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Thursday, November 13, 2014

As Long As I’m With You


This bittersweet moment has finally arrived. Through tear-stained eyes I write this to you…our loyal friends and beloved family that have stuck by our sides through thick and thin. To the friends that we’ve made along our journeys…both in real life, and online. To our readers that have found ways to redecorate or renovate their RV’s from looking at our pictures and numerous blog posts. To the readers that have gained the courage to take the first steps into this lifestyle. To the countless readers that have written me in the past, wondering how to start RVing, can their kids come too, how do you Roadschool, can you paint over the “wallpaper” in an RV? Haha. To all of you that have sought our advice, our friendship, our counsel…thank you for reading. Thank you for taking the time to get to know us personally and to become our friends. We always knew our lives on the road wouldn’t be permanent. So it is with a heavy heart, and yet also a heart filled with joy, that I announce to you all…


…our time on the road has come to an end.

My Husband has been called back to work at his company’s headquarters. We have been told that this move will be permanent, so it’s time for us to find a place and settle down. We have made the decision to put our RV in storage and find a house for rent.

“Why couldn’t you stay in your RV?” you ask.

We are pretty certain that our RV can’t keep us warm in the Colorado Rocky Mountains for the Winter (the only place we’ll live). For starters, as we head back home to Colorado Springs, one of the biggest things we have learned throughout 18 months of RVing, is that we HATE living in a city. Although we absolutely LOVE Colorado Springs, and all it has to offer (not to mention our closest friends and family reside there), our hearts have always belonged to the mountains. Those mountains give us strength, joy, and serenity. But, those mountains also come with a LOT of snow and subzero temperatures. Our RV isn’t even CLOSE to 4-season compatible. Although we have spent lots of money to insulate our tanks with heat tape and insulation…the same on our lines…and we have gone to all the trouble to custom-fit it with skirting, we fear it won’t be enough to keep out the cold. Although we DO have insulation in our walls, it isn’t much and we’re fairly certain that it won’t be enough to keep in the heat…

…we’re also REALLY looking forward to taking a super long hot shower again…without going to the trouble of installing a propane-sucking endless (tankless) water heater in our rig. I’m looking forward to being able to do jumping jacks without breaking my wrists on the ceiling. (Yes, I’ve nearly done that before.) The girls are looking forward to having a real, full-sized bathtub again. And I’m looking forward to FINALLY having a countertop back (not to mention a dishwasher…and a garbage disposal). Yes, we can live without all of these things. We’ve done it for 18 months with minimal complaints. But, we feel this chapter is closing and it’s time to begin a new one. A new chapter…in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.

I did some searching online through Homes for Rent, Craigslist, and a few other websites. After a couple weeks, I found THE CUTEST home in the forest of the mountains. I have ALWAYS wanted to live in a quaint house in a location like that. I’ve been having a very hard time coming to terms with the fact that we’re going off the road. However, I figure that if we have to do it, settling down in my quintessential dream house couldn’t hurt.


Our little family unit has come a long way in the past 18 months on the road. RVing has brought us closer together both figuratively and literally. It has been the most wonderful experience of our lives, and we will always be grateful for the opportunity. We are from Colorado, but we have lived in Virginia, Arizona and New Mexico while on the road. We have traveled through 14 states, made a bunch of friends, experienced many different cultures, seen a LOT and have learned even more.

Sportsport   truck

Colorado Sunsets before we finally launch.

IMG_8681   IMG_8677   IMG_8790

IMG_8722   IMG_8723

IMG_8805   IMG_8809

Launch Day! June 11, 2013.

IMG_8810   IMG_8824

 IMG_8871 IMG_8885 IMG_8891 IMG_8892 IMG_8897 IMG_8926

IMG_8945   IMG_9007   IMG_9104

We arrived to Americamps RV resort in Ashland, VA (near Richmond) on June 15, 2013. It was to be our home for the next 5 months.

11-95A1A13D-1238633-800-100   Happy Family (2)

We were definitely enjoying our newfound freedom!

arms spread wide (2)

bday girl no.2 cp   bday girl

2nd Fish   fireworks 2   72513   boots on girls sunglo (2)

My eldest daughter learned to ride a bike in Virginia. I quit smoking in Virginia. My youngest weaned from nursing in Virginia.

My Husband finished his first project as a Field Operations Supervisor in November. We all achieved a LOT in that state.

1st Successful Ride On 2 Wheels

fall headstand splits   yoga water

Faye flower tree (2)   laundry   me ava flower tree kiss

me c mhg river   Cindy Curly Willow   cp boho me   path

Peppy   cracker barellel ducks  

shuck 2 (2)   IMG_0966   IMG_0563

Monster High Girl caught her very first fish in Virginia…on the Fourth of July!

daddy daughters fishing

dusk sprinkler   IMG_1023   feet nz

IMG_0780   IMG_0149   IMG_1740   IMG_2275

IMG_0961   IMG_0605   IMG_0854

IMG_2206   IMG_9753   IMG_1946

IMG_0996   IMG_1046 

echo lake fall 2   Echo Lake fountain   fall echo fountain

IMG_3360   Willow   lilypad

mhg tree   ahdoo mhg pier   me vab tree

me girls beach   Nic body surf

MHG Standing splits   Ahdoo Girls VAb   cindy sand

Visiting Uncle Sal in Virginia Beach!

Us with Sal

IMG_4488   IMG_4526

famly halloween 2

girls hug 2   me girls bridge fall (2)   Girls Play BW

IMG_4890   IMG_4954   IMG_4965

Cindy Leaves   MHG leaves

me leaves   Americamps (2)

 NC State Sign

sc sign posterized



georgia sign 2   Atl feet   Atl Skyline

Visiting Uncle Ron, Mike and Bailey.

Bailey Girls   Uncle Ron and Cindy   Uncle Ron's Family 2

TN sign   IMG_5410

IMG_5474   Illinois state sign

IMG_5533   IMG_5596


We got to stop in Colorado for a week long visit before finishing our journey to Arizona.

Me Mom Girls 3   Gma Girls   Ma Me Girls 2   Gparents Girls   E and MHG

RacDougall's fun

New Mexico.

IMG_6036   IMG_6174   IMG_6244


palm trees and pools

AZ me girls   IMG_6556   IMG_6567   girls palm tree



az sunset   IMG_6743

IMG_6626   IMG_6628   IMG_6794

IMG_6643   IMG_7979


February headstand me backbend Jan 1, 2014 DFD standing mermaid pose


IMG_7807   IMG_7812

xmas 2013

girls with cactus   b&w girls with fountain   girls on rocking looking at me

New Year's Eve 2013   New Years Kiss 2014

Happy New Year 2014

8th bday cake mhg IMG_8422 MHG turns 8! IMG_8402

Still in Phoenix, moving to new RV park though.

Me Girls Flowers Destiny February   Destiny RV Resort

boho hobo girls   MHG Saguaro Cacti   Me Cindy Ohm

boho sleep   az flowers

Swimming in February…never got used to that.

Mikele   swimming day

Hiking Thunderbird Mountain Conservation Park in Glendale, AZ.

TB Pan FB Color

Me MHG TBM   Daddy Cindy TBM

family pic on tbm

  hot air balloon sunset

rain dancing AZ   february running   bedroom handstand   look ma, an orange

Papoo flew down to visit us in March. We were smack dab in the middle of another large remodel of our RV. We swapped bedrooms.

IMG_0520 b

us dad   me & dad 2014

Girls by RV 2014


2-wheelers   girls slide stacked

nose needle   IMAG1355

New Piercings!

New Mexico.

RV sq small   April Dancers Pose

We visited the Aztec Ruins National Monument in Aztec, NM when our buddy Pip came down to visit us.

aztec timeline us

   Us with Pip frosted

We rescued a Puppy. He was being trained as a bait dog, and the owner never claimed him after a week. So we did.

Me Girls Mojo FB   Me and Mojo

1 year nomadiversary

The BHHB 1 yr OTR

The Macs came down to visit us over Memorial Weekend.


That time I blew up a Black Widow that was less than 2 feet from where my daughter sleeps.

And my Mom came down to visit with us for 2 weeks.

IMAG1927   Don't Mess With This Mama   IMG_4161

3rd Bday Cindy Cake   3

happy 34th nic   IMAG0304

Family 2014

I drove my Mom and the girls back up to Colorado at the end of her visit. Then we had a week visit with Nic’s family.

Colorado Dancer's Pose


I made myself a Vegan birthday cake from scratch…with a little bit of ingenuity.


IMAG1048   IMAG1073

The day after we celebrated our 10th Anniversary together (9th Wedding Anniversary), I began the process to Dreadlock my hair.

FB 9th Ann Pic   me aztec mermaid

The Barbarian came down to see us too!

Family with Barbarian

Seeking out the local natural arches. This one was named Zig-Zag Arch by the locals.

us zz arch 4x6 horizontal

Celebrating one more Halloween/Samhain on the road. This time, with friends that we made here at our RV park.

IMAG5371   IMAG5412


IMAG5806   IMAG5811

Time to say goodbye and head home to Colorado…for good.

We sure miss everyone already. Everyone from Americamps back in Virginia, all the way to these friends of ours at Desert Rose.

IMG_6094   IMG_6095

 IMAG5950   IMAG6427

IMAG5969   IMAG5960   IMAG5992

Thank you for following along with us on our amazing journey these past 18 months.

We love you all!

Up Front Transformation

Girls Up Front with words Collage

Boho Hobos website bedroom

1-BHHB Signature Template with 4 owls

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