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Sunday, November 30, 2014

4 Month Dreadiversary

Happy 4th Month Dreadiversary to me!!!
4 mo dreadiversary
IMAG5437   IMAG5436
IMAG5552   IMAG5505
I LOVE my wraps! They bring so much color and cheeriness to my hair!
IMAG5518   IMAG5543
I take a really long piece of cotton embroidery floss, fold it in half, tie it around the dread, and using the dread, I braid the 2 pieces of string and dread til the end. I tie it off about 32,000 times, then that’s that. Super easy!
IMAG5570   IMAG5584   IMAG5577
IMAG5627   IMAG5595
IMAG5654   IMAG5667
IMAG5690   IMAG5692
IMAG5696   IMAG5650
I had the wraps in for a bit over a month, and decided it was time for them to go. I was worried about them permanently dreading into my dreads.
I don’t know if that would happen or not, but I didn’t wanna take any chances. They weren’t too hard to remove.
It would seem that I was a little too careless when cutting one out though. Woops.
IMAG5766 IMAG5768 IMAG5769
Naked dreads.
IMAG5770   IMAG5771
Fishtail dreads…trying to not look like a dirty, pot smoking Hippie for my first time meeting our potential Landlord.
I’d say I pulled it off.
IMAG5996   IMAG5997
IMAG6068   IMAG6055
IMAG6050   IMAG6053_1   IMAG6428
Wild updo.
IMAG6412   IMAG6413   IMAG6418
Saying goodbye to our RV. We sure are gonna miss her. (Don’t worry, she only went in storage.)
IMAG6513 IMAG6536 IMAG6554 
Check out how thick that braid is!!!
IMAG6644   IMAG6646
What it looks like hidden under a hat.
Since my dreads technically turned 4 months old on moving day, I had to cheat and use the pics from 3 days later…after we were settled in…
…after I had a moment to breathe and to take photos, lol.
IMAG6772   IMAG6710
IMAG6726   IMAG6697
IMAG6739   IMAG6755
IMAG6766   IMAG6783
Well, there ya have it folks. My 4 Month Dreadiversary. They’re coming along nicely. Some of my roots are even beginning to lock.
Until next time…check out that shrinkage!
4 mo progression
1-BHHB Signature Template with 4 owls
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