeks though had I let her read nonstop, lol. This girl is obsessed with Harry Potter! Thank you to Cherisa and her family for giving them all to her. I’m not sure there’s a greater gift out there for this kiddo!


Cindy loves and is learning about reptiles…snakes and dinosaurs are her favorite.


IMAG5732   IMAG5784

Cinderella is alllllllll ready to move back to Colorado and have some snow! She’s just missing something crucial first…BOOTS!

She may be excited, but I sure am gonna miss the RV. It’s so homey. Cluttered…but homey.


IMAG5796   IMAG5450

Doesn’t it just scream Zoe? I hope I can get our next home even half as cozy.



Foodies…you know I always include this in my monthly wrap up.

Halloween cut-out sandwiches for the girls and their friends.


IMAG5499   IMAG5644   IMAG5715

And what would my monthly wrap up be without my endless supply of bananas and green smoothies? Yum.

IMAG5778   IMAG5642 


We’ll miss you.

Our last campfire in New Mexico.




IMAG5806  IMAG5811

Road Trip Home.

You can read that post HERE.




Welcome Home.

So despite the fact that we gave my wonderful in-laws a week notice before heading home, they still let us park “Hope” in their driveway and crash at their house for 2 weeks before finding our own. We are incredibly grateful to them for taking us in. Thanks guys!

IMAG5950   IMAG6427

Seeing our best friends again was so absolutely marvelous!

IMAG5960   IMAG5969   IMAG5964   IMAG5992 

And of course my bestie-the Bullseye Master-had to show off. Skillz.

IMAG5965   IMAG6088


We celebrated Thanksgiving with them as well. We enjoyed all their wonderful home cooked food and splendid company…she even made me several Vegan options (God love her)! After dinner, we played some darts. I’m actually improving…which is quite shocking, considering how much I suck at it, lol.

IMAG6429   IMAG6431





This is the second greatest cat in the Universe…behind Onyx of course, haha.


IMAG6445   IMAG6446


IMAG6451   IMAG6459   IMAG6458

Goodbye Hope.

On the 29th, it was time to take Hope to storage…indefinitely. You can read that depressing post HERE. Sorry. In advance.




We aren’t ready to part with her just yet. We still have no idea what the future holds.

IMAG6538   IMAG6544

On moving day, my locs turned 4 months old! You can read about them HERE.

IMAG6428   IMAG6053_1   IMAG6569

New Home.

We found a cute house with lots of natural light, IN the Rocky Mountains, that kinda made up for leaving our RV  behind. We moved in on the last day of the month, with the help of our friends. I forced my in-laws out of physically helping us move and into watching our girls…which was equally, if not more so, helpful! As a side note, only we would be the types of people to move INTO the mountains in December, lol.

Thanks to everyone that helped make that possible. We couldn’t have done it without you…for real.

IMAG6571   IMAG6573   IMAG6574

By 11:59 on the 30th, we were out of our old home, and into our newone . This has got to be our craziest month yet…SINCE hitting the road.



All tuckered out after a long day of moving and ready to bid November farewell.



I’m gonna try to update the rest of my blog posts here soon. Please bear with me. I have a LOT to do around here…I’m mainly talking to you Mom…I know you’re dying to see more pics of the house, lol. Sending you all lots of light and love…

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