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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Hello First Day of November

Nic has officially finished putting up our skirting in preparation for the cold of Winter. As you may recall, figuring out how to skirt the ends was going to prove a challenge for him. The bumper was in the way at the back of the RV, and on the front…the tongue and gas/electric lines would be in the way.

We had lots of plywood leftover from when our original idea was to use plywood for the skirting. We ended up not using it for the sides (we went with retrofitted tarps and you can read about that HERE), but it became super handy for our ends. Now, bear in mind, that if we ever move from this spot, our ends with not fit at the next site we go to. One end will be too tall, and the other will be too short. At this point, I think he just wanted to get this over with, and is willing to take the financial hit. We don’t move enough anyways for it to pose a huge problem.

Even now as I sit here though, I’m looking at these pics and asking myself, “How hard would it be to retrofit a tarp to fit there?” A tarp would have to be cut in the very same places as the plywood. Even if I fold the cuts over and grommet them to strengthen the cut sides, the corners where the cuts meet will always be at risk for ripping the rest of the way. If the wind blew strong enough, it could definitely rip the tarp at its weak points…hmmmm…

In the meantime, this is what he came up with. He took 4’x8’ pieces of plywood and measured where his cuts would have to be made. These cuts would allow for the tongue, gas & electric lines and the bumper arms to fit through the plywood. He finished the plywood off (after he made sure that it fit perfectly) by upholstering it with tarp material (back piece only) so it had a uniform appearance. After all the tarps were in place, he stapled the side pieces of tarp to the ends of the plywood. This would ensure that there were no gaps for larger animals (think stray cats and skunks) to get in and make themselves at home for the Winter. When he put the last piece up, he could feel the heat radiating on the underside of our RV. Let’s just hope it stays that way during the blowing cold.


You can see the gaps where the ends of the tarp end next to the plywood. He later stapled them to the ends of the plywood to close the gaps.


IMAG5416   IMAG5417


Unfortunately, I didn’t get outside to take finished pics fast enough. He had already put everything back, but I think you get the point.

This is the front of the RV. It’s the tongue end and is facing away from human civilization…that’s why he didn’t upholster it.

It would seem as though he came up short for tarp material for this corner. That would explain the pool noodle wedged in there with tarp taped to it. Aye, aye, aye. (I’m rolling my eyes here…but whatever works.)


Luckily, he didn’t require a duct taped pool noodle for this corner. (I’m still rolling my eyes.)

And look, after enlarging the photo, I see that our good friend…the pool noodle…HAS actually made an appearance.

At least it took on a smaller role this time, lol.

The tarp was stapled to the plywood for this corner however.


Fortunately, for the end that everyone in the park DOES see, he refrained from using the pool noodles.

He upholstered the plywood, wedged it in there, and wrapped around our loose ends of tarp from the sides and stapled them to the plywood.

The 4”x4” length of wood on the back bumper is just extra wood from when we made the stairs…it serves no real purpose.

To reiterate, we are using heavy duty, brown/silver tarps for the skirting and for the upholstering.

They are not black trash bags.

IMAG5433 2

And because my Husband must always be building and creating something (we definitely have that in common)…

…he took the spare pieces of plywood and built Mojo a doghouse.

Mojo won’t go in it.

He’s a jerk.


That is the end of the projects for that day…so if that’s why you came here to read, you’re good to go now.


Nic’s day may have revolved around projects, but MY day, revolved around a bunch of giggly little girls playing Monster high!



They played dolls alllllllll day. Later in the afternoon though, I busted out the Halloween cookie cutters. I felt bad, because we usually have a HUGE Halloween party and I bake Halloween sugar cookies for everyone (and they help)…but I didn’t have the energy for cookies this year. A long time ago, I saw a pin on Pinterest of overachiever Moms making cute little sandwich cut-outs for their children’s school lunches. Who the heck has time for that on a daily basis I always wondered? And what the heck do you do with all the scraps? That always seems wasteful to me.

But today! Today, to make up for it, I was going to be that overachieving…and non-wasteful Mom. I made them PB & J’s in the shapes of a cat, skull, pumpkin and witch’s hat. And because PB & J’s are Vegan, I ate the scraps. They thought they were cute, and I know my girls especially, were happy to have something close to the Halloween cookies that they’re used to having.

IMAG5424   IMAG5423   IMAG5425

The boys just lounged around all day…as per the usual.

Be sure to take note of Mojo NOT outside in the cute little doggy house that Daddy just built him.

Psh. Ungrateful pup.



After the sun set, the girls went home. We BBQ’d and after we put our own girls to bed, I had a few rum & cokes, then popped the cork on this:


I had a bit too much booze with my Hubby (he didn’t…but I don’t always have the best self-control when I’m upset). I’ve got some stuff going on that I’m still trying to process and let sink in, so apparently, getting wasted was my idea of how to deal with that. In hindsight, it wasn’t…and it’s gonna be a few more months before I touch booze again, lol. I’m doing ok now. It’s just gonna take some time before I can accept our new and upcoming changes to our lives. They’re not bad. They’re just different, and although it’s really easy for me to accept change typically, I am struggling with this, because it isn’t exactly the change that I had expected.

The only super exciting thing to happen that night, was this awesome side fishtail, Pipi Longstocking braid.

There were no wires. Only tightly braided dreadlocks, lol.


And the Moon. The Moon was pretty awesome…but of course, my phone couldn’t capture the awesomeness.


It was a pretty awesome day. We officially finished keeping our RV warm, my girls got to play with their friends ALL DAY (which isn’t the norm usually), and I got to stand in awe of the Moon and it’s sheer magickal beauty. The rest will fall into place when the timing is right. I’m sure you’ll be hearing about it in the near future.

Until then, stay warm and thanks for reading.

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